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Top 5 Card Games of 2021 | Best Playing Card Game


Best Card Games: Keep your phones always because these amazing card games will revive your holiday celebrations with the family. Whenever you hear ” card games” what first thought comes to your mind? I mind, card games mean a lot of fun, laughter, and quality time with your close ones.  Solitaire, Rummy, Poker, Uno, Euchre are the classic card games that we have been playing for many years.

I have also played these card games numerous times, with various compositions of spirits. These are engaging, replayable, and entertaining card games. Some innovative minds created various versions of a single card game for different audiences. 

If it is any special gatherings, festivals, or even an informal evening meeting with friends, a few card games is a must. Before playing, you can also edit the deck of the card a bit as per your understanding. Eliminating some of the cards to bring some twist in the game. 

Let’s check out the “Best card games” that you can enjoy.

How to Play Solitaire card game | Best Card Games
Solitaire Card Game

A solitaire card game is a game of patience. If you are alone at home and don’t know to pass time then the Solitaire card game is the best alternative to run away from your doldrums. You just need a single deck of 52 cards. And you are all set to play. Do you know what we do in a solitaire card game? It’s quite simple. Just create 4 stacks – one for each suit, in rising order -Ace to King, from the shuffled deck of cards.  Before you start to play Solitaire, start setting up the game. Once it is set, play the game. If you are playing alone doesn’t mean you can cheat in the game. Play as per predefined game rules.

How to Play Euchre Card Game | Best Card Games
Euchre Card Game

Euchre is a game of teamwork and you require different strategies to win the game. It can be difficult for those who never played it. But once you understand the ground rounds, you can be a pro in this game.  To know more about this game, you need to move down.

Four players can play this game and they will divide into two teams. Teammates should sit alternatively.

This game is played with only 24 deck cards – 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.

Select your dealer first before you start the game and start dealing clockwise as per game rules.

Once the game is set up, play the game as per its rule. and count the score in the end.

The main objective of the game is to obtain at least three tricks in the game. If the team misses getting three tricks, it will be “euchred.” And a team that gets all 5 tricks, will be called a “March.

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How to Play Rummy Card Game

Rummy Card Game

Rummy is a well-liked card game. Its notoriety has risen dramatically.  Rummy required skill to play. The players need to think swiftly and use tactics to get the upper hand in the game.  

Rummy is one of the most immeasurable games that fam can play together and spend quality time. It is a super easy and fun card game.

The main goal of the Rummy card game is to organize cards into accurate sets and runs. To win the game you need to create a minimum of two sequences, one of which requires a pure sequence and the rest can be any valid sequence that is called sets. You require a pure sequence to declare a valid  Rummy. It is the most significant rummy rule.

Read simple  Rummy rules and Instructions below:

Rummy card games can be played between 2 to 6 players with 2 decks of cards. Each player is dealt 13 cards and a random card is chosen as the wild joker or joker card of the game.

The player has to drag and drop cards to create valid sets and sequences of 13 cards in the hand where the player can also use the deck’s wild clown or printed clown to create impure sequences and sets.

According to Rummy card game rules, once a player has arranged 13 cards in a valid sequence, including 1 pure sequence and more groups (sequences or sets), he can declare and win the game.

How to Play Uno Card Game
Uno Card Game

Uno is a fun-loving game. It is usually played with two people but more people in the game means more fun. It played on the same principle as the Crazy Eights card game. To start the game, the dealer will deal the seven-card to each player and keep the remaining card face down in the center of the table. It is called a draw pile. Take out the top card from the draw pile and keep it face up beside the draw pile. It is called a discard pile. The game will start from the player seated left to the dealer. 

Now the player will check his or her seven cards if any card matches with the discard pile. You can match in three different ways. According to the card colors (red, blue, yellow), card number, and type of card. Whenever you will come, match your cards from the discard pile, keep it on the discard pile. In this way, clockwise every player will play the game. 

In case, the player hasn’t any matching card with a discard pile, he or she will take the top cards from the draw pile. If the card matches ( card colors (red, blue, yellow), card number, and type of card) with the discard pile, then the player can use that card.

If a player wants to change the card color of the discard pile for any reason, the player can play the wild card and declare a new running color. The wild card can be played anytime.

If a player is left with one card after discarding all the cards, he or she has to shout “UNO“. If the player missed it and any other player noticed it and shouted “UNO” to him/her, then that player has to pick two cards from the draw pile. The player whose card will finish first will win this game.

You will use different cards during the game. Let’s see what kind of card they are.

Skip card: If a player plays this card, then the turn of the player next seated to him will be skipped.

Reverse card: If a player plays this card, then the direction of play will be reversed.

Draw 2 cards: If a player plays this card, then the player has to take two cards from the draw pile as well their turn will be missed.

Wild draw 4 cards: It is a combination of the wild as well drawcard. If a player plays this card, then the player calls the next color played and asks the next player to choose four cards from the DRAW pile and skip their turn.

These cards make the game even more fun.

Heart Card Game Card Game
Heart Card Game

A heart card game is a fascinating game that can keep you and your peps engaged. Do you know what is the interesting part of this game?  You have to miss certain tricks. This game is best played with four players but three to seven people can also play this. To win this game, you have to score low instead of a high score.

There is a certain situation where you can win this game:

  1. Winning any tricks that include a heart or the Queen of Spades will be a big mistake.
  2. Got all 13 hearts and the Black Maria? It means you have the upper hand in the game.


Setup the game and start playing as per the game rule.

After reading, I’m sure you want to try these games. So what are you waiting for? Set up the card game, understand the ground rules and you are all set to rock.

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