Team India New Cricket Jersey Models 2022 | Team India’s Billion Cheers Jersey

India New Cricket Jersey Models 2022
India New Cricket Jersey Models 2022

Team India’s New Jersey Model for T20


Indian Cricket Team has been given a brand new model of Jersey, which many suggest is a fan-based one. As the Board of Cricket and Council in India unveiled the new model of the India team’s jersey, the fans totally couldn’t keep calm. The jersey was unveiled just before the onset of the T20 world cup. The whole bunch of talented and honorable cricketers for India can be seen flaunting in their new jersey while the conduction of the tournament will be taking place. It will be so exciting to watch our favorite cricketers wear the New Jersey. Imagine all our favorites like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja, Jasprit Bumrah, all in a brand new jersey. 

It should be not surprising for us all how intimidating these jerseys are for Cricket fans, especially for Indians, as we love cricket more than anything. The craze for Cricket in India can be very well noticed in every street and playground in the country, where people of different generations can be seen playing their favorite sport, cricket. 


Whenever India is a victory, the day is no less than any festival for the Indians, and when they lose a match, people remain all sad all the day, 

Cricket for India is more than just a sport; it is truly a feeling and also is one way of establishing fraternity. 

Be it the sport itself or the players, everything about the sport of cricket interests the youth of the country, even the uniform or what is known as “Jersey “for the team. If you went out for a walk or for anything on the streets of India, you’d probably come across people wearing the exact jersey t-shirt and playing around with others wearing the same. It is the love for the Indian National Cricket team which people do wholeheartedly. 

Team India's New Jersy
Team India’s New Jersey

When the Board of Control for Cricket in India, Popularly called BCCI and MPL Sports, collaboratively revealed the Team’s New Jersey model, it undoubtedly became huge. 

The new jersey of Team India was also displayed at Burj Khalifa.

MPL sports, you may know, are the official kit sponsor for the team. MPL Sports is a daughter company to Mobile Premier league, which sells sports merchandise and athleisure. 

When the New Jersey for the team was announced, the new model’s name attracted many because of its uniqueness. “Billion Cheers Jersey” is the name for the jersey model. 

Team India’s Billion Cheers Jersey scintillating show at Dubai, which is also one of the tournament’s host cities, attracted many because of its unique look. 

The night of the show, where MPL Sports and BCCI revealed the new jersey for Team India, was a night to remember for all the fans who were eagerly waiting to see the new jersey. 

The night was also special because it was the first time the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, was lit up with the jersey of the Indian National team. The governing body for the Cricket in India, BCCI, and MPL Sports, the kit sponsors for Team India, told the press that the Billion cheers jersey is special because the cheers of a billion fans inspire it as they have reached new heights. The following was conveyed through the official Twitter handle of MPL Sports. 

Design and features of the New Jersey model for Team Indian T20

India's Billion Cheers Jersey
India’s Billion Cheers Jersey

The jersey shirt is quite different from the previous jerseys the Indian team has been wearing so far. The shirt features sound waves of the fans, cheers from Iconic past matches, and is an ode to the unwavering support and love of the fans over the years. 

Although stick with the dark blue pattern, the New Jersey kitted the traditional navy blue-black in December last year. The traditional jersey much resembled the kit, which has blue, green, red, and white stripes on it. 

The Indian jersey, however, is similar to that of the 2020s with the sponsor’s name on it, which currently is Byjus

The BCCI announcement or official tweet regarding the New Jersey revealing the new jersey model for India was uploaded with Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja, Jasprit Bumrah, and KL Rahul.



BCCI is the administrative body of Cricket for India, which controls all the tournaments, whether inside or outside India. The logo used for denoting the body of BCCI has been derived from the British India Flag during the colonial period. BCCI, as an autonomous body, has its own sets of regulations and rules, which have to be followed to maintain the body’s smooth functioning by the administrators and players. 

BCCI had got its regional affiliation from Asian Cricket Council in 1926. 

The team sponsor for the official Indian cricket is currently BYJU’s, India’s leading educational technology company, and has made an excellent revenue market for them in a brief period. Before Byjus, it was Oppo. 

There are other sponsors also other than BYJU’s like Paytm, as the title sponsor, Kit Sponsor is Nike and Pepsi, Dream11 and LafargeHolcim are serving as the official partners where Official broadcaster for the sports is Star Sports. The board is well known as a financially independent body and receives its income from various sources like IPL. The revenue share from ICC and income earned by test matches are among a few references from which the board is managing its financial affairs.


BCCI is the governing body for matters related to Cricket in India and has two Teams associated with it, one for men and another for women. This year in October, the body, through its official Twitter handle, revealed the new jersey model for the men’s cricket team displaying pictures of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja, KL Rahul, and Jasprit Bumrah. The jersey model was designed for the T20 series and was displayed at the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, which was quite a show for all the Indians to watch. The jersey model is called the Billion Cheers Jersey, which means the model is made keeping in mind the precious support and love for the team. The model, however, was similar to the 2020’s model but is much attractive to look at with the sponsor’s name on it and the three stars. 

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