Kabaddi Skills You Must Know: Learn the Basic Defensive & Offensive Skills of Kabaddi Game

Kabaddi Skills
Kabaddi Skills

What are All the Kabaddi Skills

Kabaddi is one of the most famous and prevalent games in India and across the globe. The kabaddi game has a long history and has come a long way with its world championships recognition. The beauty of this game lies in teamwork, and the players need to have a specific set of skills and efficiency to play this game in any condition. However, the popularity of the kabbadi game makes the player the icon and hero for the young generation.

Offensive Kabaddi Skills
Kabaddi Skills: Raid

The particular specific requirements that you must need to have while playing kabbadi are mentioned below:

1) Flexible and Energetic Body


2) Brave and courageous mindset

3) Need to be attentive towards small details

In addition to that, kabaddi players need to be physically fit to perform effectively in the game. However, it doesn’t mean that being physically fit means successful player. It requires having extraordinary skills to lead the kabbadi competition and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Here is all the kabaddi skill that you need to know fundamentally

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Know About Defensive Skills

Defending plays an essential role while playing the game. It is not only about using physical force brutally. It would be best if you knew about the specific moves. These kabaddi skills & moves help execute your game and grab the opposition players. The different defensive kabaddi skills include waist hold, block, chain tackle, ankle hold, and more. Players need to be attentive and need to have good timing to perform all these defensive moves efficiently.

1) Chain Tackle: It is one of the popular defensive techniques used in Kabaddi. It would help if you did teamwork while using chain tackle to grab the opposition players. To perform a successful chain tackle requires coordination between the two or more players.

Defensive Kabaddi Skills
Defensive Kabaddi Skills: Chain Tackle

2) Ankle Hold: The successful players use these techniques and show the players across the globe. It is all about the effective move and attentive mind that make these kabaddi skills beneficial while playing. It helps to stop the players from crossing the midline

3) Block: The name itself suggests the purpose of these defensive skills.  The risk is certainly high in this move; however, it will be highly rewarding if executed successfully.  It requires patience to allow the opposition players to come in between the half and get blocked entirely. You must be in a position that would be appropriate to block the players. Otherwise, it has a negative outcome.

Defensive Kabaddi Skills
Defensive Kabaddi Skills: Block

4) Thigh Hold: It is one of the defensive skills used by players involved in the kabbadi game. In this game, as its name simply suggest, the players will be grabbed by their thigh and stop them before crossing the midline. You need to be accurate during the game while holding the players using both of their hands.

5) Waist Hold: Waist hold requires more physical strength to hold and grab the opposition by their waist. In this trick, the player blocks the opposition players and attempt to lift the player in mid-air by pinning down at the mat. Some of the players show some classic move of kabaddi that is making it popular every day.

Defensive Kabaddi Skills
Defensive Kabaddi Skills: Waist Hold

6) Dash: If we talk about the most eye-catching defensive skills of kabaddi, then dash kabaddi skills will outrank the list. It simply means dashing out the player of the game. You need to use brute physical strength for this game and push the opposition out of court. It mainly needs to hold the players at the corner while playing on the mat in most cases.

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Know About Kabaddi Offensive Skills In Details

The offensive skills combined with defensive skills while playing kabbadi games help the player play a successful match. Offensive skills help to match the scoreboard against the team. Popular offensive kabaddi skills are sidekick, dubki, running hand touch, kick lion jump, and more.

Lion Jump: Lion Jump demands incredible strength and thrust in your legs that need to be produced by a raider. Kabaddi players attempt to jump over defenders to get away and reach the midline during a lion leap. The move is globally recognized as the most athletic move played in kabaddi skills and is extremely difficult to master.

Offensive Kabaddi Skills
Offensive Kabaddi Skills: Lion Jump

Sidekick: A sidekick is a highly effective kabaddi technique used by opponent players. The player is attempting to strike the opponent by kicking the defender sideways but without losing balance. To execute this technique efficiently, a skilled raider has to practice this skill to perfection to ensure his balance and center of gravity.

The Back Kick: The back kicks in kabaddi are one of the most popular moves. The player stops and grabs their opponent players with their back kick skill and will attempt to kick back to get an opportunity to touch. It’s also referred to as “mule kick” locally in certain parts of the entire world.

Offensive Kabaddi Skills
Offensive Kabaddi Skills: Back Kick

Dubki: Dubki is a move that requires attentive timing and quickness to master. In dubki, the defender escapes the chain tackle by sliding beneath the stretched arms of defensive players and scoring points.

Hand Touch: It is one of the essential Kabaddi skills for all players, testing their proactivity and reflexes. It includes the hand touch and running hand contact in kabaddi. It is one of the beneficial techniques that any player in kabaddi must master to execute their games successfully.

Offensive Kabaddi Skills
Offensive Kabaddi Skills: Hand Touch

Finger Touch: The toe touch in kabaddi is among the most awaited moves that a raider can use. In this kabaddi skill, the raider touches the defender with his toe to grab the point. The effectiveness of this technique is mainly dependent on the speed and scalability of the attacker who is performing it before the opponent anticipates the move.

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Kabbadi game is an exciting play for all the players involved. The game’s main aim is to gain more points to make your team win by holding opposition players or making them out of the game. The player has to say Kabaddi kabaddi in repeat without breaking their breath. To make your team win, you need to touch the players in opposition and make them out of the team. However, you need to put a clear eye on the defensive skills of other team players. 

Here in the above-written article, we have mentioned a few points that can be helpful to enhance kabaddi skills. Many successful players follow the same techniques and make the record on the world level. In the modern world, the game kabaddi is gaining popularity and everyone is involved in making the game more competitive. Now it is required to be familiar with all the kabaddi skills to decode the winning chapters.

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