Roulette Variants to Play at the Best Crypto Casinos

Crypto Casinos
Crypto Casinos

Online casinos continue to grow and innovate. Today there are crypto casinos available to players globally. With the advent of crypto roulette, game developers create a surprisingly varied array of wheel-based games.

Cryptocurrency betting in these online casinos doesn’t face physical and mechanical infrastructure limitations. Thankfully, you can expect creativity and a smooth experience from the best crypto casinos.

The European, American, and French Roulette may be the classic online roulette, but other variants are sure to drive you crazy. As a result, many developers have offered several variants to this popular wheel-based game.


Best Roulette Variants in Crypto Casinos

You may think of online roulette as a simple crypto casino game. All you have to do is place your bets and get the wheel spinning. If the wheel lands on one or more of your selections, you get your payout and go home happy.

Roulette is a game of luck, and there is no particular skill that can guarantee you wins. Once your bets are placed, winning is left to chance, and you can do nothing to influence the wheel. Nevertheless, there are useful tips on playing roulette.

Crypto roulette shares many similarities with traditional roulette. The only difference is the use of cryptocurrency in placing your bets. The style of play differs based on the different roulette variants. 

Below are some of the best roulette variants you can play at crypto casinos:

American Roulette

You will find American roulette in online casinos as well as crypto casinos. It makes use of a 38-pocket wheel with 36 red and black numbers. In addition, there is a green 0 and another green 00. The 0 and 00 are on opposing ends of the wheel.

The numbers are placed facing each other in the sequence. For instance, 1 is placed opposite to number 2. The additional 00 pocket brings unfavorable odds in winning. Nevertheless, this pocket has contributed to the 5.26% higher house edge of the America Roulette.

European Roulette

European roulette is a well-loved roulette variant across the world. It comes with 37 pockets. The numbers range from 1 to 36, including 0. The 0 is placed on a green pocket, while numbers 1 to 36 are placed on alternating black and red pockets.

Players will consider this variant a better choice than the American roulette. This is mainly because of the single 0 pocket instead of the two 0 pockets in the American variant. It means that betting on a single number gives you a 1 out of 37 chance of winning.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Players who prefer a gripping roulette experience will like the multi-wheel roulette. You can place your bets on multiple wheels simultaneously. Microgaming and Playtech offer the most popular choices in online multi-wheel roulette.

The rules are the same as any other standard roulette. The major difference lies in the ability to place your wager on two to eight wheels simultaneously. This may be an easy way to increase your chances of winning.

Despite featuring multiple wheels, only one betting table is available. The wheels are independent, so any wheel you get right will pay you. However, you need a crypto deposit to place your bets on the active wheels.

Double ball Roulette

This will satisfy those who need more balls in their game. The rules stay the same as other standard roulettes. Nonetheless, the exception demands that you place your bet on two balls in a single round.

This game can give you 100% more edge in ending with profitable spins. The additional wagers could add to the fun as well. If your bet is on both balls landing on the same number, you will get 35x your stake. In essence, you can double your winnings in this roulette variant.

French Roulette

This roulette variant is the same as the European roulette. It features similar numbers of 1 to 36 with a single 0. The only difference lies in the layout of the table. All the betting options come in French.

There is a unique feature in French roulette that will bring more profit to your game. It is popularly referred to as the La Partage rule. If you make a bet on an even-money bet, you will get half of your wager back if the ball lands on zero.

Amazingly, this special feature pulls the house edge back to 1.35% for even-money bets. You can find this rule on some European roulette games as well.

Mini Roulette

Some players get overwhelmed by the diversity of bets available in other roulette variants. The mini roulette is the best choice for such players. Available in many online crypto casinos, this toned-down version of roulette has the same rules as the standard roulette.

The mini roulette wheel comes with 13 pockets containing numbers 1 to 12 and a single 0. So, let’s assume the ball lands on 0 after making your wager on any number between 1 and 12. Then, min2i roulette will not swallow your total bet; instead, you will get half of your stake back.

This advantage extends beyond even-money bets to cover all bets, unlike French roulette.

Lucky Star Roulette

The rules of this roulette variant are the same as the European and American variants. The key variation is that it uses a star-shaped board instead. The numbers are from 0 to 8. The 2, 4, 5, and 7 are placed on the black pocket.

3, and 6 are placed on the red, and 0 and 8 are on green. The betting options vary, with players able to bet on colors and even/odd and individual numbers. This roulette variant is simple and a thrilling deviation from the standard roulettes.


The diverse roulette variants hold similarities and differences that will suit your betting options. Ultimately, there is a variant out there for those who are bold enough to try their luck. Nevertheless, pick the roulette variant that guarantees you the best odds.

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