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Teen Patti Tips and Tricks to Win | How to Win in Teen Patti Game

When playing Teen Patti or any game generally, the goal is to win. But for you to win a game of Teen Patti, you need guts, skills and if I may say – luck. If you understand how Teen Patti game works and you use the knowledge while playing, you’re on your way to victory.  Skill however is not enough sometimes and you need the luck to boost your chances of winning. Finally, the ability to withstand pressure from other players and read through their bluffs will take you far. Here are 10 Teen Patti tips and tricks that will guarantee you success in the game of Teen Patti.

Top 10 Teen Patti Tips and Tricks to Win the Game

Teen Patti Tips and Tricks

#Tip 1 Learn the Game and its Rules | Teen Patti Tips and Tricks

This is probably the most important trick you need as a starter, learn how to play Teen Patti game and its rules. Learning the game will give you the confidence you need to begin with. When you learn all the rules, you’re on your way to being a pro at Teen Patti. You sure can’t skip this because you need to learn when to ‘raise’ or ‘fold’. What a ‘hand’ means and how it works. Also, you need to learn all the variations of the game. With different variations like ‘banko’, ‘AK-47’ and ‘revolving joker’ amongst others, you don’t want to be caught off guard. 

#Tip 2 Practice! Practice! Practice! | Teen Patti Tips and Tricks

Practice they say makes perfection, practice Teen Patti and you could be beating your friends every weekend.  This is one of the most important Teen Patti tips. Nowadays, there are lots of online platforms where you can practice Teen Patti with free chips. Playing on any of the platforms means you can’t lose your money and you gain experience. Although, no experience beats real-life experience but this is enough substitute. When you start feeling confident, face other players online with real money. 

#Tip 3 Observe Other Players to See Their Reactions When Cards are Shared | Teen Patti Tips and Tricks

Immediately a dealer has dealt out cards, resist the urge to open your cards first. It’s normal to be excited to want to know what hand you hold but you also should know your opponents’ hands. When the cards have been shared, take a minute to look around from player to player. The slightest expression on seeing their cards says a lot. A smile could show a strong hand and a grimace could indicate a weak hand. Look for the emotion and use it for your own purpose especially if your opponents aren’t pros. 

#Tip 4 Play Blind as Much as You Can | Teen Patti Tips and Tricks

In Teen Patti, playing ‘blind’ is a trick that will keep you in the game for long and make your opponents confused. While playing ‘blind’, you don’t see your cards so you are hard to read. You bet less than what other players bet. A player can’t ask you for a ‘sideshow’, all these reduce the risk of losing out. Also, you have the time to analyze all your opponents and know how strong their hands are. As the game progresses, you can decide to switch to ‘seen’ or play ‘blind’ till the end. 

#Tip 5 Have a Poker Face | Teen Patti Tips and Tricks

As in the saying ‘wear a poker face’, you need this while playing Teen Patti. To have a poker face means to have a non-existent expression on your face while playing. This won’t allow other players to know what your cards are. Hide your feelings when you see your cards. Whether you have a strong hand or a weak hand, you can’t allow other players to know what your cards are. With a face as expressionless as possible, you can throw players off your back.

#Tip 6 Monitor Other Players for Hints | Teen Patti Tips and Tricks

Track every move your opponents make. Whether he’s betting less or he’s betting too much. Whether he’s nervous or he’s smiling. Watch every emotion and watch out for facades too. It’s a known fact that a player with a very good hand tends to be nervous and uneasy at times. A player with a weak hand also could want to confuse people and continue smiling and betting excessively. Monitor every move and make decisions based on your observations. 

#Tip 7 Long Stare is a Bluff, it Shows Weak Cards | Teen Patti Tips and Tricks

This is basic psychology. It has been proven that when a player keeps staring for long, he is holding a weak set of cards. Such a person will stare deeply at you as if they are confident, but it’s only a bluff. Monitor this kind of person, don’t be intimated as they are just bluffing. 

#Tip 8 Ask for Sideshows | Teen Patti Tips and Tricks

Having monitored all players, at a point in time, you can predict what another player has. Immediately the last player plays, you can ask for a sideshow. Many think the ‘sideshow’ is a double-edged sword and could haunt the asker. However, if used correctly, it can be a very strong weapon. To use the ‘sideshow’, be confident your hand is better than the last player’s hand. When you request a sideshow, the player can decline, three times. If a player declines your request, it should make you persistent as this could mean he has a weak hand. As earlier stated, be sure of your cards before asking for a sideshow. 

#Tip 9 Don’t Play with More Than You Can Afford to Lose | Teen Patti Tips and Tricks

Always know your limit while playing Teen Patti. Don’t be overconfident and end up losing more than you can afford. Assess how much you can lose without feeling it. Don’t borrow to play and don’t play on credit. When playing and you’ve reached your limits, fold. There’s a saying ‘we live to fight another day,’ if you end up losing all, you won’t be able to play another time.

#Tip 10 Don’t Be Scared of Losing | Teen Patti Tips and Tricks

Losing is part of a game and it’s only normal if you lose some games and win some. When you assess and see your hand can’t win you the game, pull out before it’s too late. Don’t go on betting when you know you’ll end up losing. You may end up losing the bets you’ve placed while playing but if you continue to play you will only lose more.

After all said, these are tricks to back up your skills and they are just as good as having a good hand. Don’t be addicted to gambling and go on a betting spree, monitor what works for you and stick by it.