Sheffield United vs Tottenham Hotspur Match Prediction for 17 Jan 2021: Premier League 2020-21


The exciting match between Sheffield United and Tottenham is set to happen today on January 17, 2021. There have been multiple predictions regarding this match looking at the previous games. Sheffield United is currently running at 20th position in the Premier League whereas Tottenham Hotspur is on 6th spot of the League. Each team has their own pressure to rise from the current position.

Sheffield United is in a crucial state has they have seven players missing for the visit of Tottenham Hotspur. The names have not been revealed, however, it has been a confirmed news by boss Chris Wilder. Even with a much lower spot that Tottenham in the League, Sheffield United has a history of having a win over Tottenham in the last season. Sheffield has won and drew against Tottenham last season with just 2 lost matches from 11.

The ongoing performance shows John Egan as best defender with total 106 pass interceptions. He is ranking number 33 of all top 5 European league defensive players and number 949 in the overall ranking of the Premier League. He has been a promising player as per last and current season. The best scorer of the team David McGoldrick, scoring 4 goals is ranked 159 in the Premier League. These players have been the performers and currently the hopes of the team


The reviews of the people claim that the match does not seem to be an easy game for Tottenham Hotspur despite Sheffield being bottom of the table as Tottenham have a relatively poor record against Sheffield United. Even though Sheffield United have lost seven matches at home, six of these were by a single goal. Recently Sheffield has won over Newcastle which has given them a boost whereas Tottenham might be deflated after the late goal. Tottenham had a fantastic start, whereas the performance in recent weeks have encountered a few blows.

The player with currently the best player title for Tottenham is Joe Rodon. One of his best performance is considered the match against Ireland, played on 15 November 2020 in UEFA Nations League. He is at the moment 20in the Premier League. His current and previous performance adds a positive side to the team. The current best defender is Eric Dier with total 100 pass interceptions. He ranks number 54 of all top 5 European league defensive players and number 158 in the overall ranking of the Premier League. Having such players surely have proved the reason of Tottenham’s performance in the League.

The current performance to Tottenham has been much impressive, says Steve McManaman. He says that they have contained their spot, however, to go upwards, there needs to be a push from some of the players. Sheffield United is thriving to move up the ladder and do is the need of the requirement.