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Kho Kho Rules & Regulations | How to Play the Game

Kho Kho Game
Kho Kho Game

Kho Kho Rules & Regulations: KHO KHO, the historical sport of unbroken INDIA, was most likely evolved by the many strategies and techniques of Mahabharatha’s “Kurukshetra” battle. The horse battles throughout the battlefield and the serpentine paths taken by escaping warriors show the Chain Playing – Defensive skills inside the sport of KHO KHO. During the 13th morning of the battle, Guru Dronacharya, as head of royal Kaurav force, sketched a traditional tactical arrangement -CHAKRAVYUH (circle establishment), having Jayadratha outside the main gateway and seven troops to draw inside and defeat the opponent. Prince Abinmanyu, Arjuna’s child, fell into the snare but was unable to escape and was killed as a result.

KHO KHO, which is built upon basic rules of physical growth, promotes a robust defensive attitude of term comprehension. On the 1936 Berliner OLYMPICS, one kho kho squad representing Pune (India) demonstrated the main aspects of the sport of Kho Kho. This was well appreciated by “Hitler.” Kho Kho Rules are quite simple.

Kho Kho Rules & Game: An intriguing game of India

Kho Kho Game Rules
Kho Kho Game Rules

Kho Kho Rules & Regulations: KHO KHO seems to be a sport that is focused upon basic concepts of bodily growth and the improvement of overall motor skills in an individual or participants. It’s vicious and instills in young people a good combative attitude. This is not just running fast, but this is also a natural impulse to overtake, follow, and capture a kill, as was done during ancient times when mankind sought to murder mammals with a rigorous hunt plus running abilities. Without a certainty, rapidity is the soul, and to endure a persistent chase of 9 mins at a time (Turn), the soul requires sturdiness and energy. As a result, a fit and healthy youngster appreciates it, plus viewers enjoy an exciting game to their pleasure.

A Kho Kho squad is made up of 12 athletes, one trainer, one supervisor, as well as other assistance personnel. Yet, at the start of the game, 9 individuals will enter the court. The game consists of two sessions. Every inning will include 9-minute attacking and guarding rounds for males or females, as well as younger girls as well as boys. This will last 7 minutes for both Sub Juniors Boys and Girls. Every game will have two sessions. For males or females as well as Junior Boys or Girls, there should be a six-minute intermission after a session and a three-minute gap among two rounds; for Sub Juniors Boys or Girls, the intervals shall be five minutes as well as three 3 minutes, accordingly.

Balanced Running, Trying to dodge, Post Diving, Taping, Diving, Trying to cover, and Post Turning seem to be just a few of the techniques displayed throughout the match, which is taken by the squad with the most points.

Every Kho Kho Rules You Should Know About

Kho Kho Rules
Kho Kho Rules
  • There will be 2 groups, each containing a number of 12 people. The sport is divided into four parts or shifts, each lasting 9 minutes. This is the basic Kho Kho Rule.
  • There are just 3 players of the sprinting squad on the ground, whereas the eight players of the following team maintain knees down posture on squares formed across field boundaries in a predetermined location between two posts. They sit inside the cross lanes, facing each other, without crossing the centerline. One individual is designated as the ‘chaser,’ as well as he or she stays close to one of the poles to become the first one to catch the runners.
  • The chaser must hit or grab the racers, while the sprinters attempt to avoid being grabbed by the chaser. Whenever one chaser has touched all three racers, three fresh sprinters enter the area, as well as the match restarts.
  • The players of the chasing squad take places on the crossing line, while there are 3 racers on the ground who can race within a field are defined by two markers. Runners are permitted to enter the cross line or change directions while sprinting.
  • During chasing the racers, any chaser isn’t really permitted to pass the cross line as well as alter directions. If necessary, he must grab the post, turn around, and keep chasing.
  • Every occasion the chaser makes contact with a sprinter, a score is given.
  • The chaser will transfer his chance to some other seated person by touching from the back through shouting a word ‘Kho.’
  • Quick Kho, hitting without pronouncing Kho, switching position of the chaser, crossing the cross line during chasing, standing up without accepting a Kho, and delayed Kho are all fouls.
  • When there is any draw, an additional round is conducted, and the champion is the one who takes the least amount of time to hit one racer from the other team.

Penalties in Kho Kho Game

Penalties in Kho Kho Game
Penalties in Kho Kho Game
  • A small offense, such as arguing with competitors, fans, or authorities, or yelling, will result in a formal warning from the Referee. In the event of a repeat violation, a Yellow Ticket will be presented as a reminder.
  • In the case of a significant violation, the Referee can dismiss the offending athlete, manager, or any trainer for the remaining of the game by displaying a Red Warning Card.
  • If an athlete is given a Yellow Warning Card multiple times in a game, he will be barred from participating throughout the remaining portion of the game as well as the following match within that league. If he gets given a Yellow Warning Card in 2 distinct games in the same league, he will be barred from playing in the following match within that tournament.
  • When an athlete has received a Red Warning Card during a game, he will be disqualified from participating in the remaining of the game as well as the following match within that tournament.

Authorities with Responsibility for Game Control

For the supervision of a game, the following professionals must be assigned: 1 REFEREE, 1 TIMEKEEPER, 2 UMPIRES as well as 2 SCORERS.

  • Referee: Before the game begins, he will examine the Score Board, Field, and so on, and he will toss the coin. He will assist the Umpires in carrying out their tasks. In the event that they disagree on a choice, he will make the ultimate call.
  • Umpire: The Umpires will roam inside the Lounge and oversee the match. When they visit the ground for whatever reason, they must return to the Lounge as soon as possible so as not to impede the game’s progression.

They will make decisions by collaborating. If the opponent does not obey the regulations, the umpire may call a fault and order the opponent to do so. When they see any unethical methods being used on the field, they will alert the players involved immediately, give a Yellow Warning Card, plus bring this to the attention of the Ref for additional action, if required.


This game promotes physical endurance, power, mobility, and persistence. It also fosters values in teammates including attention, professionalism, sportsmanship, as well as commitment. The sport is intriguing because the seating arrangement of the participants is flexible; one would never discover a similar sequence of participants seated in a similar manner as once the game begins. For this kind of interesting factor kho kho rules are always appreciated by viewers.  

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