What Are The Exact Kabaddi Court Measurements?

Top 10 Kabaddi World Cup Winners List
Japan - Top 10 Kabaddi World Cup Winners List

Kabaddi Court Measurements


Kabaddi is the sport of our country. People play Kabaddi in every street and locality of India. There is only field space where playing kabaddi can be started only by making lines in the soil. But when the Kabaddi game starts organized in any school or college. So the court is to play Kabaddi. A system is available for Kabaddi matches in the nation level, federal level, and international level kabaddi tournaments. In this article, we are going to discuss the Kabaddi Court Measurements along with the other lines.

Defensive Kabaddi Skills
Defensive Kabaddi Skills

Kabaddi is a sport where you can have different grounds, separate for men and separate for women’s teams. Along with this, we usually recognize that the basis on which we play the game of Kabaddi is flat and soft. The Kabaddi court measurements size is usually 12.50 m long and 10 m breadth. On the other hand, for men and women of less than 50 kg weight, it is 11 meters in length and 8 meters in width. An entire playing region has two halves that are the central line in everyday language and the middle line in sports language.

A total of 12 players play in the field of Kabaddi. Out of which seven players play against the team in front of the area. And five players are extra players who play in place of a player when he is unwell.


Things You Must Follow During Kabaddi Court Measurements:

  • To make a kabaddi ground of kabaddi court, follow the points given below one after the other. The Kabaddi playground is rectangular.
  • First of all, a 13-meter long line is drawn to make the surface of the rectangular field. This account is the sideline.
  • The breadth of a rectangular field is 10 meters. For this, draw a 10-meter line at an angle of 90 degrees to the sideline. This line is the end line.
  • A line is drawn parallel to the field’s end line to divide the area equally into two parts. This line is called the central line or centerline.
Offensive Kabaddi Skills
Offensive Kabaddi Skills
  • After this, to make lobbies on both sides of the field, make a line on both sides of the lot at a distance of 1 meter from the sideline. The area of ​​the lobby on either side of the field is 1×13 meters.
  • Draw the line at a distance of 3.75 meters from the centerline on both sides of the field. This line has to be made parallel to the end line. Thus the line is called the balkline.
  • According to the picture shown below, a distance of 1 meter from the ball line is made parallel to the end line on both sides of the field. This line is called the bonus line. These lines are at a distance of 1.75 meters from the end line.

In this way, you can make kabaddi ground or court. And can systematically prepare the Kabaddi court measurements according to the criteria. For the match of Kabaddi, it is necessary to make a court or ground with systematic standards.

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Kabaddi Game Rule Book

Kabaddi has different types of rules because of the variation of ways it influences. Its basic rules are:

  • This is a ‘highly contact sport,’ in which the main objective of a player is to go to the court of his opponent, touch them and come back to his court successfully. The player going during this says Kabaddi Kabaddi.
  • Each match should be for 40 minutes. During this, the player ‘raids’ in the court of the opposing team. The player who raids is the raider. The raid begins as soon as a player enters the court of his opponent.
Offensive Kabaddi Skills
Offensive Kabaddi Skills: Lion Jump
  • The player of the opposing team handling the raider is the defender. Opportunities for the defender to get out the raider are available according to the situation. The maximum time for any raid is 30 seconds. During the raid, the raider possesses a kabaddi rut chant.
  • There are two ways a raider can earn points once a raider has entered the defender’s court. In this, the first is the bonus point, and the second is the touchpoint.

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Extra Time Rule book in Kabaddi

By the way, there is no rule to give any extra time in the game of Kabaddi. But if the match time crosses after 40 minutes between the two teams during the final and semi-final matches of the World Cup, then you can use the only extra time for the game of Kabaddi in exceptional circumstances.

Top 10 Kabaddi World Cup Winners List

  • After the World Cup semi-final or final match is held with one another, 7 minutes of extra time is given, in which the two teams are re-matched.
  • In these 7 minutes, there is a break of 1 minute, and there are two matches of three 3 minutes.
  • Both teams re-enter the field with seven of the best players out of the total to take the game to a strong position.
  • If the match is a 7-minute match, then you must use the Golden Red Rule of Kabaddi.

Equipment of Kabaddi Game


The Kabaddi Mattress is an artificial mattress that delivers grip to the players. Mattresses have the necessary lines.

Defensive Kabaddi Skills
Defensive Kabaddi Skills


Kabaddi requires specialized shoes. These offer perfect grip on the Kabaddi mattress and also provide ankle support to some extent.

Support Equipment:

Players put on joint support such as knee support caps and ankle support caps as essential while playing. For muscle support, they may retain kinesiology tape as support.

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International Kabaddi Measurement Rules

In the International level teams of Kabaddi, there are seven players on each team. The playing field has two teams. In Kabaddi court for men, the field area is (10 by 13), whereas, in Kabaddi court for women, the site is (8 by 12). There are three additional players on both teams. This game has an interval of two 20 minutes, between which players get half-time of five minutes. During this half-time, both the parties change their court.

Rules for playing Kabaddi games at the International level

While playing this game, a player from the offensive team’s side goes to the court of the defending team saying ‘Kabaddi – Kabaddi.’ During this, the going player has to go to the court of the custodian team in one breath to earn a point by touching one or more players of that team and come to his court as soon as possible. If the player reaches his team’s court without exhaling or touching one or more opposing team players, his team gets the point.

Top 10 Kabaddi World Cup Winners List

The player going out has to say Kabaddi only while exhaling. If the player breaks his breath before he reaches his court, he breaks the rule and is out of the game. If he touches one or more players and goes his court without a breath, the custodian sidekicks, the player connected by the referee out, giving the offensive team a point.

During this, the players of the guarding team cannot cross the line drawn in the middle of the field.

Out players are temporarily out of the field. If the opposing team is entirely out of the field, the opposing team gets two extra points as a bonus. It is called ‘Lona.‘ At the end of the game, the team with the highest score points wins.

During this game, apart from the players, six formal members are also present in the field. These members also have a referee, two umpires, a scorer, and two assistant scorers.


Kabaddi is the sport of our country. It originated in our country’s state of Tamil Nadu. From our country today, these games have spread all over the world. Even in countries like America and Europe, the kabaddi game is famous today. In our street and neighborhood, people start playing Kabaddi just by drawing two lines. But to participate in the match, you must have the proper knowledge of the court of Kabaddi.

In this article, what are the exact Kabaddi Court measurements – we have given you information about every item related to kabaddi court. And by following the points given in the article, you can also mark the field.

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