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The second World Test Championship cycle to kick start with the India-England series in August 

After the conclusion of the first-ever World Test Championship (WTC) cycle, which was full of exciting test cricket, emotions of fans and players, and competition between the different countries, and was also a successful initiative by ICC to promote Test cricket across the globe. 

The WTC final was between India and New Zealand, in which New Zealand lifted the WTC mace and was crowned as World Champions. 

The second cycle of WTC is scheduled between 2021-2023 and will begin with the England-India series in August. 

A new point system is proposed by ICC for the second cycle, from now onwards, each win is worth 12 points, a draw worth 4 points, a tie worth 6 points, and -1 for a loss.

The Pataudi Trophy between India and England, starting from August 4th, and the Ashes in December are the only two series consisting of 5 test matches. 

Similar to the first WTC cycle, the second edition will also witness the 9 test cricketing nations, playing 6 series, 3 home series, and 3 away series. The ICC has not yet decided on the complete schedule and venue for the final. 

In the second cycle, England will play the most number of test matches (21), followed by India (19), Australia (18), and South Africa (15). The inaugural WTC winners, New Zealand will play 13 matches, similar to Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Pakistan. Bangladesh will only be playing 2 matches in each of their 6 series in the second installment of WTC.

World Test Championship 2 (2021-2023 cycle)

Australia: Matches – 18

Home – 10, Away – 8 

Bangladesh: Matches – 12

Home – 6, Away – 6 

England: Matches – 22

Home – 11, Away – 11

India: Matches – 19

Home – 9, Away – 10 

New Zealand: Matches – 13

Home – 6, Away – 7 

Pakistan: Matches – 13

Home – 7, Away – 6 

South Africa: Matches – 15

Home – 7, Away – 8 

Sri Lanka: Matches – 13

Home – 6, Away – 7

West Indies: Matches – 13

Home – 7, Away – 6 

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