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Beginners Guide on How to play Rummy | Play Rummy Online

Have you ever heard about the Rummy card game? If not, your life is quite dull, I guess. To add some fun to your life, you must try the Rummy card game with your family or friends. The Rummy card game is a fantastic game in which you have to ameliorate the hand that you are formerly distributed. It is an entertaining game that can change your mood and fill your room with laughter and happiness.


In this game, the player plays either by picking the card from the stockpile or discard the pile.  The player can win this game only by making a valid declaration.

Did you know that two or more players can play Rummy? If there are six or more than six players, you require two decks of 52 cards.  What else do you know to play Rummy? It is a valid question that one should know. At the end of the game, the score will be counted. And you require paper and a pencil for calculation. 

Before you start playing the rummy card game, the rules of the game should be clear to you. Otherwise, it leads to frustration. 

Also, the player can proceed with the game at will or drop the game at their will if his innings come. If the player has not performed his first innings and wants to drop the game, he gets 20 points in 101 Rummy and 25 in 201 Rummy.

Let’s learn about the rummy card game and how to play it.

What is the objective of the Rummy card game?

The main objective of this game is to make two types of combination:

  1. Runs: In the runs, all cards must be of the same suit. If the combination is wrong, then runs will be illegal. 
  2. Sets: A set is three or four cards of the same rank.

What is the use of Joker and Wild Card in the Rummy card game?

At the opening of the game, each Rummy deck has a clown and a wild card that is randomly chosen. Both cards have the equivalent role. Clowns are used to creating sets and faux sequences. A clown card can alter the coveted number when making a group. It is a valid order in the rummy game.

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How to play rummy – Rummy Rules
Rummy Game Rules

One must know the rules before you start playing the game. Let’s understand the rules and guidelines of the Rummy card game from beginning to end.

  1. Choose your dealer and scorer: It’s important to clear first who will distribute the cards and who will calculate the scores in the end. Because it can confuse the players and leads to frustration. I’m sure you don’t want to spoil the fun.
  2. Deal the cards: Once the dealer is decided, he or she will distribute the cards. If two to four players are participating in the game, then ten cards will be distributed to every player. If five players are participating in the game, then six cards will be distributed to every player. And in case of six or more than six, you will require two decks of 52 cards to distribute. Each player will get six cards.
  3. What to do with undealt cards: After card distribution, few cards will be left undealt. What to do with those cards?   These undealt cards play a very important role in the game. So, keep the undealt cards face-down in the middle of the table. It will be called a stockpile.
  4. How to make a discard pile: It is simple to make it.     Pick the top card of the stockpile, place the card face up alongside the stock as a first card of the discard pile.
  5. Who will start first: That is a tricky question, who will start first? It is an important rule in the game that a player on the left side of the dealer will start first. The player will either choose the card on the discard pile or the top card from the stockpile, according to their choice. If the player makes any card combinations with the picked-up card, she/he may do so. If not, then the player will have to discard one card from her or his cards and put face-up on the discard pile.  And then the turn will move to the next player.
  6. The next player turns: In the same way, the next player will select the last card that the former player has discarded or they can select the top card from the stockpile. then he will mix this card with his cards to make a card combination. This game will be continued clockwise in the same way.
  7. What if the stockpile runs out: It can be the case where the stockpile will be run out. What you can do in this case? Pick the discard pile, shuffle it and place it face down in the middle of the table. Then, put the top card face up, of the stockpile in the middle of the table.  The game is geared up to play.

According to Rummy card game rules,  the player who scores 13 cards in a valid order and that order includes one pure sequence and more groups, will be declared as a winner of the game.

How the Points Are Calculated in Rummy?

It is painless to calculate the score of Rummy. Yes, I’m not lying. Let’s see how the points can be calculated.

  1. Cards like Ace, King, Queen, and Jack are carrying 10 points.
  2. Other cards are carrying the same value as their face value.
  3. Joker and wild cards are carrying zero points.

See, it is so easy to calculate the score and find out who is the winner of this super fun game.

I’m sure you will play this game like an expert now. This game is easy as well as fun. So, don’t feel bored anymore. When there are family or friends getting together at your place, suggest playing this game. This game will engage everyone. And I’m sure they will enjoy it.  But don’t forget to explain the rules of the games if they are not aware of the rules.  Otherwise, it will ruin the fun of the game. And I know, nobody wants that.

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