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Top 10 Cricketers with Most Centuries in Cricket


Most Centuries in Cricket History

Cricket is one of the most exciting and popular games in the world. One aspect of what makes the game so exciting to watch is the stroke play and hitting by batters. Over the years, many batters have become legends due to their run-scoring and shot selection abilities. One of the major parameters through which a batter’s success is measured is the number of centuries they have hit. Of course, there are plenty with a shocking number of centuries. The following article enlists the cricketers with the most number of centuries in cricket. This includes all formats, ODI, Test, T20. 

Note that the players in the list will change with time, as new players break records. But regardless of that, all the players in this list are legends of the game. 

AB De Villiers 

Most Centuries in Cricket
AB De Villiers – Most Centuries in Cricket

One of the few South African batters who has the most number of centuries in the game. It is true when cricket lovers say that there will never be a player like AB De Villiers because he is just everything. He can play his graceful stroke plays when required, or his shocking unconventional shots when the situation demands. His batting style is aggressive but often plays with a calculated approach. That is the reason ABD has bailed South Africa out of crunch situations in matches, many times. He is surely a match-winner for them. Over his career, he has hit 47 centuries

Rahul Dravid 

Most Centuries in Cricket
Rohul Dravid – Most Centuries in Cricket

Fondly known as The Wall, Dravid is one of the most reliable batsmen cricket has ever produced. He was another name for perfection. Even off the field, he has had a lasting influence on Indian cricket, having trained the young lads at the National Cricket Academy. In fact, at the time of writing, he has just joined as the coach of the Indian cricket team. During his playing days though, it was a feast watching his leg drives and flicks. He scored more than 24,000 runs in International cricket and has hit a total of 48 centuries

Brian Lara 

Most Centuries in Cricket
Brian Lara – Most Centuries in Cricket

He is still the only batter to score 400* in an innings. He is the epitome of pure skill and class and is a gem that West Indies Cricket has ever produced. At his prime, he was good at almost batting out any kind of ball thrown at him. No doubt, Brian Lara is a brand to West Indies Cricket. Throughout his playing career, he has scored 53 tests, many of which have crossed centuries and even double-centuries. Although the numbers are impressive enough, it does not tell the complete story of how legendary he was in his playing days. 

Mahela Jayawardene 

Most Centuries in Cricket
Mahela Jayawardene – Most Centuries in Cricket

One of the great cricketers from Sri Lanka, Mahela Jayawardene was known for his classy batting. He was hardly out of form throughout his playing career and could bring his team to victory from any hard position they were in the match. He was known for his sheet commitment in the field, and his shots were mostly based on timing and ‘sweet touches’. Throughout his playing career, he has scored 54 centuries

Hashim Amla 

Most Centuries in Cricket
Hashim Amla – Most Centuries in Cricket

If you have to learn textbook-style cricket, watch Hashim Amla. He has steadied the innings of South Africa in many situations and being an opener, he has mostly played the anchor role while others batted around him. Amla has the skill to accelerate whenever he wants to, and he does even that in style. At the time of writing, Amla has scored 55 centuries. 

Kumar Sangakkara 

Most Centuries in Cricket
Kumar Sangakkara – Most Centuries in Cricket

Whenever the Sri Lankan team was in trouble, it was to Kumar Sangakkara everyone looked at. He played for his team for more than 15 years and even captained them for many years. He is easily one of the most technical and class players Sri Lanka and even the world as a whole has produced. With more than 28,000 runs to his name, Sangakkara has scored 63 centuries

Jacques Kallis 

Most Centuries in Cricket
Jacques Kallis – Most Centuries in Cricket

It is difficult to find any other all-rounder who was actually good at everything, other than Jacques Kallis. If you want to become an all-rounder, then Kallis has to be the player you look up to. While his bowling is highly effective, his batting is a testament to how class and textbook-style cricket can still get you runs at a brisk pace. He scored more than 25,000 runs in cricket while bagging more than 500 wickets. He has scored 62 centuries for his country in his playing career. 

Virat Kohli 

Most Centuries in Cricket
Virat Kohli – Most Centuries in Cricket

One can easily call him the modern-day great, Virat Kohli is the run machine and heartthrob of Indian cricket. He still has a long way to play in his career, but he has already scored more than 21,000 runs for the Indian team. In this journey, he has scored more than 70 centuries and many experts tip him to cross Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 100 100s. Kohli is known for his aggressive style of batting, and fearless cricket. 

Ricky Ponting 

Most Centuries in Cricket
Ricky Ponting – Most Centuries in Cricket

You can call him one of the greatest Australian players or the greatest captain of the country, or both. Ricky Ponting can be a prime example of a complete cricketer. The former Australian captain is the second on the list of players with the most number of centuries in cricket. He has 71 tons to his name, and not to forget the countless times his innings have actually won the game for Australia. Ponting has scored more than 27,000 runs for his Australian Cricket Team. 

Sachin Tendulkar 

Most Centuries in Cricket
Sachin Tendulkar – Most Centuries in Cricket

It is not really surprising to know who tops the list, isn’t it? The world can never produce another player like Sachin Tendulkar. He was and he always will be in the hearts of millions of Indians. He debuted at the age of 16 and spent 23 years on the cricketing field. Of course, we all know the magic number of 100 100s that Sachin Tendulkar achieved. It’s almost impossible to find any flaws in his batting, and he is the most complete batter the game has ever produced. No player at the time of writing has even reached close to this record. 

Conclusion – Most Centuries in Cricket 

All the players on the list are indeed legends and if you want to learn to bat, checking their style and motivation to play is the best way to start. 

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