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10 Teen Patti Variations You Must Try | Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti Variations: There are two ways of playing Teen Patti. That is either by playing with a 52-card deck which is the standard way or by adding two wild cards, usually Joker cards. But, the game can be modified to fit other playing styles. There are quite some modifications to the Teen Patti game and we’ll be detailing ten types of this below. Dig in.

Types of Teen Patti Teen | Patti Variations

Joker Teen Patti
Joker Teen Patti card game

This is the most popular alternative to the normal way of playing Teen Patti. Joker adaptation of Teen Patti uses the wild cards to set a new dimension. For this type, a random card is selected from the deck and used as a wild card. The dealer then selects all other cards having the same rank/number/strength as wild cards also.  With all the other rules still being followed, the selected cards as the wild cards can be used to complete a hand. 


Banko Teen Patti

Banko Teen Patti Card Game

Banko style of playing Teen Patti is the most popular type of game. Very much like the normal way of Teen Patti, Banko follows the turn-by-turn mode of playing. That is players have to wait for their turn before playing. Also, three cards are shared to each player at the start of the game. On each player’s turn, the dealer opens two of the player’s card, leaving one closed. The player then has to bet that the last card will be within the numbers on the open cards or not. If he/she guesses right, he/she continues playing, if not he/she is out. The game goes on this way till there’s a player left, the last player wins the pot. 

AK-47 Teen Patti

AK-47 Teen Patti

In AK-47 Teen Patti, the rules remain very much like the normal way of the game except that Ace (A), King (K), 4, and 7 all become wildcards like the Joker cards. That means any of the wildcards can be used to complete a hand. AK-47 Teen Patti guarantees a quick way to get a complete hand with 16 wildcards in play. For example, if a player has a trio of A-4-7, this becomes A-A-A. The other rules remain the same. 

Revolving Joker Teen Patti

Revolving Joker Teen Patti

With many variations of Teen Patti revolving around the Joker (wild card), Revolving Joker isn’t left out either. Although this game also follows the rules of the traditional Teen Patti asides that the Jokers aren’t the same throughout the game. At the start of the game, the dealer puts out three Jokers on the table, and game follows normal procedures. Once a player folds or packs, the Jokers are changed to new ones. This will continue till the pot reaches its most or there are only two players left for a showdown. 

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Mufliss Teen Patti 

Mufliss Teen Patti 

Also known as Lowball, this matches the traditional Lowball in Poker as the card combination ranks are reversed. The highest-ranking combination now becomes the least ranking combination and vice versa. Play in Mufliss is the same as in traditional Teen Patti, but the player with the lowest combination wins the round and the highest hand loses. In perspective, if a player has A-A-A and another has 3-2-5, the player with A-A-A wins in normal Teen Patti wins and the other player loses. The reverse is the case in Mufliss Teen Patti. 

999 Teen Patti
999 Teen Patti Card Game

999 Teen Patti although popular amongst the game’s lovers is different from the traditional Teen Patti. In this variant, the player with a complete hand closest to 999 wins the game. While being very like Blackjack in the sense that you have to reach a certain number, the 999 value instead of 21 is the difference. For this type of game, the face cards are counted as zero (K, Q, J and 10 of any suit). All other cards are counted as their numbers and A is counted as one. Note that the order of cards can be arranged to get a higher number. That means a 9-Q-9 can be changed to 9-9-0 instead of 9-0-9.

4X Boot Teen Patti

For players who like big boots or pots, 4X Boot Teen Patti is their go-to type of game. While all rules from the traditional game apply for this variation also, the boot size is the difference. As the name implies, the boot is four times the value of a normal Teen Patti. 

3-2-1 Teen Patti

3-2-1 Teen Patti

This variant of Teen Patti has a completely different set of rules. In the beginning, all players are dealt six cards each and they proceed to divide the cards into three parts. The first part will have the standard three cards, the second has two cards and the third has the one last card. Players are allowed to divide their cards as they deem fit.

The game begins after arrangement and players start to bet. First on the three cards, followed by the two cards and the single card. To win in 3-2-1, a player must have the highest value of a hand in two rounds. That is win two rounds out of the three-card round, two-card round and one-card round. If no player wins two rounds, the game is repeated.

Stud Teen Patti

Stud Teen Patti

Stud Teen Patti comes in two variants; three-card stud and five-card stud. In a three-card stud, each player receives three cards as usual. Two of the cards are dealt face-down while one card is dealt face-up. In a five-card stud, two cards are dealt face-down and three cards dealt face-up. The face-down cards are called hole cards and the face-up cards are called street cards. After cards are dealt, play commences as the rules remain the same as in the traditional game. 

Cobra Teen Patti

Cobra Teen Patti
This type of Teen Patti is also known as Maatha. Before the game starts, players agree on a particular amount and each put his/her share in the pot. The dealer then shares one card each to all players. Without checking the cards, each player then places the card on his/her forehead. This way, every player can see the opponent’s card but not theirs. The player with the highest value of card wins.

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