Maang Patta Game – Rules, Tips, and Tricks & How to Play


Maang Patta is also known as single card Poker. It is a highly popular game and has been around in the Indian subcontinent for decades now. The reason for the high popularity is thanks to the simplicity and thus, the addictive nature of the game. There is no strategy involved, and the rules are not complicated too. It is easy to be indulged in the game for hours together and is a great fun timepass among other players whom you know.

There are plenty of online Maang Patta apps which allow you to play with players around the country. It is also a great way to start practicing the game if you have not played it before.

Maang Patta Game – Rules, Tips, and Tricks & How to Play

Maang Patta Rules & How to Play the Game

Maang Patta Rules


Generally speaking, in Maang Patta players choose a single card from the deck of cards. They then bet on the cards they pick. In the online version of Maang Patta Game, players can use boosters as well which provides a good advantage in your game. But the same is not available in casinos.

1) Maang Patta can be played with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 5 players.

2) From the standard deck of 52 cards, the player chooses the card.

3) Following this, every other player in the game is also allowed to pick their cards from the deck of 52 cards.

4) The players then get a chance to bet on these cards. In the online version of Maang Patta, there will be an option to enter the bet, increase or decrease the bet, make the bet done, or pack if you do not want to bet more.

5) The betting will go on until all the players have achieved a common bet or the maximum limit of betting of the game has been achieved.

6) Once the round of betting is done, the dealer will begin dealing with the cards.

7) In the online version of Maang Patta, some apps have boosters that will increase your chances of winning something in the round. For example, a card booster allows the user to select two cards instead of one. The Coin Booster allows the user to double the amount won in any hand. The Shield Booster will not let the coins decrease even if you face a loss for any hand.

8) The dealer will then begin dealing the cards.

9) The player whose card chosen will land first, wins the hand.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Playing Maang Patta

Maang Patta Game

Tip 1 : Understand the Rules and Payouts Well

Yes, it is agreed that Maang Patta has extremely few rules compared to other card game counterparts such as Blackjack or Poker, it is still vital to know how the game works. Before you play in any online version of Maang Patta, understand the different rules, variations, payout limits, and other advantages they provide during the game such as boosters. Knowing the rules and the game well will make you more confident while playing Maang Patta online

Tip 2 : Start With Betting Less Amounts

Maang Patta is highly addictive. It is easy to become desperate/greedy while losing or winning at Maang Patta and this might prompt you to keep betting more with each round. But this can suddenly escalate you to lose a lot of money in a short period without realizing it.

To begin with, but less amount of money at bets so you will feel more confident that there is not much at risk. It will allow you to experience the game as a relaxation activity, rather than a high-pressure intensity undertaking.

Tip 3 : Play When You Are in A Good Frame of Mind

Emotions are the enemy when you gamble. You may start to feel sad or angry when you are losing and this might just escalate your bad games if you continue. While being emotional or drunk, we might have fewer inhibitions to spend a lot of money. A big step to becoming a good gambler is to keep emotions aside and play the games only for recreation.

Tip 4 : Practice with No Money

It is not necessary to play Maang Patta with real money always. You can keep anything at stake, from virtual money to even nothing. In the latter case, you just call out the winner for each round. Some online casino mobile apps allow you to bet with virtual money or coins, thereby, you do not lose out on anything even if you are having a bad day.

Tip 5 : Choose Online Reliable Casino Apps and Respect the Law

Do not fall for fake promotions or flashy deals from unreliable casino apps which offer Maang Patta tables. When choosing an online casino, ensure that the reviews are good, it has good enough downloads, and is fairly popular at least in the online casino scene.

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Other Indian Card Games to Explore

Best Card Games

Loving Maang Patta? The next time you get your friends to play something fun, to socialize, check out these other games too:

Indian Rummy

One of the most popular card games in India, Indian Rummy requires good analytical and mathematical skills, unlike Maang Patta. You can play with two to six players depending on how big your group is.

Teen Patti

It is the simplified version of the highly popular card game Poker. All you need in Teen Patti is a standard deck of 52 cards. Each player puts the amount they want to bet into a pot, which is also called the boot.

Satte Pe Satta

You can play this fun game with an unlimited number of players. If there are more players, multiple decks can also be used. This game involves a lot of rules, although they are fun to play with once you master the game.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling in Maang Patta

As mentioned earlier, Maang Patta is highly addictive. When betting amounts, only do amounts you are comfortable using entirely. Do not force anyone to play Maang Patta with you, if they are not comfortable, because a lot of people do not like gambling.

Do not be emotionally attached to this game. These gambling games are best experienced for recreation and relaxation. It is intended to have a good time with your friends while socializing.


Maang Patta is a fun game to play online with your friends or other people. Download the apps which offer Maang Patta tables and get started. Remember, responsible gambling.

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