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Top Online Casino Roulette Websites 2021 | Online Roulette Real Money India

Online Roulette Real Money India 2021: India has a big market for roulette players and getting started to play with one is easy since there are a lot of apps and websites to choose from. The basic three steps apply for joining every roulette site – sign up on the website, deposit the money on the roulette site and receive a welcome bonus for signing up. 

While choosing a roulette site, make sure they are legit, have a good number of players regularly playing on the platform, and have positive reviews posted on the Internet on multiple official review sites and blogs. While signing up on Roulette websites, they ask for the basic personal details only, so there is no hassle there as well. 

Here are some of the roulette websites recommended to play roulette in India. Check them out yourself. Note that the following list of online roulette real money India is non-exhaustive. 

Online Roulette Real Money India | Top Online Casino Roulette Websites in India 2021

Top Online Casino Roulette Websites in India
Top Online Casino Roulette Websites in India

1) More Selection of Online Roulette Games – LeoVegas Casino 

Although online roulette is fairly simple and straightforward, there are many fun variations of it. You can try out the different versions of roulette and see which one entices you the most. LeoVegas is the website that offers a great selection of varieties of roulette games and as a beginner, it is a great place to start your roulette playing journey. 

The number of variations available in LeoVegas Casino will take weeks and even months to try them out all. If you plan to be consistent in playing online roulette, choose LeoVegas Casino. 

The website accepts almost all forms of payment methods for depositing money, including those which work internationally and even for the Indian audience (UPI, PhonePe, Paytm, etc).

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2) Convenient Deposits – Pure Casino 

It is a casino site that was designed keeping the Indian casino market in mind. They accept almost all payment methods that Indians normally use and the website is available in multiple regional languages as well. Not just that, you can choose from the wide collection of online roulette games. So, Pure Casino is an all-in-one package. 

You can deposit with Netbanking, UPI, Skrill, and many more common payment methods. Check the site out for their welcome bonus and more than 20 varieties of online roulette

3) Best Online Roulette Bonus – Royal Panda

It is one of the best online casino websites in India offering an exciting welcome bonus. The signup bonus is in the form of 100% up to INR 1 Lakh. Although the number of online versions of Roulette on Royal Panda is less compared to other competitors, the games are of high quality and offer the most excitement. 

4) All-Rounder – Best Online Casino Roulette in India – 22Bet 

Not just for Roulette, 22Bet is the best platform you can opt for playing a wide collection of casino games. They have got online roulette tables, blackjack, and tens of slot machine options.

If you want to experiment with the different variations of roulette, 22Bet has more than 100 varieties. You will be engaged for months together before you finish trying all the types of online roulette it has to offer. 

Also, it is designed to keep Indian players’ convenience in mind. Therefore, you can deposit money using conventional payment methods including UPI, Paytm, etc. The app also supports cryptocurrency deposits although it is not a common mode of payment in India due to the regulations around it. 

Check out the 22Bet website right now and sign up for playing Roulette. 

The Legality of Playing Online Roulette in India

Legality of Playing Online Roulette in India
Legality of Playing Online Roulette in India

The legality of casinos in India is a bit tricky. Note that as of the time of writing this, there are no federal laws that prohibit a person in India to play online gambling. But it is in the hands of the states to decide how much they want to regulate gambling. Some states like Goa and Sikkim have provided regulations for the operation of casinos while others like Maharashtra have banned gambling. But many other states do not yet have any specific laws concerning online gambling. 

Although all the above websites are functioning legally in India, you may not be punished for playing online and live casino in India. However, check with your local authorities or speak to someone from the government to understand restrictions and regulations specific to the place you stay in. 

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