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Prometey VS Ludwigsburg – Basketball Champions League | SPM VS RL Dream11 Prediction: Match Details, Stats & Results Prediction

SPM VS RL Dream11 Prediction


The stage is all set to have these two teams battle against each other and set the records straight. With a very close margin, 3 for Prometey and 2 for Ludwigsburg this game is going to be a nail-biting one to see who will flourish on trumpet. Prometey is hosting its rival Ludwigsburg and they are definitely determined to own the ground and it will be an easy one for them keeping in mind their impeccable offense skills, they look impressive and will take some beating here, Ludwigsburg must watch out, for a level playing field.

SPM VS RL Dream11 Prediction
SPM VS RL Dream11 Prediction


  • Date- 13th October 2021
  • Time- 9:30 pm


  • Matches played- 5
  • Prometey win- 3
  • Ludwigsburg win- 0
  • Draw- 1

It is clear that according to last previous matches Ludwigsburg has an upper edge against Prometey.

SPM VS RL Dream11 Prediction
SPM VS RL Dream11 Prediction




D’Angelo Harrison – Harrison has topped the leaderboard with a point of 22, he has an eye for every detail and is one of the best players on the team.

Dj Stephens – Stephens is an amazing player with skills in assisting and rebound, he plays extremely well and is an asset to the team.

SPM VS RL Dream11 Prediction
SPM VS RL Dream11 Prediction


Justin SimonJustin has always impressed everyone with his shooting scores, he has topped the team scoreboard as well with 16 points. He puts up a very good show every single time and so is our top pick. 



Jonah RadebaughOne of the best players in the team with skills in every realm, shooting, assisting, and rebounds. He is a great choice for our top pick. 


  • SC Prometey :

Chris Dowe, Denys Lukashov, Dangelo Harrison, D.J. Kennedy, Iliya Sydorov, Sean Evans, Miro Bilan, Dmytro Tykhonov

  • Riesen Ludwigsburg :

Jonah Radebaugh, Jordan Hulls, Justin Simon, David Walker, Tremmell Darden, Yoeli Childs, Jonas Wohlfarth Bottermann, Jonathan Bahre

SPM VS RL Dream11 Prediction
SPM VS RL Dream11 Prediction




All the H2H and statistics clearly make us want to place our bets on Prometey, with their good defense and offense skills it will be very easy for them to claim victory. 

  • Predicted Winner – SC PROMETEY


  • Chris Dowe
  • D.J. Kennedy
  • Olexandr Belikov
  • Miro Bilan
  • Jonah Radebaugh
  • Jaylen Hands
  • Yoeli Childs

The live telecast of the match, highlights, stats, and commentary will be streamed on Ecosport for everyone to watch.

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