Learn Basics of Rummy That will help Everybody Play

Basics of Rummy

The sheer enthusiasm of playing a game always brings an adrenaline rush. Similarly, when you play rummy, a card game, you will feel the same rush or even more! Rummy is considered one of the most entertaining card games. It is very simple to understand and super fun when played. This game is played with real money which increases the excitement factor. These days, online rummy is the most prevalent form of this game. For instance, you can play online rummy on GetMega, which is an entertaining internet gaming platform. Online rummy is a very competitive zone. Here, skilled players have a greater chance of winning. This game has a huge fan base and is played all over the world. It is quite thrilling to see all the players engaging in a fierce competition on such rummy portals.

Although you need to understand the game before throwing your money into it. You wouldn’t want to lose all your money on it, right? Let’s understand the game. 

What is Rummy?

Rummy is a game played by two to six players with one or two decks of cards and jokers. There are 13 cards dealt with each player, which they must arrange in sets and sequences. Every turn, a player is required to draw a card from either the closed deck or the open deck, both of which are kept in the centre of the table, and then discard one to the open deck. The first player to declare as per all rummy game rules wins the game. It requires a lot of strategic and logical skills. Players who enjoy this game are often good at logical reasoning as they need to closely track the game and look for patterns. Next, you also need to be very analytical when conceptualising the cards. Another such skill that helps is patience. You need a lot of patience during this game.


Basics of Rummy

Let’s dive into the basics:


The main objective or aim of this game is to arrange 13 cards in sets and sequences that are valid. You need to make a minimum of two sequences. Where one needs to be a pure sequence and the other needs to be a valid sequence. Only if you have these two sets you can declare the game.

What type of sequences can you make?

Sequences are groups of 3 or more consecutive cards with the same suit. Categorised into pure and impure segments. A winning rummy hand must contain at least one pure sequence.

When playing rummy, a player cannot select any wild card or joker to form a pure sequence. A sequence of 3 or more cards in the same suit with one or more Jokers creates an impure sequence.

The game from start to end:

  1. This card game is mostly played by 2-6 players with two card decks. Every player gets 13 cards and 2 random cards decks are placed in the centre of the table. Before beginning the game, a card is chosen as a wild joker. 
  2. At every turn, the respective player needs to draw and also discard a card and create valid sets of the 13 cards in hand. A player can also use the wild joker card or the classic joker card to make impure sequences.
  3. According to Indian rummy regulations, once a player has successfully arranged his/her cards in 2 sets, they win. However, the player’s sequences need to at least have one pure sequence to make the valid rummy declaration to win the game.

Important tips:

Some of the important tips are:

  • Focus on forming pure sequences as you require at least one set to win the game
  • It is better to discard the big point cards like ace, king, queen and joker. In doing so, in case you lose the game, you won’t have a high point load.
  • Avoid picking from the discard pile.
  • Keep an eye on smart cards. The cards that will help you form a pure sequence.
  • Remember, in a sequence, you can only have two cards from the same suit.
  • It is important to know that jokers play a huge role in rummy. Try using them and discard the other value cards if possible. But remember that Joker and wild cards do not form a pure sequence.
  • You are confident enough to make a declaration, recheck your cards, and then press the button. 

Putting it all together rummy is a super thrilling game. Once you understand how to play, it grows on you. This game is no less than a thriller movie with interesting twists and turns. At GetMega you can play rummy and win real money. Once you jump on their website, you will also get to see tutorials that can help you learn more about the game. Having fun while winning real money is an irresistible and irreplaceable experience that GetMega creates. A social aspect of gaming is its ability to allow people of all ages to share a common experience. Its goal is to envision a platform that provides an unparalleled entertainment experience.