PM Modi Congratulate Indian team on their victory against Australia


We are all well aware of the phenomenal Indian cricket team, here comes up with adding one more victory to his bucket by beating Australia at their castle in Brisbane.

And our Prime Minister Modi was one of the first to appreciate and congratulate the team for their new victory, which is also a record.

The last time Australia was defeated by West Indies in 1988. Since then, India is the first team which won against Australia at the Gabba with three wickets. And also rewarded with Border-Gavaskar Trophy.


This shows the amount of hard work and practice the team do and this is one of those proud moments to Indians and which actually made our PM happy and he wrote on social media that “We are all overjoyed at the success of Indian Cricket team in Australia. Their remarkable energy and passion were visible throughout. So was their stellar intent, grit and determination. Congratulations to the team! Best wishes for your future endeavors.”

These words from Modi can actually make us realize that how proud our team made him feel. The efforts and the eagerness are commendable. We are all feeling the same way how Modi is feeling on the victory and this overall test will be remembered for the fight and flexibility of team India.

And also, BCCI announces 5 crore bonuses for the Indian cricket team for its remarkable win. It’s not easy to go to Australia and win against them in their field, the value of win is beyond any bonus but still they deserve this and they deserve more.

Congrats to the team! Once again. Lets look for more victory…