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Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket | Top 5 Captains in ODI Cricket

Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket
Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket

Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket | RP777News

ODI cricket or One day international is a format in which the sport of Cricket is played. It is a format of limited-overs Cricket. The format is applied, and the sport or the game is played between two teams of International status. Each team has been given a limited number of overs for the sport, which is around 50, and the game could go for about 9 hours.

You might have seen this format in the Cricket World Cup, which is played every four years. The One Day International or ODI matches held are also called Limited Overs Internationals (LOI). The matches were conducted into the format belonging to the highest standard of List A, limited-overs competition. 

Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket
Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket

The format is a late-twentieth-century development and is now 50 years old as it was played for the first time between England and the Australian team on the 5th of January, 1971. The first match in the ODI format was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In the first match of this format, Australia got the victory by about 5 wickets. 

One unique thing about the One-day International matches was that it was played in kits of White color with a red-colored ball. Still, eventually, it was more commonplace with time where the matches in this format were played in Coloured kits and with white balls.

Who Governs the ODI Matches and Rankings?

With every sport, there has to be a governing body that needs to get associated for maintaining ranks and organizing matches for these international teams—the International Cricket Council, which is an organization that operates for the world. The headquarters for the governing body is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This governing body is responsible for maintaining the ODI rankings for teams if it’s for the Batsmen, bowlers, or all-rounders. 12 permanent members have got the ODI status, which also ICC determines. The twelve teams are Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Ireland. Ireland is the latest addition to the list of countries with the ODI status, which it got on the 5th of December, 2017

Rules for ODI format

If we go for simple words and understanding, the format works as follows- 

  • An ODI match is played between two teams with eleven members each.
  • A toss is conducted, and the captain of the side that wins the toss decides whether to go for bat first or bowl. 
  • The batting team will be first set up the target scores in a single inning. 
  • Each bowler is restricted to bowl for a maximum of 10 overs. It makes this compulsory for the teams to have five competent bowlers. 
  • The team that goes for batting will try to score more than the target to win the match. Also, the bowling team will try and make them exhaust their overs before reaching the target score.
  • No. of runs scored by both teams is equal, and the second team also loses all the wickets and exhausts its overs; the game is declared as a tie.

List of Top 5 Most Successful Captain in ODI International Cricket

Now, let us know more about these players who, according to us, are the most successful captains for ODI cricket. 

Ricky Ponting 

Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket
Ricky Ponting – Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket

What to say about this player, the master of giving pull shots, this former captain for the Australian team appointed in 2002 occupies our top list. The player has set up a streak for winning about thirty-four games back to back, and under his captain, he was able to brag two back-to-back titles for the captaincy. With his passion and endurance towards the sport, he was also someone who was able to win 165 games in total, making him the highest in the history of One Day International Format. 

MS Dhoni

India’s captain cool is one legendary who knows how to manage stressful situations by giving the best last overs. He is considered India’s most successful captain for the Format of One Day Internationals. He has become the captain to win three ICC tournaments. He championed into 2007 conducted T20 World, 50 over World Cup in 2011 and for the champions trophy in 2013. Dhoni has always led India at the front as she served as the captain for the team for almost seven years and stood brilliant at it. 

Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket
Ms. Dhoni – Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket

He has managed to win over 110 ODIs under his captaincy regime and scored quite a mark of 6,633 runs. The average of captain cool is holding is 53.92, which is the highest among the captains who have managed to score about a thousand runs in the format. One thing about him that makes him special and legendary is his big-hitting and finishing abilities, which he showed prominently in the World Cup that India won in 2011. 

Allan Border

This player is known for his legendary all-rounder skills and is one player from the Australian team who was made the captain while other teammates were in decline during the mid-80s. His decision-making and all-around abilities helped revive the Australian team’s status as he was quite a reluctant leader. He is one player responsible for making Australia one of the strongest teams during the 90s and has led the team into about 178 One day International Matches. 

Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket
Allan Border – Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket

He has managed to win a total of 178 One day Internationals matches, which took the team into two World cups, into which they reached victory for one. 

Hansie Cronje

Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket
Hansie Cronje – Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket

Hansie Cronje served as one all-rounder holding abilities captain who was also regarded as an Astute Captain with all his skills, abilities, and leadership qualities. The Australian team made victory into several matches. His collaborative and very composed approach at the captaincy with the skills of playing it tough with both ball and bat into his hands made him a clear threat for the opposite team. It is one of the many qualities that this player had, making him a fine and perfect leader in every possible aspect. He made 99 victories into the format for One Day International matches and managed to captain his team into 138 One Day International formatted matches. 

Stephen Fleming 

Stephen Fleming is one talented gem with good looks and a stylish personality. This player hailed from New Zealand and served as the country’s most successful captain as he made 98 victories at the format of ODI and played 218 ODIs into which he led his nation. He also led the black caps to about three World Cups and the semi-finals for the two of them before losing out. 

Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket
Stephen Fleming – Most Successful Captain in ODI Cricket

He is also known for his opening at batting position, where he was able to make several knocks against opposition with the quality over the years

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is the most successful ODI captain and has the highest winning percentage in ODI?

Ans. With a percentage of about 75.6, Ricky Ponting stands at the top when success is counted as a criterion.

2. Who is the best captain in ICC?

Ans. Virat Kohli stands as the best captain for test cricket, whereas for ODIs, it Is Ricky Ponting.

3. Who is India’s most successful ODI Captain?

4. MS Dhoni, the captain cool, stands strong at being the most successful Indian captain at the rankings from ICC


Cricket is a game that is undoubtedly becoming everyone’s favorite. For the World, We have the International Cricket Council as the Governing body, which organizes different tournaments into different Tests, T20Is, and ODIs. ODI format, or One Day International, is the format of Cricket where two teams with International Status get a limited over for about 50, where the match runs for around 9 hours. The two teams with 11 members each do the toss, and whoever wins will decide for either batting or bowling first. The batting team, in the beginning, will set a target score to achieve, where the second team, when it goes on batting, would have beat for their victory. Both teams should try to exhaust the overs by not letting the batting team score and match up. If both team scores are equal at the end of the game and the second team who went for batting has exhausted the overs, the game will be declared a tie. 

For every format of Cricket and the tournament conduction into the sport, a governing body is required to be responsible for managing all the records, maintaining rankings, and organizing tournaments for the members and that governing body for the sport, the International Cricket Council. 

The International Cricket Council has about 106 nations associated with it, where the permanent members have been given to about 12 nations. Ireland is the latest addition that has got its permanent membership status back in 2017 only. Captains who led the format with glory and pride are Ricky Ponting, MS dhoni, Allan Border, Hansie Cronje, and Stephen Fleming, where Ricky Ponting stands at the top, the highest winning percentage among the others. 

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