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Online Roulette Real Money India
Online Roulette Real Money India

The Game of Roulette 

Roulette is a casino game that is named only after a French word that apparently means little wheels, but experts suggest that the game likely was developed from an Italian game called Biribi. The game offers a player many options to bet upon. They can make bets on various groupings of numbers, on a single number, on the colour, whether red or black, or numbers odd and even according to their preference, choice, and strategy. It defines their gameplay well and is going to help them win big money. 

If we talk about the very history of the game, It is actually France. Still, suppose the overall roulette mechanism is observed. It is a hybrid of the gaming wheel invented back in the 1720s and the Italian game called or known as Biribi. 

Online Roulette Real Money India
Online Roulette Real Money India

Can the game be played online for real money wins?

Many of our readers come up with legitimate questions like this. If honestly asked, we would suggest you come up with all your queries so that we can answer all your questions and resolve all your doubts, if any, about the game or the legality concerned with the game.


Yes, for the above question, as Online Roulette is more popular among the other different casino games, and if observed closely, this game relatively offers high payouts to the players who wish to earn real money prizes. 

Can Roulette be played Online?

Yes, Roulette is a game that can be played anywhere, whether offline or online, but in this era of modern technology and advances, where people don’t have much time to visit places physically, they for obvious reasons these days prefer online Roulette over offline. 

How to play online Roulette in India?

Playing Roulette online is easy but requires some practice. Therefore, before jumping off into some real tournament, it is suggested that the beginners come up with a little more confidence only after practicing a lot into free sessions, which do not require you to bet any money upon. 

Before discussing the rules and other kinds of game stuff, it is equally important to know about the different roulette games available online. However, the variants might have slight changes in its rule books, but the essential main rules are the same and easy to keep in mind while playing the game online. 

Online Roulette Real Money India
Online Roulette Real Money India

Let us first jump on to the European Roulette and know how exactly it is played?

Of course, online Roulette is played with a table and a roulette wheel. The wheel itself has 37 pockets, where the 36 pockets are numbered from 1-36, and the last pocket left is assigned with a number 0. The pockets of the wheels one to thirty-six have alternate black and red background, where 0 card number has a green background. 

Here the 0 has an edge of about 2.7 percent over the players from the online casino. Your only goal is to guess upon which the number of the pocket will the ball is going to land on, and thus, you can do your betting accordingly on single numbers or a grouping of numbers or else. 

When you are done with the betting decision, simply drag over to the casino chip to the file you want to place a bet, and click spin to see where exactly the ball lands. If your guess which you made is right, you win the round, and if not, you lose it. According to the payout table, if you win the round, you are paid well. 

Placing the bets

The roulette table used in online casinos or any, has exactly two parts, one inner part and the other outer one. You can place your bet on either of the parts. When you place the bets on the inside tables, you are equipped with four of the betting types with you, from Straight bet, split bet, street bet, and corner bet. 

When you decide on better outer sides, you have these choices among the different betting types. It includes Column bet, Dozen bet, bet on the colour, bet on odd/even, and bet on High/low according to the technicalities of the numbers present and other features of both the sides. 

Withdrawal of the winning amount

When a newbie or a beginner into playing online casino or online roulette games, for instance, you should keep in mind while choosing the best site for you is their feature of withdrawal of the player’s winning money. If the methods used are safe, secure, and instant, you should go with the casino site and play Roulette online over there. For Indian players, we would like to suggest that you always opt for sites that allow the transactions to be done in INR. 

Online Roulette Real Money India
Online Roulette Real Money India

However, this makes it easy for the people in India to play their most popular high payout games online and saves them from paying any conversion fees. Other advantages are that you could probably see all the bonuses and promotion codes in your currency which will help you develop a clear idea about the winning money and other accurate calculations. 

How to play online Roulette in India?

To play the game in India, follow these very basic steps

  • Register with a casino and click on it to opt for online Roulette. 
  • Launch the game after selecting and clicking on “Play for real money.”
  • Select the amount or the range of amount you want to play betting on. 
  • Place your chips.
  • Wait for the outcomes.


Online roulette games are becoming more popular and in-demand just because of their high payout benefits, which they offer for their players who claim victory at the game. Online roulette games also have different variants, whether European or American. 

European Roulette is one of the most classy games you have played so far, where the main objective lies for the player to predict which pocket the ball will land on. American Roulette at the same place is different as it possesses two additional zeros like 0 and 00, unlike single 0 in European Roulette. 

Also, In American Roulette, the player immediately and at the same time fails when the ball falls in the zero pockets. 

Other roulette variants are French Roulette, which probably has the highest RTP of all the variants online, Lightning Roulette, Mini Roulette, no zero roulette, and others. 

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