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Is Roulette A Waste of Money? – Roulette Money Management Explained

This is probably the question every newbie to roulette and gambling, in general, will ask – if roulette is a waste of money?

The answer for this is not straightforward. One must understand the purpose behind the gambling games, including that of roulette. Making money from these games is not the sole and primary purpose. Gambling is done by people because it is a source of entertainment, leisure, and a great way to socially engage with family and friends. So, it is important to not look at these games with the eyes of making a business or income out of it. 

Having said that, it is imperative to be tempted towards the money it may offer. To ensure that you do not lose out on much and maybe even gain more than what you could, it is important to manage your money well. Continue reading the following to understand the common mistakes concerning money that gamblers usually make which can just amplify your losses. 

Playing Roulette Online at Casino
Playing Roulette Online at Casino
  • Playing the American Roulette Wheel 

It’s a no-brainer to play the European wheel when given a choice. Simply because this one has almost half the house advantage as that of the American wheel. Therefore, you stand to lose less and there is a slightly higher chance of the bets you choose for them showing up after the wheel spin.

  • Using Bogus Roulette Software Systems 

Know that it is the casino that always wins. There is no system or machine in the world that can overpower the money that the casino makes in the long run. Using roulette betting devices will not only yield any results, but the casino can also legally take action on you since it is a form of cheating. So, do not bother to spend money on these roulette systems.

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  • Not Knowing the Different Betting Techniques

There are plenty of ways you can manage your bets in roulette. It is important to know them since they can influence how aggressively or conservatively you spend your bankroll. You can make most of the roulette game if you can recall the different betting strategies and the associated betting payouts on the different outcomes you may get. 

  • Assuming You Will Eventually Win 

Playing more games does not mean that you will eventually win at some point. Each spin of the roulette wheel is independent of each other and the chances of obtaining a single number remain the same throughout. Do not make the mistake of making assumptions on the numbers that might appear ahead based on the results from the previous spins. 

  • Drunk Gambling 

Casinos and alcohol go hand in hand, but doing this is the worst way you can gamble. Consuming alcohol makes you less logical towards your decisions, therefore, you will likely spend more money than you would have wished. Always play sober so that you are aware of how your game and bankroll are going and can make conscious decisions concerning continuing or quitting your gameplay. 

  • Not Have Control Over Your Bankroll

Roulette, especially the online versions can get thrilling and fast-paced. It is easy for the amateur to surrender to the speed of the game and shell out more money in excitement. But as mentioned before, the probability of loss is always higher than a win. Therefore, you could stand out a major chunk of your bankroll thanks to this excitement. 

It is important to know when to pause, quit your game for the sake of your bankroll. Spread your bets and money so that you have enough time as well, to play your game of roulette. One way to do this is to choose the outside bets. 

  • Do Not Follow the Myths 

Since there is luck involved in roulette, people tend to follow myths and stick to them even when they do not provide any advantage. Always be aware of the money you have spent, before every game and take a conscious decision whether to continue or quit. 


Money management is imperative while playing roulette because that will determine the gameplay experience you will have. If you want to develop that skill, the best way to start is to play free roulette games which let you play with virtual money. Even when you begin playing with real money, keep small bankrolls such that you would not mind even if you lose the entire sum. That way, you can feel more confident in your gameplay. 

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