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Teen Patti Game & Types | Teen Patti Rules for Beginners

So much has been said of Teen Patti before now, but here is a complete guide on how to play the Teen Patti and enjoy it to its fullest. Teen Patti can be enjoyed amongst friends on a Friday night-out or during social gatherings. Its best enjoyed in gatherings like weddings, Diwali festival and other occasions with friends and family. Teen Patti can also be enjoyed alone nowadays with different gaming platforms now offering players chances to play and win via their phones or computers. 

Here, we’ll take you through the simple basics of Teen Patti and you’re guaranteed to know how to play the traditional Teen Patti Game after reading through. Dig in. 

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How to Play Teen Patti Game | Teen Patti for Beginners Guide

How to Play Teen Patti

To begin a Teen Patti game, a number of players are agreed upon, between three and seven. After this has been concluded, a dealer is selected at random to supervise the game. The dealer will be in charge of dealing cards, overseeing gameplay and collecting the bets amongst others. 

After a dealer has been chosen, players decide on what the minimum bet should be and they proceed to pay the bet into the pot. This minimum bet must be paid by all player and it is referred to as ‘ante’. ‘Pot’ refers to all the money staked during the game. It continues to grow over the course of the game till a winner wins it all. The dealer then proceeds to share cards between the players.

The card is always shared without the Joker or wildcard in the traditional mode, which makes it 52 cards in a deck. The dealer starts sharing from the player next to him and goes anti-clockwise. One player after another, the pack of card is dealt faced down till all players have three cards each. 

Teen Patti Game Rules | Teen Patti for Beginners Guide

Teen Patti Game Rules

Once every player gets their cards, each player determines how he/she wants to play. A player can play either ‘blind’ or ‘seen’. When a player is playing ‘blind’, in the basic explanation, the player won’t check his cards. All these player’s card will be faced down on the table. A player playing ‘seen’ on the other hand can see his/her cards. A ‘blind’ player can decide to check his/her cards during the course of the game though, but he/she becomes ‘seen’ immediately.

There are a few rules guiding the ‘blind’ or ‘seen’ play in Teen Patti game, see them;

  • Taking into consideration that ‘current stake’ refers to the bet placed by the last player before you. When playing blind, if a player before you is ‘seen’, you get to bet the current stake or half of it. However, if the player before you is playing ‘blind’ also, you either bet the current stake or double it. 
  • When playing ‘seen’, if the player before you is ‘seen’ also, you must bet the current stake or double the stake. If the player before you is ‘blind’, you must at least double the current stake or quadruple it. 

After players have decided on whether to play as ‘seen’ or ‘blind’, proper betting begins. To bet, each player either ‘raise’ or ‘call’, both of which is referred to as ‘chaal’. A player can decide to not ‘bet’ and ‘fold’ instead. A player folds when he believes his card isn’t strong enough to compete with others, he then removes himself from the game.

When a player ‘calls’, it means the player matched the bet of the player before him/her. ‘Raise’ is the opposite, it is used to show that the player increased the bet of the player before him/her. 

During play, a player can request a sideshow from another player. That means he can ask the player who played last to show his cards to him in private. If the sideshow is accepted, the two players go on to compare their cards. The player who has the lower hand is forced to fold. If both players have equal hands, the player who requested the sideshow is forced to fold. There are rules that guide showdown, these are;

  • Only a ‘seen’ player can request a sideshow from another player playing ’seen’. A ‘blind’ player can’t request a sideshow and a ‘blind’ player can’t be asked for a showdown.
  • Sideshows are only allowed when nobody is playing.
  • A player can reject a sideshow but only twice, on the third time, he has no choice but to accept.
  • If the sideshow is declined, the player who requested it has to bet to continue playing or fold.

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Players continue to ‘bet’ and ‘fold’ until one of two things happen; every player except one pack leaving the player who didn’t pack as the winner. It doesn’t matter what card this player holds, he/she wins all the money in the pot. OR every player except two others pack, in this case, one of the two remaining players request a ‘show’. A show (usually called showdown sometimes) refers to the moment both players expose their cards and the player with the higher hand wins. The rules guiding a ‘show’ are as follow;

  • For a ‘seen’ player to request a ‘show’ from a ‘blind’ player, he has to pay four times the current bet.
  • If the last standing players are ‘seen’, either can ask for a ‘show’ for two times the current bet.
  • A ‘blind’ player can’t request a ‘show’.

To be the winner in Teen Patti game, your cards have to be higher than that of your opponent. On a single card basis, the ranking goes; A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2 the leas. On a ‘hand’ category, the ranking goes thus in descending order;

  • Trio (Three of a Kind): This requires having three of the same cards. e.g. A-A-A, K-K-K, Q-Q-Q, etc. 
  • Straight Flush (Pure Sequence): This requires having three consecutive cards of the same suit. i.e. using spades, diamonds, hearts, etc. e.g. A-K-Q, A-2-3, Q-J-10, etc. 
  • Straight (Sequence): This requires all three cards to be consecutive without being in the same suit.
  • Flush (Colour): A flush requires all three cards to be of the same suit. 
  • Pair (Double): This requires two cards to be of the same rank. e.g. A-A-2, J-J-K, 2-2-3, etc. in case of a draw, the third card’s rank determines the winner.
  • No Pair (High Card): As the name suggests, the highest cardholder wins. It is used when two players share the same high card. 

There you have it, this simple guide should teach you how to play Teen Patti Game and also enjoy it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an amateur.

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