The Best Baseball Bats For Kids for 2022

Best Baseball Bats For Kids
Best Baseball Bats For Kids

Whenever we have a piece about baseball, you can be sure it is worth reading. In our last article, we gave expert analysis and a prediction of the Los Angeles Dodgers versus the San Francisco Giants match. The odds were 51% to 49% in favor of the Giants. But against the odds, the Dodgers won the match!

The match did not turn out as we predicted, but there is something we can help you pick with 100% certainty – the best baseball bats for kids for 2022.

We have compiled a few tips to guide you when choosing and suggested seven top-quality baseball bats


Picking the right bat

Without a doubt, baseball is one of the best sports in the world. Having the right baseball bat is crucial for a young hitter. When picking one, you should check the dimensions and ensure they are right for the kid. The lighter it is, the higher the swing speed. But a heavier bat packs a more powerful hit. A very long bat would have a cumbersome swing. So, ensure it is the right length – not higher than the youngster’s hip. 

When picking a baseball for a kid, remember to check the following:

  • The constituent material.
  • The bat weight.
  • The bat Length
  • Length-to-bat-ratio (Drop)

Here are some of the best baseball bats for kids for 2022 

2021 DeMarini CF (-10) USA baseball bat

In the recent past, few baseball bats could compete with DeMarini products. They produced USA baseball bats that players enjoy swinging!

The DeMarini CF (-10) USA Baseball Bat is made from sturdy composite materials built into one piece. It has excellent barrel control and helps young hitters to make contact consistently. 

2022 Easton ADV 360 Youth USA baseball bat

In every lineup, you will always find players with Easton bats. Although there were some concerns about its durability, its performance is unparalleled. Young swingers have talked about the perfect size of the barrel and the lightweight feel of the swing – the bat can hit rockets! 

The 2022 Easton ADV 360 Youth USA is a two-piece baseball bat. It is built using high-quality composite materials. The design entails a space between the handle and barrel. This gap is filled with Nitrocell foam which reduces vibration and creates a stiffer feel. It also has an enhanced Flow-Tack™ grip feature allowing better control. 

Rawlings 2019 5150 USA baseball bat

The Rawlings 5150 is a premium baseball bat because the designers had kids in mind when creating it. The Precision Optimized Performance (pOp) technology enables swingers to get a faster, more-accurate swing.  

It is also durable – made from aerospace-grade alloy. The Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Baseball bat has an ultra-light end cap. This feature significantly reduces its weight allowing young swingers to move the barrel through the zone at lightning speed without sacrificing power.

2018 Axe Element -8 USA baseball bat

The Axe Element range of bats is made from alloy built into one piece creating an excellent balance of power, speed, and contact experience for young hitters. The 2018 Axe Element (10) USA baseball bat has a patented Axe handle that helps young hitters improve their swing technique and promotes good slugging habits. The design helps young hitters develop control, make more hits, and thus, become more confident. The alloy materials also make it sturdy and durable. 

2022 Axe Avenge Pro -10 USSSA Baseball Bat (L148J)

The 2022 Axe Avenge Pro – 10 USSSA Baseball bat is made from a blend of carbon and composite materials. Many players regard it as the hottest composite barrel in the Axe range. The design promotes proper hitting technique and enhances swinging speed without compromising player safety.

The balanced aluminum alloy bat does not require a break-in. It also boasts of a HyperWhip end cap that gives it a “whippy” feeling through the zone.

Louisville Slugger 2019 Select 719 2 5/8″

If you are looking for a great entry-level baseball bat (without spending a fortune), consider the Louisville Slugger 2019 Select 719 2 5/8.″ It offers the perfect mix of power, longevity, and ease of handling. The design promotes a comfortable swing and boosts power. In addition, the engineering includes the patented “VCX Vibration Control Connection.” This feature makes it possible to rotate the handle independently from the barrel. It minimizes vibrations reducing the “sting” of a hit, and instead creates an excellent contact experience. 

2022 Mizuno CRBN 2 -10 USSSA baseball bat 

The Mizuno range of baseball bats is another favorite among young hitters. The 2022 Mizuno CRBN 2 -10 USSSA baseball bat has a barrel made from composite material. The design makes it easy for players of all ages to make excellent swings. Like the Louisville Slugger 2019, the Mizuno CRBN2 also has a vibration control mechanism known as the “Dual Frequency Damper.” It reduces the “sting” and enhances the contact experience.

Mizuno bats have been a favorite also for the pros. Hard hitters like Pete Rose and Ichiro Suzuki set records in the MLB with the legendary Mizuno baseball bats. 

The bottom line

The baseball bats mentioned above are top-quality and safe. They are engineered to improve swing technique and boost the confidence of young hitters. You can trust that your kid will love your choice if you pick one of the above baseball bats.

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