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An exclusive list of Top 10 PC Games | Best PC games 2022


Top 10 PC Games | Best PC games 2021

There is no doubt that mobile games are ruling over the hearts of gamers. But, in the race, PC games are never behind. PC games always rule over the hearts of gamers with exciting graphics, high-end narratives, exciting pictures, and much more. And that is the reason why people always want to know about the best PC games available on the internet. It is a well-known fact that it has become tough to keep our minds easy and calm these days. This is because of the increasing competition in the market. People are very much stressed due to their personal and professional life, and hence, they look for one or the other sources of entertainment to keep their minds free from frustration and stress. 

And nobody can resist the fact that PC games are one of the significant sources of entertainment. People can enjoy their time with full potential while playing exciting PC games. If you want to experience the thriller and adventure associated with PC games, we will help you. We are up with an exclusive list of the top 10 PC games that will make you enjoy your time without hesitation. This list consists of the best PC games that are available in the game store. Hence, do not waste more of your time and dive into the list of exciting and thrilling top 10 PC games. It is as follows:

1. Life Is Strange: True Colors

Here is one of the top 10 PC games counted among the leading names for personal desktops. Life is Strange: True colors is one of the most exciting PC games with a wide range of features, numerous stories and narratives, exclusive game lines, and more. This game is considered to be the best one when it comes to personal desktop games. 

Top 10 PC Games
Top 10 PC Games Life Is Strange True Colors

This is because of its creative graphics, easy-to-play game line, and many more exciting aspects. If you like to play games with multiple levels, narratives, and stories, this game is ideally meant for you. So do not hesitate and install it right away on your PC to take full benefit of one such exotic PC game. 

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Here is another high-end PC game that is counted among the top 10 PC games. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is another super high-class version of the witcher game that is more suitable for professional PC gamers. If you have enough experience in understanding complicated PC games, then there could be no better game for you than the Witcher3: Wild Hunt. It is fascinating, and multiple high-end features are associated with it. 

Top 10 PC Games
Top 10 PC Games – The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Whether you talk about the storyline or consider the graphics and pictures of this game, everything is designed as per the requirements of the gamers. Hence, there are no scopes for disappointments while playing the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. So what are you waiting for? Install it right away and enjoy your tie with your full potential. 

3. Ghostrunner

Top 10 PC Games
Top 10 PC Games – Ghostrunner

Here we present to you another super exciting game from our list of top 10 PC games: the Ghostrunner. As the name suggests, ghost runner is a game with a horror storyline. All its graphics are very well designed. It is a professional game and consists of multiple levels. Your passion for the game will help you unlock various features and advantages associated with this game. If you are someone who loves thrillers and suspense, then this game is completely designed for you. Install it right away and feel the thriller that is involved in the ghost runner PC game. 

4. Hades

Another exotic game on our list of top 10 PC games is Hades. This game is exciting with various classy features, compelling graphics, professional interface, numerous difficulty levels, etc. People who love taking risks and want to add thrills while playing PC games can choose Hades as their perfect gaming spot. This game is counted among the most exciting games that can be played on personal computers. 

Top 10 PC Games
Top 10 PC Games – Hades

To play this game, an individual must have a professional personal computer as the graphics are very high and cannot be suitable for an ordinary compiler. Moreover, it is specially designed for people who love mind games. So get your brain refreshed and start playing Hades to experience a lot of fun and enjoyment. 

5. Control

Top 10 PC Games
Top 10 PC Games – Control

Get excited to know about another high-class PC game on our top 10 PC games list. Control is one of the major games that can be played on personal computers. Both professional and new games can play this game. It is designed with multiple levels that can allow you to learn about the game quickly. The rules and instructions to play the control are very easy to understand. Hence, get ready to experience joy and zeal while playing this exciting PC game. 

6. Deathloop

Top 10 PC Games
Top 10 PC Games – Deathloop

Know about another one of the most exciting top 10 PC games, and that is Deathloop. Professionally developed, Healthloop is a game that involves a fantastic suspense story for the players. It consists of various levels that can prove to be a significant challenge for the players. If you hate someone who loves to take challenges and wants to give a struggle to your brain, then there could be no better game for you than Deathloop. 

7. Hitman 3

Top 10 PC Games
Top 10 PC Games – Hitman

The next PC game on the list is Hitman 3. It is the third version of the game Hitman. The gamers loved it, and this is why today, the third version of the game is available on the gaming store. If you are a professional player and love the hit and game, you will surely enjoy your time playing Hitman 3. It is embedded with exciting features and classy aspects. Hence, an individual can install it without being worried about anything. 

8. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Top 10 PC Games
Top 10 PC Games – Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the top 10 PC games that an individual can consider without hesitation. It comes with a fantastic narrative, thrilling graphics, and a professional interface. It is designed while keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the gamers. Hence, there is no scope for getting bored while playing the post-exclusive PC game that is the Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

9. Monster Hunter World

Top 10 PC Games
Top 10 PC Games – Monster Hunter World

If you are a professional gamer and want to challenge your gaming skills, then we are here with another fantastic PC game, and that is the Monster Hunter World. This game is specially designed for professional players and has challenging levels which are very difficult to unlock. So get ready to experience thrillers and adventure while playing this one of the top 10 PC games, Monster Hunter World. 

10. Death Stranding

Top 10 PC Games
Top 10 PC Games – Death Stranding

Forget about those days when you had to suffer from boredom while playing PC games as we are here with one of the most exciting and thrilling PC games: the Death Stranding. This game is very energetic and can give a boost to your gaming skills. It can be played on a professional PC and hence, specially designed for professional gamers. If you are looking for the top 10 PC games, you must consider the Death Stranding game. 

So above were the top 10 PC games that are must to be considered by professional gamers. Get rid of boredom and add thriller and excitement to your life by playing high-class games with authentic graphics, creative interface, and challenging levels. These games would be a complete package of fun, excitement, entertainment, and challenges for you. So install them right away and take absolute advantage of the gaming industry. 

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