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Best Roulette Strategy: Factors That Affect Roulette Strategies

Best Roulette Strategy: If you have been reading about roulette or have been playing it for a long time, you might have come across a lot of talk regarding roulette strategy. Seasoned roulette players usually swear by some strategies that seem to work for them. However, these strategies do not provide any mathematical benefit to winning your bet. They just handle how you manage your bet amount over the short term or long term. 

Is There A Best Roulette Strategy?

The short answer is no. Although some roulette strategies are more popular than others. The characteristics of roulette strategy are: 

  • Simplicity – The qualitative measurement and perception of how easy it is to apply the conditions of the strategy to the gameplay. 
  • Low-Risk – Usually, the lower the risk, the lower the payouts. The risk will be lower if the odds of winning your bet are high. 
  • Short Term – Some strategies are effective and good if done for a short period. If done over a longer period, you could potentially lose out on a lot of money. 
  • Long Term – On the other hand, some strategies provide benefits and a small degree of profits when implemented over a longer term across many spins. 
  • Profit Potential – This fundamentally depends on the size and frequency of the wager. 
  • Fun – Some strategies provide more thrill and therefore, adrenaline over the others.

But the above characteristics are extremely subjective to the roulette player. Some players, for example, prefer to have fun in strategies that do not provide a thrill or pose a risk to their money. But when choosing a roulette profit, consider the parameter for each of these characteristics. 

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Physical Systems That Affect Roulette Strategies

Physical Systems That Affect Roulette Strategies
Physical Systems That Affect Roulette Strategies

If you play an offline casino, chances are that the roulette wheel and the physical system of the roulette may have flaws that might affect how the wheel spins. Therefore, you may see some biases. But note that this happens extremely rarely, especially in casinos that have been around for some time and have good reviews. 

Biased Wheels

Note that this applies to only on-ground casinos. You will seldom come across any bias in online casinos because the entire setup is handled by codes. The flaws may occur due to the manufacturing defects in the wheel, or in the way the wheel has been installed. Sometimes, even maintenance errors may cause some bias in the wheels.

If you are a player, even a regular one, it is quite hard to spot it. But at the same time, well-known casinos make it a point to regularly check for bias and they may have it immediately fixed. 

Throwing Style of the Dealer

Sometimes, the actions of the croupier and the way they throw the ball onto the wheel also can slightly influence the outcome. However, it is really hard to capitalize on this even when you spot it. The actions may be extremely subtle and nuanced and you may never catch it with your naked eye. You will also have to spend a lot of time playing to identify the patterns and therefore an accurate bet. 

Tips for Playing Roulette

Tips for Playing Roulette
Tips for Playing Roulette

Apart from all the strategies, here are some tips for playing Roulette that might help you play well:

  • When possible, only play the European and the French version of roulette. The house edge of these two versions is quite less compared to the American wheel. The house edge on the latter increases due to an addition of ‘00’ in the wheel. 
  • Be aware of your wallet and bet money while playing. Always keep a target spend for each gamble you take and stick to it. Never make the mistake of overspending regardless of whether you are on a winning streak or a losing streak. 
  • When possible, stick to outside chances only. The payouts may not be great in some cases, the risk is low and it might enable you to play on for a longer period. 

Roulette is not a complex game at all. But it takes some experience and plays for you to be comfortable with the rules and strategies. Talk to experienced roulette players for their valuable insights too! But more importantly, make sure that you play responsibly and have fun at the same time!

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