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Most Fan Following Team In IPL- A Detailed Explanation Of All 8 Participating Teams In 2021

Most Fan Following Team In IPL
Most Fan Following Team In IPL

Most Fan Following Team In IPL

Popular celebrities have always expressed their gratitude for their fans. In fact, they have also accepted that their fans are the main reasons behind their success. Similarly, when we talk about sportspersons, the fan following plays a very crucial role. 

They motivate and encourage the players to give their best on the field. Many sportspersons even rely on their fans in difficult times. So, it’s no wonder that IPL cricket teams also rely on their fans. Be it the CSKs or the KKRs, all of them perform their best to live up to their fans’ expectations.

Most Fan Following Team In IPL
Most Fan Following Team In IPL

As IPL was restricted to the virtual platform only in 2020, it was expected that 2021 would create a crazed hype. And its proof was the drastic rise in the fan following of all teams. Starting from Instagram to Twitter, all the social media platforms have witnessed how much the IPL fans love their teams. 

If you wonder which is the most fan following team in IPL, the following article will clear all your doubts. 

IPL team ranks according to the fan base

In 2021, eight teams participated in the IPL, including CSK, MI, KKR, RCB, PK, DC, SH, RR. The order we have mentioned here is based on the fan following. So, according to this list, Chennai Super Kings have captured the attention most while Rajasthan Royals is the last. 

Chennai Super Kings 

Led by M.S. Dhoni, CSK has always topped the fan base list. This team holds the title of winner for maximum times. This is one of the main reasons why they have so many fans. During every auction, the team owners choose same players over and over again. This has introduced a sense of coordination and understanding. 

Most Fan Following Team In IPL
Chennai Super Kings

Moreover, the wonderful captaincy of Dhoni and his strategies help the players to train more and set their goals for winning the trophy. Apart from Dhoni, other players like Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, and others have always trained rigorously. After all, they need to provide their best on-field and win the matches. 

Yes, there have been ups and downs with CSK. But the owners and fans haven’t lost their faith in the players and the captain. 

Twitter following: 7.3 million

Instagram following: 8.7 million

Facebook following: 12 million

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians is the second team having the largest fan base. They have won the championship five times since the onset of IPL. Even though the teams have changed over time, their performance has always left viewers awestruck. 

Most Fan Following Team In IPL
Mumbai Indians Team

Rohit Sharma is one of the most followed players from the entire team. The way everyone plays cricket and delivers the best performance is outstanding. Their zeal and passion can be seen in the way they bat and rule the field. 

Moreover, Hardik Pandyay, Krunal Panda, and Keiron Pollard have taken the fan base to another level. The moment they enter the field, every single fan starts chanting their names. This has been a great motivation for the team throughout the years.

Twitter following: 6.7 million

Instagram following: 7.7 million 

Facebook following: 13 million

Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders have the third-highest fan following. There are two main reasons for this. First, the team is co-owned by Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla. The way both these individuals support the team is marvelous. Second, Shah Rukh has always encouraged the players even after they lose a game. On several occasions, cameras have caught the players interacting with the owners in a friendly manner.

Most Fan Following Team In IPL
Kolkata Knight Riders Team

Moreover, Jacques Kallis and Brett Lee have also contributed to increasing the team’s fan base. Over the years, KKR has shown tremendous improvement. For example, in the 2021 tournament, they lost the initial matches. But when the league started once again, they aced on the field and snatched second place on the scoreboard. 

Twitter following: 4.5 million

Instagram following: 2.6 million

Facebook following: 16 million

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Virat Kohli and AB de Villers are the two main pillars of the RCB team. They are the opening batsman, and their sync with each other is incredible. Moreover, Kohli’s captaincy is said to be the best out of all teams. That’s why they are considered as the most fan-following team in IPL

Most Fan Following Team In IPL
Royal Challengers Bangalore

Moreover, Kohli himself has above 150 million followers on Instagram. So when such a player is there in the team, it’s obvious that RCB is going to have a lot of fans. 

Twitter following: 4.9 million

Instagram following: 7 million

Facebook following: 9 million

Punjab Kings 

There is a striking difference between the fan following of the above teams and Punjab Kings. Pretty Zinta has done a wonderful job in selecting some of the strongest cricketers. The team has Chris Gayle, Mohammed Shami, KL Rahul, and others who are the masters in the cricket world. 

Most Fan Following Team In IPL
Punjab Kings

However, due to one or other reasons, the team has not performed well. As a result, they have lost several games. And till now, PK hasn’t been able to secure a place in the quarterfinals. But everyone is hoping that the team will come back with a bang. 

This year’s auction has been pretty impressive. The co-owners of Punjab Kings have picked players who are kings on the field and also support each other behind the camera. With such a unique team, the fans can only hope for a wonderful performance. 

Twitter following: 2.5 million

Instagram following: 2.3 million

Facebook following: 8 million

Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capital must have less fan following than other teams. But the players are strong, determined, and passionate about their team. In 2020, DC secured a place in the final match. But unfortunately, they didn’t win the trophy. 

Most Fan Following Team In IPL
Delhi Capitals Team

However, their sportsmanship was truly commendable. In addition, the skills they have shown on-field were praise-worthy. Perhaps that’s one of the main reasons why its fan following has increased rapidly. 

Twitter following: 2 million

Instagram following: 2.7 million

Facebook following: 7 million

Sunrisers Hyderabad 

The popularity of Sunrisers Hyderabad on social media is mainly because of David Warner. This international cricketer loves his team and has always shared every moment of their success and wins on social media. Thanks to him, SRH now has over a million followers on different platforms. 

Most Fan Following Team In IPL
Sunrisers Hyderabad Team

We can only hope that SRH will again rise to the top in the coming sessions with so many people supporting them. the team makeup is good. But it needs strong players who can play the game well and bring the trophy. 

Twitter following: 2.7 million

Instagram following: 2.5 million 

Facebook following: 6 million

Rajasthan Royals

There was a time when Rajasthan Royals had a huge fan following. But with so many controversies with the owners and team members, they have lost hundreds of fans. However, the way RR played matches in IPL 2021 wouldn’t be a surprise if their fan base crossed one million on every social media platform. 

Most Fan Following Team In IPL
Rajasthan Royals Team

Twitter following: 1.7 million

Instagram following: 1.8 million

Facebook following: 4 million

Final thoughts 

Cricket is one of the most unpredictable games in the world. You cannot predict the results until the last ball. In IPL, we all have witnessed how a lost game suddenly turned into a winning match for different teams. 

CSK is the most fan-following team in IPL, undoubtedly. But other teams are also following in its footsteps. Thus, if Mumbai Indians or Kolkata Knight Riders occupy the first position in the coming years, there won’t be any surprise. 

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