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Top 10 Batsman In The World Of All-Time

Top 10 Batsman In The World
Top 10 Batsman In The World

Top 10 Batsman In The World – Since its start in the 18th century, cricket has developed leaps and bounds. A sport that has endured for millennia must possess a unique quality that unites its fans in an unbreakable bond. The batting technique is one such component of the game. With so much having changed in cricket over the previous century, hitters have primarily emerged as the game’s brightest lights.

To make runs against certain top bowlers, you’ll need different skills, aptitude, and drive. Today’s hitters recognize the need of displaying temperament in their forms, which presents a significant obstacle. Various batting superstars have demonstrated tremendous tenacity during their peak and have acquired the right to be considered among the best batsmen of all time.

List of Top 10 Batsman In The World Of All-Time

Here is a comprehensive list of the most excellent top 10 batsman in the world in Cricket History:

#1 Sir Don Bradman

Sir Don Bradman
Sir Don Bradman
  • Experience: 1928-48
  • Country: Australia
  • Other teams: New South Wales, South Australia
  • Statistics in Tests: 52 matches, 6,996 runs, 99.94 average, 334 highest score, 29 100s

It’s only fitting that perhaps the greatest batsman of all time is from the finest cricketing nation on the planet. “The Don” had a great career that ended tragically. His Test average of 99.94, which is 38.07 higher than the next greatest, Adam Voges (61.87), is a record that will undoubtedly not be surpassed.

Bradman just needed four runs to reach a career-high average of 100 when he batted for the last time. However, he was dismissed by Eric Hollies’ “googly.” However, Bradman’s steadiness and experience of playing extended innings were unrivaled. During the 1937-38 season, he had 12 200-plus scores and six hundred in 6 consecutive matches. In the 1930 Ashes, the fantastic Australian set the record for most runs in a Test series, scoring 974 runs from 7 innings at a fantastic average of 139.14.

#2 Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar
  • Experience: 1989-2013
  • Country: India
  • Other significant teams: Mumbai, Mumbai Indians
  • Statistics in Tests: 200 matches, 15,921 runs, 53.78 average, 54.08 strike rate, 248 highest score, 51 100s
  • Statistics in ODIs: 463 matches, 18,246 runs, 44.83 average, 86.23 strike rate, 200 highest score, 49 100s

The “God of Cricket,” Sachin Tendulkar, is regarded as such, and he deserves it. He made his debut against Pakistan when he was 16 and has never looked back, scoring the highest amount of runs in both ODI series and Tests. Sachin has 100 global centuries, 29 more than Ricky Ponting, and 2,278, at an astounding average of 56.95. Sachin has scored the most incredible runs in World Cups. He had several famous hits and single-handedly won several games. He also lost a handful of games due to the absence of assistance from the opposite side.

Every time Tendulkar, one of the top 10 batsman in the world, came out to bat, he carried the dreams of millions of people with him, and he didn’t let them down. He was the cause that cricket became a career, and many people began watching it only to see Sachin bat. It’s no wonder that cricket’s popularity dropped once he retired.

#3 Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting
Ricky Ponting
  • Experience: 1995-2012
  • Country: Australia
  • Other significant teams: Mumbai Indians, Somerset, Surrey, Tasmania
  • Statistics in Tests: 168 matches, 13,378 runs, 51.85 average, 58.72 strike rate, 257 highest score, 41 100s
  • Statistics in ODIs: 375 matches, 13,704 runs, 42.03 average, 80.39 strike rate, 164 highest score, 30 100s

In the contemporary era, Ricky Ponting is Australia’s most prolific match-winner with the bat. In the 2003 World Cup final versus India, Australia won by a massive 359-2, owing to Ponting’s outstanding 140 (128). The right-handed player is the second-highest run-scorer in Test cricket, third-highest in ODI, and second-highest in World Cup cricket. In the debut T20I versus New Zealand, he was named Man of the Match after batting an undefeated 98 in only 55 balls.

#4 Brian Lara

Brian Lara
Brian Lara
  • Experience: 1990-2007
  • Country: West Indies
  • Other significant teams: Northern Transvaal, Southern Rocks, Trinidad & Tobago, Warwickshire
  • Statistics in Tests: 131 matches, 11,953 runs, 52.88 average, 60.51 strike rate, 400 highest score, 34 100s
  • Statistics in ODIs: 299 matches, 10,405 runs, 40.48 average, 79.51 strike rate, 169 highest score, 19 100s

Who was the most difficult to ball to? When you ask top bowlers from the 1990s and 2000s who they think it was, most would reply Brian Lara. The graceful left-hander and one of the top 10 batsman in the world were equally adept at both speed and spin. In a match against England in 2004, he scored 400 points, which is the most outstanding individual performance in Tests.

His 375 versus England in 1994 is the third-highest individual score in the game’s most extended format. With his 153 and 213 versus Australia in 1999, Lara was the only player to appear twice in ESPNCricinfo’s top 25 Test hitting performances of all time.

#5 Viv Richards

Viv Richards
Viv Richards
  • Experience: 1974-91
  • Country: West Indies
  • Other significant teams: Combined Islands, Glamorgan, Leeward Islands, Queensland, Somerset
  • Statistics in Tests: 121 matches, 8,540 runs, 50.66 average, 50.23 strike rate, 294 highest score, 24 100s
  • Statistics in ODIs: 187 matches, 6,721 runs, 47.00 average, 90.20 strike rate, 189 highest score, 11 100s

In the 1970s and 1980s, when most batters scored at a pace of 60-70, Viv Richards was much ahead of his colleagues, scoring 90.2 in one-day internationals. Before Brendon McCullum smashed the mark in 2015, the flamboyant right-handed player, one of the 5 Wisden players of the twentieth century, held the world record for quickest 100 off 56 deliveries in Tests for 40 years.

Richards scored 1,710 runs on an average of 90 in 11 Tests in 1976, including seven hundred. Richards had a solid World Cup record, with 1,013 runs at a 63.31 average. In 1979, he led West Indies to a World Cup victory, scoring an undefeated 138 off 157 balls against England.

#6 Wally Hammond

Wally Hammond
Wally Hammond
  • Experience: 1927-47
  • Country: England
  • Other significant teams: Gloucestershire, South Africa Air Force
  • Statistics in Tests: 85 matches, 7,249 runs, 58.45 average, 336 highest score, 22 100s

It’s regarded as outstanding to average above 50 in Tests, and Wally Hammond, a top 10 batsman in the world, had an average of 58.46. But he had to settle for second place since he played during Bradman, who had an incredible average of 99.94. Hammond has the best average among batters who have scored 7,000 or more runs in Tests. Regarding innings played, he retains the record for the fastest batsman to reach 7,000 runs.

Hammond was also the first batsman to reach the 7,000-run plateau, and when the player retired, he was the all-time leading run-scorer. When he scored 905 runs versus Australia at an average of 113.12 in the Ashes in 1928, the British middle-order batsman became the first player to score 900 runs in a series.

#7 Jacques Kallis

Jacques Kallis
Jacques Kallis
  • Experience: 1995-2014
  • Country: South Africa
  • Other significant teams: Cape Cobras, Glamorgan, Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Statistics in Tests: 166 matches, 13,289 runs, 55.37 average, 45.97 strike rate, 224 highest score, 45 100s
  • Statistics in ODIs: 328 matches, 11,579 runs, 44.36 average, 72.89 strike rate, 139 highest score, 17 100s

Jacques Kallis has over 10,000 runs in Tests and ODIs and is also the third-highest run-scorer in Tests and the seventh-highest in ODIs. He is widely regarded as the finest all-rounder of the current period, having taken more than 250 wickets in both forms. The South African batsman has 45 hundred in Tests, second only to Tendulkar.

With 23 Man of the Match honors, Kallis holds the world record for most Man of the Match accolades in Tests. In the 2003-04 season, Kallis hit five hundred in five straight Tests, second only to Bradman’s six centuries in a row, and the right-hander finished his Test career on a good note by reaching 115 in his final match.

#8 Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara
Kumar Sangakkara
  • Experience: 2000-2015
  • Country: Sri Lanka
  • Other significant teams: Sunrisers Hyderabad, Surrey, Warwickshire
  • Statistics in Tests: 134 matches, 12,400 runs, 57.40 average, 54.19 strike rate, 319 highest score, 38 100s
  • Statistics in ODIs: 404 matches, 14,234 runs, 41.98 average, 78.86 strike rate, 169 highest score, 25 100s

Kumar Sangakkara’s past five ODI innings have been 105, 117, 104, 124, and 45. When he reached the heights of his cricketing career, he retired. This top 10 batsman in the world is the first player in ODI history to score four-century in a row, and he did so in a World Cup. In ODIs, he is the second-highest run-getter, while in Tests, he is the sixth-highest run-getter.

His 57.40 Test average is the greatest among batters who have scored 10,000 or more runs. Prominent players thrive on big occasions as “Sanga” did in the 2014 World Twenty20 final. He struggled throughout the competition, but he scored 52 (35) against India in the final.

#9 Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid
  • Experience: 1996-2012
  • Country: India
  • Other significant teams: Karnataka, Kent, Rajasthan Royals
  • Statistics in Tests: 164 matches, 13,288 runs, 52.31 average, 42.51 strike rate, 270 highest score, 36 100s
  • Statistics in ODIs: 344 Matches, 10,889 runs, 39.16 average, 71.24 strike rate, 153 highest score, 12 100s

Every sport has its underappreciated heroes, but Rahul Dravid is possibly cricket’s most underappreciated. Despite scoring 10,000+ runs across both ODIs and Tests, he was eclipsed for most of his career by a more distinguished Tendulkar. Despite this, Dravid, often known as “The Wall,” played a hand in India’s significant victories. In 2001, he scored 180 runs and had a match-winning 376-run combination with VVS Laxman (281).

In India’s legendary overseas triumph against Australia in Adelaide, Dravid hit 233 and 72 runs. He is the second-highest run-getter at No. 3 in Tests, trailing only Kumar Sangakkara with 10,524 runs at the crucial position. Dravid also has the record for facing the most balls in a Test match, at 31,258.

#10 Clive Lloyd

Clive Lloyd
Clive Lloyd
  • Experience: 1966-85
  • Country: West Indies
  • Other significant teams: Guyana, Lancashire
  • Statistics in Tests: 110 matches, 7,515 runs, 46.67  average, 242 highest score, 19 100s
  • Statistics in ODIs: 87 matches, 1,977 runs, 39.54  average, 81.22 strike rate, 102 highest score, 1 100s

Clive Lloyd is the most excellent cricket captain of all time, and his captaincy did not affect his batting. Lloyd led West Indies to victory in the inaugural World Cup in 1975, scoring an enthralling 85-ball 102 versus Australia in the final.

When leading run-getters in that period scored in the 50s and 60s, the West Indies legend had a strike rate of 81.22. Lloyd also had a stellar Test record. He batted effectively from 4 to 8, averaging 44.19, 46.20, 49.16, 47.27, and 74.00, respectively. He hit all of these home runs despite his eyes being injured since the age of 12.

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