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Top 6 Online Shooting Games for 2021


Are you the one who is fascinated with action and thriller? What can be the best way to get more action other than shooting games?  Tons of bullets, blasts, destruction, competitive actions, drama are the elements of shooting games.  You can explore your fantasy in shooting games.  You can have a lot of fun whether it’s a first-person shooter (FPS), second-person, or multiplayer mode. 

Various splendid online shooting games packed with tough challenges and incredible winnings. But the best thing is that you can play them on your mobile.  To play a few games you need a premium account whereas some games are absolutely free to play.  As per ongoing trends and eagerness around mobile video games, we have prepared a list of “Online shooting games” that you must play. Let’s check out the splendid online shooting games.

So here you can find the ”List of Top Online Shooting Games”

1. Shooting World

shooting world game - online shooting games

The first game in the Online shooting game is Shooting World.  It is one of the best shooting games that will give an amazing gaming experience. This game provides the user a variety of guns to destroy your attackers in no time.

You can score high in this game as well as you can target and attack your opponents from different angles.  The app allows you to shoot on different targets and obtain higher scores for every level.  Do you know the best thing about the shooting world? It is completely free.  Even you can challenge your friends in real-time in amazing 3D locations. Choose different climates and climates and point your aims.

2. AirAttack 2

air attack 2 - online shooting games

AirAttack 2 is a classic game to play.  It is completely an action game.  In this game,  you pilot various planes and also strive to destroy all the enemies coming in your way.  This game has an efficacious graphics dynamo that will surely fuel your screen with bangs. You move from one level to another when you take down enemies. If you love an extra challenge, then this is a perfect match for you. This game has simple controllers and a different survival mission mode to spice up the game.

This game is super fun and it includes daily awards, five airplanes, various upgrades. Also, it is offline-capable as well.  Sounds amazing, right?

3. Call of duty

call of duty game - online shooting games

Call of duty is solely meant for mobile phones..  What is this game about? In the Call of Duty game,  players proceed through World War II in a range of operations.  The players have to battle it out against human enemies in its multiplayer form. Your phone screen turns into a battleground. And you can relish the trouble-free practice of your shooting skills.

There are different series of Call of duty games. This first-person shooting has sold over 300 million copies in May 2019. It is also counted as the most thriving video game franchise developed in the United States. Why don’t you team up with your crew on this world’s most popular shooting game?


4. Sniper strike

sniper strike - Online Shooting GameWanted thrill on your boring weekend? If yes, then the Sniper strike is one of the best options of online shooting games, you should opt. A high-octane game is all about the numbers of sorties. It is having three different play forms. Try out online friends on Sniper strike and dare them to live sniper duels with you. You can personalize the super fighter. Also, captivating in real unlimited firing in a mesmerizing background. This amazing game has various inbuilt characters like Wolf, Jackson. For online battles, you can team up with your online friends. With sniper guns, you and your team can kill elite heads and their group.

There are different game features of the Sniper strike game. 

  1. It has stunning 3D effects as well as audio. 
  2. Face the challenges and enter the high level, the leader board.
  3. Accept live challenges with online friends.
  4. You can do group gaming with the elite order in sniper strike. 

5. Galaxy Sky Shooting

Galaxy Sky Shooting Game - Online Game Shooting


This splendid game is for everyone.  People of any age can play galaxy sky shooting games.  What do we do in this game? The user has the responsibility to guard the galaxy against various brute strikes and command the spaceships. 

But before you enter the battleground, you must have shooting skills to win the game. Are you wondering how to sharpen your shooting skills?  There are various modes in the game where you can practice your shooting skills and learn the right bullet paths.  You can shift within the battle, bose, and endless modes.  The joy of completing the different missions is marvelous.  Once you accomplish the various missions, you can battle with the super boss.  

The developer has made this game highly customizable. The user can select among five to fifteen spaceships to battle.

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6. Infinity Ops

infinity ops - online shooting games

This is a game with wonderful graphics and a mixture of various game modes. It is a  fabulous multiplayer First-person shooter. The deathmatch mode is quite different.  In this mode, you have to fight for yourself. And check if you can score higher in the usual deathmatch mode than all other players. 


What to do in Infinity ops? In this advanced world, technology is ruling the world.  And   Infinity ops offers an advanced world that is beyond your imagination. The user has to survive by fighting the attackers. But if you can make a  group with your online friends, you can get super-thunderous weaponry like rifles, sniper guns, laser machine guns to battle against the opponents.  Single players should set their jetpacks and attend individual battles with the opponents, and get prizes.

In this write-up, I have covered only seven online shooting games that are mostly played nowadays. There are other online shooting games like sky force reloaded, Nova legacy, Modern combat 5, into the dead 2, Garna free fire, Fortnite, Critical Ops, Bullet hell Monday, etc. This list of online shooting games will definitely match with your individual flavor in games and attract you to play them on your mobile phone.  

Play the shooting games online and explore the fire within you.


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