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List of Top 10 Most Sixes in T20 Cricket History | T20 Records & Stats


Top 10 Most Sixes in T20 Cricket: Cricket has been the most fascinating game when it comes to limited-overs. T-20 Cricket is the most loved and enjoyed format by the spectators. The players don’t leave any effort to entertain the massive crowd present at the stadium. Smashing long sixes into the crowd is a moment of joy for the batsmen. The long-range hitting abilities of the batsmen have brought in some delightful hits.

Player Span Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s
MJ Guptill (NZ) 2009-2021 102 98 7 2939 105 32.29 2148 136.82 2 17 3 256 147
RG Sharma (INDIA) 2007-2021 111 103 15 2864 118 32.54 2061 138.96 4 22 6 252 133
CH Gayle (WI) 2006-2021 74 70 7 1854 117 29.42 1332 139.18 2 14 4 155 121
EJG Morgan (ENG) 2009-2021 107 101 19 2360 91 28.78 1707 138.25 0 14 3 179 116
C Munro (NZ) 2012-2020 65 62 7 1724 109* 31.34 1102 156.44 3 11 5 132 107
AJ Finch (AUS) 2011-2021 76 76 10 2473 172 37.46 1646 150.24 2 15 5 248 107
E Lewis (WI) 2016-2021 45 44 3 1318 125* 32.14 834 158.03 2 9 4 95 103
GJ Maxwell (AUS) 2012-2021 72 65 9 1780 145* 31.78 1120 158.92 3 9 1 147 93
KA Pollard (WI) 2008-2021 88 71 15 1378 75* 24.60 999 137.93 0 6 2 80 93
BB McCullum (NZ) 2005-2015 71 70 10 2140 123 35.66 1571 136.21 2 13 3 199 91

T-20 cricket is all about smashing sixes and fours. The format has received tremendous response and popularity. The Indian Premier League and T-20 World Cup are round the corner. Here’s the list of most sixes in T20:

Top 10 Most Sixes in T20 Cricket History

#10 Brendon McCullum, New Zealand

(91 Sixes)

Brendon McCullum in T20
Brendon McCullum in T20

Bredon McCullum is a Kiwi powerhouse who is popularly known for his massive hitting. McCullum has many records in his name which includes the highest score by any batsman in IPL. McCullum plays at the top order and scores vital runs for his team. His pace of scoring runs is simply commendable and he was the best batsman for New Zealand in T20 format.

McCullum hit a total of 91 sixes in 70 T20 matches he played in his career and holds the record of 10th most sixes in T20.  McCullum’s highest score in T-20 International was 123 and he has smashed 13 fifties and 2 hundred in his T-20 career. McCullum averaged 35.66 and had a magnificent strike rate of 136.21.

#9 Kieron Pollard, West Indies

(93 sixes)

Kieron Pollard in T20
Kieron Pollard in T20

Kieron Pollard is the present West Indies skipper who is one of the hardest smashers of the white ball. Pollard is known for his massive hitting and his crucial role for the team while chasing an unbelievable total. Pollard is one of the most experienced T-20 players in history.

Pollard aggregates a total of 1,378 runs in T-20 cricket along with a low average of 24.90 but an impressive strike rate of 137.93. Pollard has hit 93 sixes in T20 cricket which collectively takes him to the 9th most sixes in T20 by any batsman. Pollard has also hit 80 boundaries in his T-20 career.

#8 Glenn Maxwell, Australia

(93 sixes)

Glenn Maxwell in T20
Glenn Maxwell in T20

The reverse-sweep maestro from Australia is a fierce and elegant batsman. Glenn Maxwell has hit unbelievable shots in his T-20 career and is certainly the most reliable T-20 batsman for the Kangaroos. He is best known for his highly successful chases for the Aussies.

Maxwell has played 88 T20 International matches so far and has managed to score 1,780 runs for his team. Maxwell’s destructive career consists of 93 sixes and 147 boundaries. He has a healthy average of 31.45 and a record strike rate of 158.92.

#7 Evin Lewis, West Indies

(103 sixes)

Evin Lewis in T20
Evin Lewis in T20

The Caribbeans and Jamaicans just can’t be left out when it’s a matter of hitting sixes. Evin Lewis is a ruthless West Indies opening batsman who has destroyed the opposition most of the time. He is an attacking batsman who takes the best benefits of the powerplay.

Evin Lewis has been inducted on the West Indies side a little while ago. He has only played 45 T-20 International matches but managed to score 1,318 runs. Lewis has hit 103 sixes in his T-20 career to sit on the 7th position for most sixes in T20. He averages 32.14 and has a strike rate of 158.03.

#6 Aaron Finch, Australia

(107 sixes)

Aaron Finch in T20 Matches
Aaron Finch in T20

The Aussie Skipper is the most renowned power hitter in world cricket. Aaron Finch opens for Australia and has technical run-scoring abilities to adjust in the shortest format. Finch is an aggressive and powerful batsman who clears the fence with very little effort.

An experienced T-20 player, Finch has managed to score 2,473 runs in 76 matches played in his career. The privileged concern for Finch in T-20’s is his 37.46 run average and an explosive strike rate of 150.24. With smashing 107 sixes till now, Finch is the batsman to hit 6th most sixes in T20.

#5 Colin Munro, New Zealand 

(107 sixes)

Colin Munro in T20
Colin Munro in T20

The second Kiwi on the list, Colin Munro is the only batsman to hit 100+ sixes for New Zealand in T-20 cricket. Munro is an outstanding T-20 batsman who plays in the middle order. Munro is the most successful batsman for New Zealand in T-20 cricket.

The underrated batsman has managed to score 1,724 runs in his T-20 career. In scoring massive runs for the team, Munro has managed to hit the ball over the fence 107 times. This makes him the batsman to smash 5th most sixes in T20. Munro averages 31.34 and has a strike rate of 156.54.

#4 Eoin Morgan, England

(116 sixes)

Eoin Morgan in T20
Eoin Morgan in T20

Eoin Morgan is a classical T-20 player and the present captain of the England Cricket Team in limited-overs fixtures. Morgan led the English side to an ICC World Cup triumph in 2019. Morgan is a brilliant timer of the white ball and plays elegant shots in his innings.

Morgan has hit 116 sixes in his T-20 International career and holds the record of 4th most sixes in T20. Morgan is the most successful batsman for England in T-20 cricket and has scored 2,360 runs with an average of 28.78 and a strike rate of 138.25. 

#3 Chris Gayle, West Indies

(121 Sixes)

Chris Gayle in T20
Chris Gayle in T20

Chris Gayle, popularly known as The Universe Boss is a ferocious West Indies opening batsman who is well recognized due to his massive over-the-park hitting. Gayle is the most followed T-20 player in the world and his arrival to bat is referred to as Gayle Storm. Gayle holds the record of the highest score in IPL of 175 runs.

Gayle is a ruthless batsman who has smashed every great bowler in the world. His 74 match T-20 International career has helped him score 1,754 runs in his career. The Jamaican powerhouse has hit to climb on to a record of the 3rd most sixes in T-20. Gayle was the first batsman to hit 100 sixes in T-20 International.

#2 Rohit Sharma, India

(133 Sixes)

Rohit Sharma in T20
Rohit Sharma Sixes in T20 Matches

Rohit Sharma is an Indian Right-Handed opening batsman who fits himself into all three formats of the game. He has got the hold of the white ball and is an exquisite puller of the cricketing ball. Sharma is the second-most successful batsman for India in T-20 cricket, the first one being skipper Virat Kohli. Sharma leads the Mumbai Indians franchise at the IPL.

Rohit Sharma plays extravagant T-20 innings which has to help him score 2,864 runs in T-20 International cricket. Sharma has scored a record four centuries in T-20 cricket. The deputy of the Indian T-20 side has wrecked the ballers and smashed 133 sixes which is the 2nd most sixes in T20 by any batsman. Sharma averages 32.54 and holds a strike rate of 138.95.

#1 Martin Guptill, New Zealand 

(147 Sixes)

Martin Guptill in t20
Martin Guptill in t20

Martin Guptill is an Opening Batsman on the New Zealand Cricket team. Being an untamed batsman, Guptill has destroyed the opposition with his fierce hitting. Guptill is the most successful batsman for New Zealand in T-20 cricket. He is also regarded as the most successful batsman in T-20 Cricket and plays a wide range of shots in his career.

Guptill has hit 147 sixes in his T-20 career to stand at the top spot for hitting most sixes in T20. Guptill has managed to score 2,939 in 102 T-20 International matches played. Guptill has hit two centuries in his lofty career and his highest score is 105. The most experienced Kiwi averages 32.29 and has a strike rate of 136.82 in T20 Cricket.

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