Top 10 Most Famous RCB Memes

Top 10 Most Famous RCB Memes
Top 10 Most Famous RCB Memes

Top 10 Most Famous RCB Memes


There is no doubt that goal media plays a crucial role in today’s world. Those days have gone when one has to feel bored while being at home. Now you can experience laughter and fun while scrolling your mobile feed due to the presence of various memes. It doesn’t matter what subject you are looking for; memes are available on every subject and niche. People are crazy behind such memes as they have become one of the major sources of entertainment. It is also very well known that cricket is one of the favorite sports of people in India. 

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Hence, when it comes to cricket memes, people leave this opportunity to themselves trained and happy. Recently, the royal challengers Bangalore (RCB), one of the st major teams of the Indian premier league (IPL), has witnessed various memes on its cricket style. This team has been one of the major points of attraction whenever we consider the memes related to cricket. Hence, cricket lovers should know about these memes as they can keep them energetic throughout the day. If you are excited to know about the top 10 hilarious RCB memes, then we are here to help you. Below mentioned are the top 10 best memes on Royal challengers Bangalore that you must consider for your laughter and pleasure:


1. Umesh Yadav: Abhi hum zinda hai 

The first and the foremost RCB meme counted among the top 10 hilarious memes is, ade on the most popular player of royal challengers Bangalore, and he is none other than the Umesh Jadhav. This meme says about the scores that have together been made, and that is 163 runs.

Top 10 most famous RCB memes
Top 10 most famous RCB memes – Umesh Yadav: Abhi hum zinda hai 

According to the meme, a player is making fun of RCB for making such a  small score of 163 runs, one which Umesh Jadhav comments and says, “Abhi hum Zinda hai.” This is a major dialogue of Bollywood movies that ensures a lot of fun for the audience. Hence, these are the top RCB memes made on the promoter cricket player Umesh Jadhav.

2. Dale ‘Anjali’ Steyn

Another interesting RCB meme that cricket fans must consider is made on the CBD player Dale Steyn. This meme is basically on the style of the player Dale Steyn who is being compared to one of the talented actresses in the Bollywood industry that is Kajol. In the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kajol had the character of Anjali, who used to wear broad hair bands. 

Top 10 most famous RCB memes
Top 10 most famous RCB memes | Dale ‘Anjali’ Steyn

Similarly, Dale Steyn also wore such braid hair names during the match. So, trollers got no chill, and they compared Anjali of Kuch Kuch hota hai and Dale Steyn and made a meme called Dale Anjali Steyn. It is one of the major RCB memes which people should consider. 

3. Another IPL, another year without a trophy. 

The next list of top RCB memes is about the failure that royal challengers Bangalore had faced during the IPL. This meme is from the popular category of expectations versus reality in this meme, RCB keeps an expectation of playing like a lion, but it was compared to the funniest picture of Virat Kohli in which he is behaving like a puppy.

This meme has become very popular as there is no doubt the fan following of Virat Kohli, who is currently serving as the captain of the Indian cricket team. So, this was another major RCB meme that is considered by the fans for entertainment purposes. 

4. Stonis scored 2 Fifty and took 13 wickets in IPL 2020 for Delhi Capitals after being released by the RCB

The next RCB meme, which is counted among the most entertaining memes, is based on the former player of royal challengers Bangalore, who is Stoins.

This meme is about the runs scored by Stoins when he joined the Delhi Daredevils. In the content, Virat Kohli uses the popular line of “isne Stoins ko bahar nikala hai,” considering the highest score of stones from the team Delhi daredevils with 352 runs. Memes dirty never fails to shock the cricket fans with their hilarious memes on RCB. 

5. Aisa lag raha tha jaise kuch galat ho raha ho 

The next RCB meme is taken from one of my favorite Bollywood movies, Gangs Of Wasseypur. This meme depicts the feelings of RCB’s female fans who are curious about the performance of their favorite RCB players. But once the IPL gets over, they get furious and say, “Beta Tum Rehne Do, Tumse Na Ho Payega.” 

So these were some of the top 5 hilarious RCB memes that the cricket memes fans must consider. The other top hilarious RCB memes that can add fun and laughter to your life are as follows:

6. Kohli: Humko daring karna tha 

7. Rohit Sharma -5, Kohli -0

8. Hmm…acha…theek hai

9. RCB management: Kya karu main mar jau? 

10. Dil se bura lagta hai bhai

Now that you know the various exciting RCB memes, you can enjoy these cricket memes and make your life interesting and happening. Cricket fans must follow such entertaining memes as they are the best source of fun, joy, and optimism.

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