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Is WWE Real, Fake or Scripted: All your WWE Questions Answered

Is WWE Real
Is WWE Real

Is WWE Real or Fake: When it comes to sports performances and activities, people have different types of opinions on what they consider entertaining. 

WWE is one of these prospects that has countless people divided on its appeal. While wrestling as a sport is a common preference for many, not everyone believes its validity. So, questions like “is WWE real?” are not unusual, even now. 

Yet, the answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. WWE is more than wrestling or entertainment in their confined domains. If you are interested to learn more, we discuss it more extensively hereafter. 

WWE – A Brief Overview of the Company

WWE history
WWE history

WWE was previously known as the World Wrestling Federation under the direct control of Titan Sports, Inc. The corporation was headed by Vince McMahon. In 1999, on 19th October, the company became a public-trading firm which marked the dissolution of Titan. During the first public offering, the company wanted to grow its funds to approximately $172 million.  

Experts in the industry considered the reason behind WWF turning into a trading company was the interest of McMahon in raising funds for other pursuits. In 1998, he was looking to invest in an Ohio group to but the Minnesota Vikings. Besides that, the company was looking to venture into other avenues, like ownership of record labels, hotels, sports ventures, and theme restaurants. 

Other such endeavors like The World/WWF New York restaurants and Xtreme Football Leagues did not manage to gain much audience. 

Ownership of WWE

Ownership of WWE
Ownership of WWE

WWE is essentially a public-traded company. So, it does not hold a primary owner but does contain shareholders. The original owner of the brand, Vince McMahon lost his full autonomy after WWE became publicly traded. Now, he holds around 47% of shares. 

To note, those in the Class B family stock have seniority stakeholdership in WWE and have more voting power. Therefore, McMahon does have control over a lot of the main functions within the company. 

As for the other members in Class B family stock, Linda McMahon owns 0.75% shares, Stephanie McMahon holds 2.51% shares, while Shane McMahon possesses 2.03% shares. Notably, Shane left the corporate controlling position of WWE company in 2009. Yet, he holds command over his stocks.

The executives, that mostly belong to the Class A group, also have shares in the company. Some of these officers include Michelle Willson, Kevin Dunn, George Barrios, Basil DeVito, and Paul Levesque.

Besides them, 25%+ of WWE is under the ownership of six institutions that invested in the company. For the last 19.5% of the company, the main owners are approximately 8,000 other firms, including mutual fund corporations and general public stockholders. The enterprise of WWE is publicly traded, so anyone is eligible for ownership of the brand.

Is WWE Real? Why is there a Debate about the Validity of WWE?

Validity of WWE
Validity of WWE

WWE matches are exciting to witness, live or televised. The latter is one of the main reasons why people wonder- “is WWE real?”.

It is no question that a lot of what is reality television is scripted from the get-go. To some extent, WWE follows a similar path. Reports are available where the owner, McMahon himself, supported this view about the corporation. The wrestlers throw punches and many of them showcase extreme levels of aggression. This includes slamming and smashing into the opponents after small word-based fights. 

This is one of the main reasons why many assume that much of the WWE is fake. However, in reality, the acts of wrestling are not entirely for the cameras alone. The fighters do hit their opponent inside the ring with deliberate force, so the impact and power are genuine. 

WWE does include elements of entertainment more frequently for the viewership. In countries like Canada and the United States, wrestling is an interesting sport that holds a huge audience base. So, some aspects of the fights are exaggerated but calling it completely fake is not possible. 

The Real Side of WWE

The Real Side of WWE
The Real Side of WWE

As mentioned, there are some aspects of WWE that are highly genuine. While the intensity of hitting some players to the brink of death is not entirely true, the actions themselves are. In the question of is WWE real, multiple factors admit to it. They are as follows.

  • The Game Environment  

For the players, the act of fighting within the ring is real. So, their punches, activities, and physical impact are valid. As for the mats in the ring, they do have microphones in place. This increases the sound of the slams that the fighters make, which amplifies the seriousness of the injuries. 

Some of the moves like the “back bump” where opponents fall on the mat harshly are more forceful for added effects. However, the mats are not completely cushioned, so the fall that the players feel does leave a physical impact. 

Additionally, many of the scenes show fights pushing their opponents on metal railings or steel steps. They also hit each other with props like steel chairs and ring bells. These items are genuine, so the injuries and pain from the impact are often real. 

  • Sports Entertainment But Genuine Fights 

WWE is a type of sports entertainment move that is geared towards garnering the attention of action enthusiasts. A lot of the players train for the matches, so most of the games are not entirely authentic. However, since the wrestlers are genuinely engaging in the sports, that makes the game real. 

  • Serious Injuries 

Like any extreme sports, players are at the risk of seriously hurting their bodies grievously. This is the case for WWE as well, where the wrestlers are at the stake of getting serious injuries. 

A wrong fall or miscalculation of a hit can cause internal and external damages. Most of the professional fighters in WWE receive training beforehand. However, they do face repeated beatdowns which can leave a toll on their physique. 

In the question of is WWE real, the high cases of spine injuries and concussions do prove this statement. Many sportspeople in other fields like baseball, soccer, and football face injuries during gameplay. A lot of such sports, like football, have helmets as a part of their uniform. WWE professionals do not get such protective garments, so major accidents are possible with the wrong move. 

There are harsh consequences of such issues, like CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) after many concussions. 

There are many symptoms of this, like memory loss, impulse control issues, depression, aggression, and dementia. The WWE players are also at risk for permanent brain damage, spinal fractures, or dislocations. The high-risk potential adds to the realness of the sport. 

Tips to Follow for WWE Enthusiasts

WWE Enthusiasts
WWE Enthusiasts

For the viewers, there is much to enjoy about WWE, regardless of the question of its validity.  However, for the best experience, there are some things that you should keep in mind. This applies to whether you are watching as a casual viewer or for sports betting. 

  • Research well- You need to learn more about WWE wrestling before sitting to enjoy the games. From learning about the rules to researching the players, get the necessary information for all. 
  • Context of the event- A lot of the themes of WWE matches have a specific direction. So, watch the matches carefully to understand the pattern. 
  • Head-to-head statistics- Keep note of the head-to-head player statistics to understand the performance rates. 


Overall, WWE holds entertaining wrestling events that have more focus on the ‘entertainment’ aspect. However, the actions and moves are genuine, and so are potential consequences. Therefore, disregarding the game as a fake is not accurate. Research more to make up your mind further.

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