15 Things About Online Games That Your Kids Don’t Want You To Know


Online games are becoming popular among children at a fast rate. Children enjoy playing online games and spend their whole day either on phones or computers. They have become so addicted to these games that it has made them violent and aggressive. 

As we all know, several risks are associated with playing online games and therefore, it might cause harm to your children in some ways. It is why they don’t want parents to know of a few things associated with online gaming. 

Many items are hidden from moms and dads regarding online games. Although playing online can be a significant social interaction, every coin has two sides. Similarly, online gaming is much more harmful than it is thought to be.



Things that your child hides from you about online games:

There are several things that your kids don’t want you to know regarding online gaming, as your knowledge about these facts can stop them from playing these games. Several risk factors are associated when your child plays an online game, and you as a parent are unaware of it due to lack of knowledge. Here are a few things that your child hides from you regarding online games.


1) Risks factor of cyberbullying:

An enormous amount of parents in India are not much aware of what cyberbullying is. When a child gets deep into playing online games, he/ she finds an escape from the real world. As in the online game, they can remain anonymous, and no one knows who they are and where they belong. It easily gives rise to cyberbullying. 

Cyberbullying has several forms, one of which is done in online gaming. A person in grief spams derogatory comments to the victim who violates the rules and regulations of games. It is one factor that is kept secret by kids from their parents.


2) Parents are not aware of privacy problems:

Generally, kids update their personal information on gaming sites which leak their identity. It allows criminals and hackers to get to their social media account and get the rest of the information like age, name and location. This information, when in hackers hands, can cause lots of problems to your child. 

Also, the chat options in games can help hackers manipulate conversations where a child starts leaking his information. Hackers relate this all information and get all your data. It is always suggested that you create an account with a name that is not your identity and never leak any information on any chat or site.


3) Parents aren’t aware of the fact that personal information retains in consoles and PCs:

Be aware and check your consoles and PCs before you exchange or sell them as your data is retained in them. We often forget to delete our data from the consoles and PCs, which could be less misuse. Wipe out all your data from the consoles and computers before you sell it and also factory reset it. 

Removing data from different devices differ in the process; therefore, get knowledge of it and delete it. Also, keep in mind that some corners in memory are not affected by the erasing function, so individually remove the data from those places.


4) Risks associated with webcam:

Usually, children and parents both are not aware of the risks caused due to webcam. Yes, the webcam that was initially a separate device attached manually is now inbuilt and can be dangerous. It is easy for attackers to access your webcams and microphones and manipulate your children. 

There are several reports regarding these issues till now. To minimise the risk, ensure a real-time malware scan and make sure that your webcam uses off as a default setting. Use webcam cover or tape to cover your camera, ensuring minimal risk.


5) The fact that they can befriend someone on online games:

The main risk associated with online games is the chat options on these games give rise to online predators. These predators are generally old gamers that influence new gamers and play with them. They help them defeat the tough player and come in close contact with them. 

They slowly isolate them from their parents and genuine friends and make them feel that only who wishes good for them is their online friend. This feeling forces a young person to meet him in real life, leading to sexual exploitation. One can only solve this problem if parents warn their children about it.


6) Hidden charges that children pay without information of parents:

Freemium games are so much in trend and have evolved a lot in recent times.

They provide some of the features of the game for free and charge for others.

Once you attach your credit card for paying, it will automatically cut the charges for the services you buy every month. The simple solution to this problem is never to attach your credit card to these games. Parents must regularly check their credit card bills to check what is being purchased.


7) Parents are not informed about malware risks:

With any digital operations, there is a risk of malware and viruses. This cyber threat remains constant when your child plays an online game. In games like Pubg and Fortnite, your child downloads aimbots that are fully packed with malware that can leak your personal information through the game. And this younger generation doesn’t usually run antivirus during the match due to speed issues.


8) Risks of taking over accounts:

Online gaming comes with the risk of account takeovers. A hacker can easily crack your password and get into your account and use it as their own. One must ensure enough safety that your account is not easily hacked. This issue might lead to misuse of your account to do illegal work using your identity. Be aware of hackers and crackers to save your identity and funds. Enable two-step verifications.


9) Online harassment through games:

Studies have proved that almost 65% of players of online games are subjected to harassment. Knowing this fact, you may stop your child from playing online games, but as a result, they will play them without your knowledge. It will be a better option if you talk about it and make them aware of not falling in it as if harassment happens, they can come to you, and you can take necessary steps against it.


10) Risk of being addicted:

Generally, parents are not aware that these online games can make their child addicted to them. These games tempt players to play them regularly without even skipping a day. This addiction can lead to mental stress and make your child aggressive. It can also affect the behaviour of your child towards you and society.


11) Online games can make your child homesick:

From the day when the online game started, children are less seen on the grounds. They become homesick and always stay busy on their computers and consoles. Reduction in friends and interactive environments is the result of these online games. Make your child aware of the playground games and encourage them to move out of the house.


12) Increase in competition leading to crimes:

Online games are so competitive that players need to play better than others to win. This competitive nature gives rise to stress which in turn leads to a criminal mindset. The game you were playing to relax yourself is a reason for stress now, and in some cases, it can push a child to undertake criminal activity.

13) Your child can see some inappropriate and vulnerable images:

While playing games many ads pop up with inappropriate and vulnerable texts and images. This could lead your child in the wrong direction. You might be thinking your child is playing an online game and he must be seeing some other thing. Yes, this can happen. So parents must be aware that some sites show inappropriate ads leading to distraction in their child’s mind.


14) Many parents do not know the fact that they can change to safety settings: 

Children don’t want their parents to know that there are settings where a parent can let a person see what he wants. Yes, a parent can restrict his child from moving to the wrong path on online gaming. This setting can be super helpful to parents who worry about what their child does on the internet.


15) One can enter the wrong birthdate to play an adult game:

Yes, a child hides the fact from parents and tells them that he cannot play online adult games as he is not above 18. But some games don’t ask for identity and with any birthdate gives access to it. Parents must consider this and be alert that this can happen.



There are lots of facts that are hidden from parents due to a lack of knowledge. You all must consider the above information to make your child safe from the risks of online games. Be as aware as you can of the online games, so your child is always on the protected side.


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