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Facebook Bug “Lead Ad Creative Does Not Use External URL”. Since When it’s Happening and Why?


Lead Ad Creative Does Not Use External URL: Lead Generation Ads should always link to external content (e.g., an advertiser’s website), but this ad does not (e.g., it links to a Facebook page). Fix this error by changing the URL at the creative level to point to external content.

You must be an advertiser on Facebook if you’ve recently got this message, The users are getting this message since last night and everyone is scratching their head that what the heck is happening on Facebook. It seems like it is a kind of bug and Every ad account on Business Manager is showing this error when editing or creating an ad that uses FB lead forms.

When talked to the Customer Support of Facebook, We got this reply, “This issue is being worked on.
The bug appeared sometime in the last 24 hrs and is expected to be fixed soon ( read 24-48hrs )”

So do not need to worry about this if you’re getting this error while setting up your campaign, One more thing you can do it to insert the 2-3 secs video instead of image creative, this might work for you as it worked for me as well.

Facebook Bug
Facebook Bug
Facebook Bug
Facebook bug

“Going over with what we did today. You contacted us because of an issue in creating Ads. We appreciate your help in reporting this kind of technical glitch on our system. Rest assured that our Engineering team is working with their best to resolve this concern.”

“Thank god. I am happened to see this thread. Confused after seeing this bug (Lead Generation Ads should always link to external content). It displays error only in Lead forms, If i choose call leads, its working fine. Looking for solution more than 6hrs. It happened once I have initiated Look alike to the instant forms. Any fix?”




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