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List of Top 10 Free Fire Players in India in 2021


Top 10 Free Fire Players in India: As the top PUBG players in India where they earn handsomely, there are top 10 Free Fire players in India earning good money. Garena Free Fire is recognized for its fast-paced, action-packed matches. With the lobby of just 50 people, and you’re off, taking off your opponents one by one until only one guy remains.

Many Free Fire competitions have been held at the national and international levels in the previous few months. Many of India’s best Free Fire players have proven their worth on such venues. There are millions of players globally, including India playing the free fire game. The number of free-fire gamers in India surged when PUBG was outlawed in the country. And the game’s large user base creates a lot of rivalries. Since its launch, there are until now top 10 Free Fire players in India and the count is increasing.

About Free Fire

Garena Free Fire, commonly known as Free Fire, is a battle royal game for Android and iOS created by 111 Dots Studio and distributed by Garena. In 2019, it became the most downloaded smartphone game in the world. Also, in the same year, the Google Play Store awarded the game the “Best Popular Voted Game” honor.

After PUBG Mobile, Fortnight Battle Royale, and Call of Duty: Mobile, Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous royal mobile games under the battles category. In Latin America, India, and Southeast Asia, the game earned huge popularity. Free Fire overtook PUBG Mobile in terms of revenue in the United States at the end of Q1 2021, collecting $100 million in sales vs. $68 million for PUBG Mobile.

Top 10 Free Fire Players in India

#1 TSG Jash

TSG Jash
TSG Jash

TSG Jash, one of the top 10 Free Fire players in India. TSG Jash was also a competitor in the Free Fire Asia Invitational last year. Last year, TSG Squad and GJ Kings competed in the Free Fire Asia Invitational. TSG participated in almost 6500 squad matches. Out of all the games, they won 1235 matches for a victory rate of 23%. TSG Ritik and TSG Jash have a YouTube channel called TWO-SIDE GAMWERS. On the channel, they have live feeds of free Fire.

#2 Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar
Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is one of the top 10 free fire players in India. Gyan Gaming is his gaming channel with over 2 lakh followers on YouTube. Sarkar is known for his headshot and kills a good number of rivals. Sarkar placed in the top 22 percent in the globe in season 12 of Garena Free Fire. He’s well renowned for his close combat hot-drops.’

#3 Rakesh00007


One of top 10 Free Fire players in India, Rakesh00007, belongs to the BOSS guild group. Rakesh Shetty is his real name. He is a well-known Free Fire Indian gamer. Shetty is not only a professional player but also a YouTube video generator.  He runs a YouTube account as well and has a reasonable rate of headshots. Rakesh has a headshot success rate of above 43%. Without a doubt, he will be among the top ten free fire players in India in 2021.

Rakesh uses the OnePlus 6 to play Free Fire. Out of 81,264 games, he won 5,849 of them. He has a 32.41 percent victory rate. In February 2017, he launched his YouTube account. The YouTube account has 394 followers and over 17 million views.



JIGS is, without a doubt, one of India’s best free-fire gamers. In addition, JIGS is a member of the BOSS guild. His kill-to-death ratio is relatively high. In India, JIGS is in the top 1% of players. The BOSS Guild is led by JIGS, who is also the group’s leader. His Free Fire stats are impressive. The winning percentage of JIGS is a whopping 41.16 percent and has won almost 4000 matches. In India, he is the best free fire player.

He has a 28 percent victory percentage in squad matches. With this victory rate, he has won over 100 months.

#5 Ajjubhai94

Ajjubhai94 Free Fire

Ajjubhai94 runs The Complete Gaming YouTube channel. He is among the best free fire players and runs the most popular YouTube channel for free fire games. He appeared in about 9231 squad matches. He has a 25.91 percent victory rate. Out of 9231 games, the player won 2392. He has a total of 299 Booyahs. He has 1586 pair games under his belt, with 299 Booyahs and an 18.85 percent victory rate. On his YouTube account, he has around 950 videos and has a total of 13.9 million followers.

#6 Nayeem Alam

Nayeem Alam
Nayeem Alam

Free fire player Nayeem Alam has appeared in a total of 12,648 games for the team, winning 2,943 of them for a win percentage of 23%. For Free Fire, he utilizes the OnePlus 7 Pro. He has a YouTube account as well. His YouTube channel presently has 788k subscribers and a total of 54 million views. Nayeem is, without a doubt, one of the finest free fire gamers on the planet.

#7 Raistar


Raistar is also one of India’s finest free-fire gamers. He’s also one of YouTube’s most popular content providers and is well-liked among the Indian free-fire community. Most of his admirers believe he is India’s finest free fire player and finds him inspiring to play the game strategically and earn fame.

#8 SK Sabir

SK Sabir
SK Sabir

SK Sabir is one of the members of the BOSS guild group as well. The top free fire players in India are in the Boss group. The KD rate of SK Sabir is 2.72.

#9 Bolt


Bolt is one of the best Free Fire players of India. He is well-known for his high KD ratio shooting abilities. In 1870 single games, Bolt has 300 Booyahs. He played in 17773 games, winning 7959 of them for a win rate of 44.78 percent.


Besides these top 10 Free Fire players in India, other emerging players will surely make it to the list as the game further grows. Due to the growing competitiveness in the esports world, the ranking is constantly changing. This year, there are a lot of Garena Free Fire events on the horizon. Let us tell you; they’re worth a lot of money.

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