The Singh Brothers are also Now Standing as Support for the Farmers


Professional wrestling team composed of WWE wrestlers Sunil Singh and his brother Samir Singh, extended their support to the ongoing farmers’ protest in India.

The protest has become a hot news all over the world now and now the Singh brothers also joined the army of people who are supporting the same.

They posted on social media that “#WeStandWithFarmers“Thousands of miles away, we wrestle our battles, however, the biggest battle happening right now is on the cold streets of India.”


We Indians are spread all over the world and we can see that the amount of support we are getting is vast and immense.

“Human beings battling for their own basic human rights. Fighting for their voices to be heard. It’s truly emotional, sad & disheartening to see all this. It’s been 3 months and counting. Our hearts continue to be with all our Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, brothers, sisters & all farmers in India. Your voices are starting to be heard.”

“Keep your head up. I hope and pray there is a positive resolution soon. ‘Conquer your mind, conquer the world’,”

These words from the brothers who are staying miles away and supporting the farmers are really commendable and this means a lot to the people who are camping at several Delhi border points since November last year, demanding the government to repeal the three farm laws and legal guarantee of MSP for their crops.

It’s been three months since the protest is going on and it’s been one of the biggest protests so far and PM Modi is trying find the solution for the same. Its time to stand united as nation and support each other.

We all know for the fact that if there is no farmer, there is no food. Considering this fact government should come up to conclusion with a convenient solution.

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