Real Money Games : A Handy Guide to Online Games to Earn Money


Real Money Games : Games are commonplace for many Indian occasions and gatherings. They are great fun when played with friends and family. But do you know what can top it further? If these apps can earn you money. Well, the good news is, there are plenty of apps out there that reward your gameplay with real cash, either to your bank or your Paytm wallet. 

The websites and mobile apps either have one game or house multiple games that you can choose and play to earn money. The selection of games available on real money online games is quite diverse. You can find casino games such as Poker, Blackjack, etc, or fantasy sports games, or even casual games such as Ludo. But they are all fun in their way and you can earn money while playing them. Of course, with their set of terms and conditions. 

How to Choose the Right Real Money Games Online in India?

Right Real Money Games Online in India


1) Do not fall for all applications or websites that promise you money for using their service. Chances are some of them are scams, just to steal your confidential data or financial information. Here’s a short checklist to help you pick the right game to play. After all, we need to have fun, isn’t it?

2) Check the Reviews – One of the most important things to do before signing up on any gaming platform is to see what others have to say. You can find reliable reviews on gaming websites, popular blogs, or a general search on the Internet that will give you a lot of review information. Check what are the positives and the negatives they have to say. A big no-no if a lot of people are dissatisfied with some vital aspects of the app, such as money payout, security, gameplay, etc. 

3) Intuitive User Interface and Robust Gameplay – Genuine real money games focus a lot on the intuitive user interface because this is one major engaging factor for you to be on the app. The instructions, rules, and gameplay must be clear and fair. Most of all, you must be comfortable using the features, as that will determine your experience of the game. 

4) Sign up and Other Bonuses – A lot of real money games reward new users with sign-up bonuses and/or bonuses for some specific activity on the platform. These are a great way to maximize your chances of earning through the platform and can give you a little advantage in some games as well. Compare different gaming platforms in a similar niche, to see how the rewards look like in each of them. 

5) Supports Payment Methods – Make sure the app has payment methods and payout methods that suit you. Whether you want it on your wallet or a direct transfer to the bank account, the app/website must be able to accommodate those. Not just that, verify if the payment deposit and payout are happening through secure payment platforms. 

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The Best Online Money Apps / Websites in India to Game Play and Win Cash

Best Online Money Apps & Websites in India

Of course, there are plenty of apps in India that provide legit real money games. But here are the ones we like. Check them out!

1) LeoVegas

Leo Vegas is one of the top real money games available in India. On this online gambling site, you can play Roulette, BlackJack, and Indian versions as well including Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, etc. LeoVegas has plenty of online games and also offers you the option to bet on online sports. Such is the robustness of the platform, that you can place your bets on various sports even after the game has begun. 


  • Large Collection of Games and Tournaments 
  • Multiple options to pay 
  • Secure platform 
  • All-round-the-clock customer support 


2) Ludo Supreme

Ludo has gained immense popularity over the last couple of years because it is fun when played with friends. The apps also have come up with various themes and variations of Ludo that make it even more interesting. In Ludo Supreme, you can play a timed Ludo game of 10 minutes that is thrilling and exciting. At the end of 10 minutes, the player with the highest score wins the game. 


  • Choose from a variety of tournaments that run throughout the day and night 
  • 10-minute Ludo offers a quick and thrilling gameplay 
  • Get Instant payouts and also money into your Paytm wallet 


3) Dream 11

One of the fastest-growing and largest fantasy sports apps in India, Dream 11 became insanely popular during the IPL but it also hosts a ton of other sports and tournaments. You can deposit your money on the in-built apps, use them to enter sports fantasy team contests, and earn rewards based on the points you score after the match. 


  • Plenty of sports and contests to choose from, even from a single sport 
  • Highly secure platform 
  • Supports a wide variety of payment methods 
  • Simple and seamless user interface 

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4) Pocket52

The product is 100% Made in India and offers a highly engaging gameplay experience. Pocket52, one of India’s best gambling websites, is known for its high-security functionality so rest assured, using this platform for earning money. On the Pocket52, you can play a variety of card games although it is most popular for online poker. It has a wide variety of feature events that provide huge rewards for participation. 


  • The large user base of more than 1M consistent users
  • All-round-the-clock customer support over chat, Email, or call 
  • Instant depositing of cash and quick money withdrawal 
  • The gameplay is highly fair and secure 


5) Rummy Circle

One of the games that have made Rummy extremely popular in the country, Rummy Circle has players from all around the world. You can get up to INR 500 as a referral bonus on this app. 

You can play Rummy online or with your friends on this app. The most well-known feature is the ‘Deal of the Day’ where if you get good points, you can convert them to real cash. 


  • Certified by The Rummy Federation 
  • Good sign-up bonus up to INR 2000
  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Supports multiple payment methods 

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Of course, these apps and games are highly exciting because they give you money. But there are many downsides to it as well if you play in excess. First, the platforms are not as straightforward as giving you money every time you play. There are certain terms, conditions, and levels of difficulty for every game or contest. 

So, do not take it up emotionally if you are not able to win any money. Do not use this frustration to invest more money in these games. 

Such real money games app are meant for recreation and social activity with friends, family, etc. Have a plan for the amount of money you will spend beforehand, and do not exceed that under any circumstances. Develop your skills to be better at the game, directly (through gameplay) or indirectly (through strategies that can lower the chances of you losing a lot of money). 

Most importantly, enjoy!


The list mentioned above is not exhaustive. There are plenty more online money gaming apps out there, check them out and have fun! Play responsibly.  

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