Home Online Games Roulette Tricks – Tips to Winning at Roulette Revealed 

Roulette Tricks – Tips to Winning at Roulette Revealed 

Roulette Tricks: Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games out there and is commonplace in many offline and online casinos all around the world. The game is based purely on chance and probability is the core mathematical concept of the roulette wheel.

The roulette game is designed in a way to provide a house edge, no matter the version that is played. Make sure you choose the strategies that do not drain out your money quickly. Gamble responsibly, have a clear budget plan and have fun trying your luck with the game of roulette. 

Roulette Tricks for Placing Bets

Roulette Tricks for Placing Bets
Roulette Tricks for Placing Bets

The best way to start playing any casino game is to check out if there is a free table out there so you can play it comfortably without losing out on real money. It gives you confidence and makes you aware of the rules of the game. It can also be a good way to understand different bet strategies in roulette. As a whole, you can have either inside bets or outside bets:

Inside Bets

They are higher risk numbers and are placed on specific numbers on the table. If you do win the inside bet, the payout is 35:1. You can also split the inside bets for up to 6 numbers, which technically also increases your chance of winning something from the bet. 

Outside Bets

These are lower risk numbers and you bet either between odd/even numbers or black/red numbers. The payout is either 2:1 or 1:1. These bets are placed on the outside charts of the table and that is the reason they are called outside bets.

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Place Outside Bets to Increase Payout

If you fulfill the minimum bets of the table, you can place your bets on the outside numbers to increase your chances of having a payout. Note that if you wager a number between 1 through 18 or 19 through 36, the payout is 1:1. 

If you wager a number that the ball will land on numbers 1 through 12, 13 through 24, or 35 through 36, then the payout is doubled that is 2:1. 

If you bet that the ball will land on one of the numbers in the three columns of the game, the payout is 2:1. 

Place Inside Bets in Limited Quantity

They may have the highest payout, but they are extremely risky too. The odds of your single number landing is 1 in 37 which is approximately 2.7%. For American wheels, the odds are 1 in 38 which is 2.63%. You can also divide the bet among different numbers, in this case, for up to 6. For instance, if you split the bet between two numbers, the payout reduces to 17:1 and if the split is between six numbers, the payout becomes 5:1. 

Roulette Tricks in Handling Money

This rule applies to other roulette games too – Always have only that much money invested in the game that you can completely afford to lose. Once you have decided that amount, make sure you stick to it. Roulette is a game that goes too fast at times, therefore, you may be tempted to spend a lot of money in a short period. 

Do not be too ambitious while trying out for profits on the Roulette table. An ideal profit margin that you must aim for is 5% of your total bet amount. 

To avoid temptation in spending, reduce the alcohol or completely nullify it while playing the game of Roulette. You can also write down the total amount you are willing to lose on a piece of paper or even have your friend hold you accountable. 

If you want to secure your profits, make sure you reduce the betting amount over time. The more you win and the more you withdraw, the more likely it that you will at least make a break-even. 

Remember that the casino house (whether offline or online) will always have a house advantage. The game is structured in a way that even if you lose or win money, the house will always earn money out of you. Since the European wheel has a lesser house advantage, it is recommended to play this version of Roulette whenever possible. 

So these are some Roulette Tricks and tips. Play responsibly and enjoy it!

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