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Online Poker With Friends | 5 Poker Games You Can Play With Your Friends

Online Poker With Friends: Poker is the best game to socialize with people. But poker is most enjoyable with friends only. Meeting with friends and playing poker in the evening is something amusing. Nowadays it is quite difficult to meet with your friends daily especially because of the corona. Also, there are many friends which live far away from you. But who said that you can play poker only by sitting with your friends?

To play poker with your loved ones, you only need a mobile phone and laptop along with internet connections. Almost everyone can set up online poker with friends as various applications are offering online games. But the most difficult part is how to choose the best application to play with your friends? And in case if you find one then what are the requirements to set the game online?

In this little piece of information, you are going to find out the answers to your question. We will tell you about some best online poker platforms and requirements to set up the game.

First of all, you should know some rules to play online poker with friends. There are two types of online poker game available in the market which is given below:

5 Different Poker Games You Can Play With Friends | Online Poker with Friends

Poker Games
Poker Games You Can Play With Friends

Real Money Poker Games

In this type of poker game, you need to invest your real money to play with friends. It is almost like online gambling. You double the money if you win the game and lose all of it if you lost the game. All other rules are similar to offline poker games.

Free Money Poker Games

As its name suggests you don’t need to add any real money to the game. It is a very friendly type of online poker with friends. Free money will be provided by the game and you will lose as well as earn that free money only.

Both types of games are available in the online market. In the below section, we will tell you about some platforms that can play online poker with friends.

1) Pokerrrr 2 – Poker with Buddies

Pokerrrr 2 is one of the best platforms to play online poker with friends. The rules are very simple. You need to download the game from the play store, log in with your number and name and create a room. You can share the room code together with your friends.. By verifying the code your friends can join the room created by you. 

You can also win prizes in this game. But since this, a free money online poker game and the prices cannot be redeemed.  The game also contains ads and can be downloaded either from the play store or directly from the goggle.

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2) Poker Games: World Poker Club

This game comes under the world tournament. You can either play by logging in to the game or as a guest. If you play well then you can win the free chips. You can also win some other attractive gifts and can share them with your friends also.

It is also a free money online poker game and hence the price and gifts cannot be redeemed.

3) PokerStars

PokerStars is a real money online game. This is also one of the best games to play with your friends. You can also personalize your game with PokerStars. There are many features in the game which you can use to connect emotionally with your friends. These features make online poker with friends even more fun.

If you click on the tissue box made on the screen then that box will be thrown to your friend’s screen to wipe their faces. An alarm clock is to notify your opponent that time is going to be over soon. Fireworks are to set fireworks on your opponent. There are other stickers also.

The game is a real money game and you can win or lose money from it.

4) Poker Online 

This game comes under Holdem Company. The best part about this game is that it is ads-free and allows two tables to play at a time. There are four types of games available to play for its users. You can either play this game with any stranger or with your friends by creating a room.

There are so many adventurous parts in this game that cannot be felt in a real-world poker game.

5) World Series of Poker- WSOP Free Texas Holdem

As its name suggests this game also falls under world-famous poker company Holdem. It is also a free money game and hence the earned money cannot be converted into real money. There are many tournaments to attend in this game. You also win some major ranks and bracelets by winning the games. 

There are also free chips which can be earned as bonus points. You can also share your win on social media platforms like Facebook.

These were the top 5 online poker games to play with friends. You can easily connect with your friends through these games.

Now we will discuss some key points which you must take care of while playing online poker with friends. These key points are very helpful if you are playing real money online poker games.

First of all, make the best possible strategies. You can use TAG or we can say tight and aggressive strategy to win every game. According to this strategy think twice before you make any move in the game. 

The second important thing is the type of table that you are choosing to play online poker. Always choose the table which is of your level. If you choose a table above your level, then the chances of losing that game increase. 

The last and most important point is to play on only legal sites. There are so many illegal sites in the market which claim to play legally as a real money poker site. But in the end, snatch away all your money and vanish. So before choosing any platform do deep research and know about that platform.

These are the key points that you must take care of while playing online poker with friends. Now you know almost everything about playing poker online. We hope that you enjoy online sessions of poker games with your friends.

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