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Roulette Wheel Payout – Easy Ways to Learn Roulette Payout Explained 

Roulette Wheel Payout: A part of learning roulette is to know its payouts. Although much of the important information is available online, it is advisable to memorize the different roulette payouts so you can instantly decide on your bets during the game. Knowing the payouts, the probabilities, and the bets readily, will help you make quicker decisions and this can come in handy during fast gameplay. 

The common advice that newbie roulette players get is to begin playing with the outside bets and then slowly venture into the inside ones. The outside bets are the safest to play, with the highest probabilities of occurring but their payouts are low. But on the flip side, you also lose less money if you do not get the number/color you have bet for. 

Knowing the Roulette Wheel Payout involves a little mental math but there are some tricks as well that makes the learning easy. Continue reading to know about these tricks and other ways to know the Roulette Wheel Payout by heart, so that you can place your bets with confidence and quickly. 

Roulette Wheel Payout: What Are The Different Betting Payouts?

Different Betting Payouts
Different Betting Payouts
  • The highest payout bet is called the ‘straight-up’ bet where you bet on a single number out of the 36 numbers on the roulette wheel. Of course, the chance of this occurring is the least but the payout is the highest at 35:1. 
  • Coming to the inside bets, you can bet on 2,3,4, or 6 numbers at once, and these numbers must be placed adjacent to each other. As the number of numbers, you bet on increases, the probability of occurring increases, and the payout decreases. 
  • A two-number bet is called a split bet and the payout for it is 17:1. A three-number bet is called a street bet or a trio bet and the payout for it is 11:1. A four-number bet is called a corner bet or a basket bet and the payout for the same is 8:1. A six-number bet is called the double street bet and its payout is 5:1. 
  • Now considering the outside bets, they have the most chances of winning but the least payouts. But it is always recommended to go for outside bets if you want to have a chance of playing a longer game, and if you want to play it safe. You can bet on a column of numbers that are printed on the roulette layout. It will have 12 winning numbers and the payout for the same is 2:1. Similarly, you can bet on a dozen winning numbers and the payout for the same is also 12:1. 
  • The safest bet you can make is the even-money bet where you bet on either of the colors or the high numbers or low numbers. There are 18 winning numbers in this bet and the payout is 1:1. 
  • If you are not a regular roulette player, it is easy to forget these payouts or mix the numbers up. However, you can follow the tips mentioned below to remember these payouts better. 

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Calculating Inside Bets Payouts – An Easy Way 

Calculating Inside Bets Payouts
Calculating Inside Bets Payouts

Note that the following trick works only on the European or the French roulette wheel. To begin with, take 36 which is the total number of numbers on the wheel that have the potential of winning. Divide the 36 by the total number of spots on the wheel that will win depending on the bet you choose. From that value, subtract 1 and you will get the payout rate. 

Consider the example of a corner bet where there are 4 winning numbers. Divide 36 by 4 which gives 9. Subtract 1 from 9 and that gives 8. The payout for this is 8:1 which you can verify through a payout chart as well. 

Calculating Inside Bets Payouts in Mini Roulette – An Easy Way 

It is not recommended to play mini roulette because the betting payout rate is too poor. Only play it if it is a part of some promotion or if you want to simply experience it without the hope of winning much. 

The same trick as above applies, except that you begin with 12 instead of 36. Suppose you want to calculate the betting payout for a split bit (involving betting on two numbers), divide 12 by 2 which gives 6. Subtract 1 from 6 and the answer is 5. So, the payout for this bet is 5:1. 

But in the mini roulette, you will find that the numbers on the inside bets are quite less. This is due to the layout of the table. 

Keep Playing the Game More Often to Remember Roulette Wheel Payouts 

If you can afford it, that is. Practicing the game more will make you familiar with Roulette Wheel Payout without the need of using any trick. If you are a beginner, the best way to practice is through free roulette games that do not ask you to bet real money. This will enable you to learn the game with confidence and provides you a safe space to test your roulette betting strategies, tips and tricks as well. You will find free roulette games in almost all popular online casinos. Enjoy the game of roulette!

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