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Secret Andar Bahar Algorithm – Tricks to win

Andar Bahar Algorithm
Andar Bahar Algorithm

Secret Andar Bahar Algorithm (Learn how to Win in 2021!)

Andar Bahar, commonly known as Katti, is a simple yet popular card game that originated in India and has recently grown in popularity in both online and live casinos. Although the idea of the game makes it incredibly thrilling to play, the major reason for its appeal is its simplicity. The secret Andar Bahar algorithm presents how well this card game is played in India. In fact, winning players can also win some good prize money.

Secret Andar Bahar Algorithm
Secret Andar Bahar Algorithm

How to Play Andar Bahar Card Game?

The games begin with the dealer dealing one face-up card to each player and placing it in the center of the table in front of them. The game card is the face-up card that determines how the round will be played and when it will conclude.

  • The player is then given the opportunity to put his bet. The objective is to guess which side – Andar or Bahar – the next card of the same value will appear on.
  • The dealer then deals one card at a time on either side of the table until a card with the same value as the game card has been dealt. If the player bets on Andar and the same-valued card is dealt on Andar, he wins; but, if the same-valued card is dealt on the Bahar side, he loses.

For example- The dealer hands a 5 as the game card, and the player bets that the following card given on the Bahar side will be a 5. The dealer then deals one card on the Bahar side and one on the Andar side, followed by a 5 on the Bahar side after a few cards have been dealt.

  • This indicates that the player has won the round. The player would have lost if the 5 had been dealt on the Andar side.

Rule and Odds – Secret Andar Bahar Algorithm

When engaging in a secret Andar Bahar algorithm, you also should know the rules and odds of the game. Andar Bahar is a very simple game with the most basic rules possible. The game is entirely random as well, but because the chances are always 50/50, you have a good chance of winning.

A regular 52-card deck is used to play this game with one player and one dealer. All of the cards have the same value, with 2 being the lowest and ace being the highest. Furthermore, because the aim of the game is not to create certain hands, there are no card combinations to learn.

Furthermore, the game has a one-of-a-kind playing table with the player and the dealer facing each other. There are two parts between the two: one named Andar (meaning left) and the other called Bahar.

Different Versions of the Game

There are three different versions of this card game-

  1. Live Andar Bahar: Real live dealers and other players.
  2. Online Andar Bahar: Single player.
  3. Speed Andar Bahar: A faster variation of the classic game

Few important winning Tricks

To play and win this card game, there are few important winning tricks to follow-

Place your standard bet on the side of the table where the first card will be dealt

This first technique aids in lowering the house edge and increasing your chances of winning. The RTP increases to 51.5 percent from 50 percent, however, the maximum payout decreases somewhat. Casinos provide lower rewards to deter players from betting on the same side all the time.

Doubling the bet each time you lose

Andar Bahar offers players with 50/50 (or almost 50/50) chance of winning, making it tough to use tactics. Nonetheless, each time you lose the bet placed, you might double your stake. The Martingale approach is a popular name for this method. It should only be used on standard wagers.

Making Small Bets

Start with minimal betting, especially if you’re new to this card game. You will be able to stay on the game for a longer period of time if you wager low on the game. You will also be able to double your stake after each defeat in order to increase your bankroll. You may, however, raise your stakes as you advance.

Secret Andar Bahar Algorithm – Taking Advantage of Sidebets

There are four Sidebets you may utilize to increase your chances of winning. The majority of Sidebets have a greater payoff. There are other changes to win extra by using different combinations of side bets.

If you bet on red or black, you have a 50% chance of winning. This will result in a payment of 1.9x your investment. When it is combined with a standard bet (Andar or Bahar), the chances of winning are high.