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Roulette Strategy to Win : A Guide to Myths and Facts For Roulette 

Roulette Strategy to Win: Roulette has more strategies that players can opt for, more than any other casino games out there. But even then, the vast majority of players do not utilize these to the maximum and therefore, lose out on a chunk of money they have invested. One common reason for these is that players fall for misconceptions related to the roulette strategy to win. Let’s try to understand the fact and fiction of Roulette:

8 Roulette Strategy to Win the Game

Roulette Strategy

1) Remember That No Data Of Previous Spins Can Predict Future Spins

Even if you have 100s of consecutive reds in your previous spin, there is no guarantee that the next color is going to be red or black. Unless the machine is flawed, there should know an extra chance for a particular number or color. You can test this by taking an unbiased coin and flipping it multiple times. You will see that there is absolutely no way of predicting what side the coin will land on next. So, stop falling prey to strategies and tips that tell you that it is likelier to get a particular number or color in Roulette

2) Do Not Use Long Term Balance

Another fact that people bet on a particular color that has occurred the least in the previous spins. The fact is, even if that has happened, there is no way to guarantee that the same color will either increase or decrease in its occurrence in the future. If the roulette wheel has a bias, a color could land more times, but in this case, betting on the other color can make it worse. 

3) Do Not Follow Bankroll Trend Charts

If you see a bankroll that is growing, you might be optimistic but it has nothing to do with guaranteeing you more wins. The chart seems to ‘grow’ only because the player uses progression. This means they have increased their bet size after their losses. Following this strategy is highly risky, as you might reach a table limit or run out of money soon. Each spin is independent, increasing your bet size after a loss does not help you win. 

4) Rare Events Are An Illusion

You may perceive a rare event, but in reality, it is some event that will eventually happen in some spins. For example, you may compare to sequences of numbers and see that they have not occurred. But if you consider a large sample of spins, you will see that these sequences will occur roughly the same number of times.

In short, no matter what event you may classify as rare, the chance of it occurring is the same as any other event in the same domain, in this case, any number in the roulette wheel. If there are 37 numbers, then the chance of every number occurring is a dot 1 in 37. 

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5) You Should Have a Long-Term Strategy

Note that no matter how many spins you play in the roulette game, the casino will have the same house edge. Having a long-term strategy will help you reduce your losses, by planning out your money well. Also, you can play for a longer time with the same amount of money. Therefore, always think long-term into your game while assigning your budget. 

5) There are No Streaks In Roulette Machines

Some roulette players believe that once in a while, the machines throw a freaking streak, say of just zeros. No one can predict these streaks, it is just out of probability and stats. We as humans tend to see a lot of patterns where it does not exist. Avoid that bias while playing the game of Roulette. 

6) Do Not Wait for Triggers to Bet

Waiting for a sequence to occur or a trigger to happen is not going to increase the chances of your winning in any way. Each spin is independent, the wheel is not going to give you predictable numbers with every spin. 

7) Spreading out Spins won’t Make Any Difference

It does not matter if you spin once every day for 100 days or spin 100 times in a single day. It will only delay or not delay the money you will be losing or gaining. Therefore, take that bias out of your gameplay. The odds of winning and losing are absolutely the same in both cases. 

8) Get Away From The Illusion of the Winning System

All these facts only state one thing – do not have an illusion for any particular number or pattern. The concept is simple – whatever the condition, time of day, sequences of events before or the number of players, the odds of you landing on a color or a number stays the same as always. Every spin is independent and unique.

However, if you see any significant bias in a machine in a live casino, you can speak to the manager about it. It could be more to do with any physical defect with the machine. This very rarely happens though. 

Responsible Gaming

Roulette is addictive. You need to have a game plan so that you do not lose out on all the money. Only put that much money that you would not mind losing. Play roulette for the fun it provides and keeps emotions out of the game. Play responsibly. 

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