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Cricket Academy in Jaipur
Cricket Academy in Jaipur

Cricket is widely popular in all groups, either youngsters or someone crossing the 70s. And there are various cricketers whose hard work and dedication inspire the young generation.

In India, there are various institutions, and academic mentors are the best guidance. This article brings it to the best cricket academy in Jaipur.

Although cricket is famous all over India, Rajasthan, especially Jaipur, has various stadiums. ” The Sawai Mansingh Stadium, ” a very popular cricket stadium named after ruler man Singh. Many academies use this stadium to host many cricket matches and the ground for training purposes. Following are the list of various cricket academy in Jaipur – 


Surana cricket academy 

It was established in 1983. The founder of this academy is dr. Hemendra Surana. It is among the best academies in India. It provides the best facilities for national and international students features – 

Cricket Academy in Jaipur
Surana cricket academy – Cricket Academy in Jaipur
  • It provides cricket kits and costumes to all the players.
  • All the facilities available for the players include the latest technology, i.e., air blowing machines, slip catching machines, projectors, etc.
  • The academy provides and increases players by selecting the best or best cricketer of the year award, making players more competitive and focused.
  • It has many facilities like a swimming pool and a gym.
  • Academy also provides scholarships and facilities to talented players and could not pay a high academic fee.
  • The fee of this academy is between 25,000 to 60,000 per annum.

Jaipuria Cricket Academy – 

The academy was established in 2016. This academy is among the best academies in such a short duration because of its coach and trainers. The founder of this academy is Mr. Anuraag Jaipuria.

Cricket Academy in Jaipur
Jaipuria Cricket Academy – Cricket Academy in Jaipur

Features – 

  • This academy provides facilities for national and international students.
  • This academy matches the international standards.
  •  Latest technology use, including blowing and catching machines.
  • Academy have well-experienced coaches, physiotherapy and well-experienced ground staff .etc 
  • It has indoor facilities, including an excellent gym for the betterment of players.
  • The personal trainer for every player who works on their weaknesses.
  • Video visual performance of every player.
  • The academic ground is well-equipped with tuff pitches, concrete pitches, and cemented pitches, making players more comfortable and training them to play in every possible pitch.
  • Academy provides boarding as well as lodging facilities for players.
  • The fee of the academy is approximately 28,000 to 30,000 per annum.

RCA Academy 

This academy is famous for nurturing the players at every early stage. They put players and taught them different aspects, including team spirit, hard work, and dedication.

Cricket Academy in Jaipur
RCA Academy – Cricket Academy in Jaipur

Features – 

equipped with the latest technology.

They give boarding and lodging facilities for the players.

Academy provides well accommodation facilities for the players, including the food and beverage service.

Coaches train the students for unique and advanced.

Aryan Cricket Academy

This academy was established in the year 2016 by the 

This academy is unique for training the students in theory and then practicing accordingly. The academy provides modern classrooms that are all equipped with study material.

Cricket Academy in Jaipur
Aryan Cricket Academy Cricket Academy in Jaipur

Features – 

  • This academy hosts regular lectures and seminars that help develop the players’ personalities.
  • The students are trained on critical aspects, including time management, stress management, and career guidance.
  • The academy has well equipped latest technology, including bowling and catching machines.
  • Academy also has a well-maintained gym for the physical training of the player.
  • The fee of the academy is approximately 2000 per month.
  • The academy takes different sessions and regular planning of teaching activities and closely analyzes students’ performance.

Aravali cricket academy – 

The academy’s foundation was laid with the sole purpose of providing an excellent platform for aspiring cricket players with quality training methods and world-class infrastructure.

Cricket Academy in Jaipur
Aravali cricket academy – Cricket Academy in Jaipur

Features – 

  • It is the first residential cricket academy of Rajasthan.
  • This academy is spread over 23 acres of land in a peaceful, pollution-free area of Jaipur in hathoj.
  • From 2003 this cricket academy promoted cricket at the grass-root level by providing excellent conditions for practice.
  • This academy provides:
  1. Well-equipped technology bowling machines.
  2. Video analysis.
  3. Live match streaming software and hardware.
  • This academy has 3 cricket grounds (1 with floodlight ) at hathoj. And 2 cricket grounds at karansar.
  • It also provides hostel, mess, and cafeteria facilities.
  • This academy provides regular coaches, trainers, and different national and international players.
  • This academy is well-equipped with indoor facilities, including a gym, swimming pool, and different facilities.
  • Also, the playing ground with practice net with turf, astroturf, cemented, and matting cricket.

Naina cricket academy – 

Naina cricket academy is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This cricket academy provides unbelievable performance every year at the state and national levels. 

Cricket Academy in Jaipur
Naina cricket academy – Cricket Academy in Jaipur

Features – 

  • This academy has 6 – tuff pitches,3 cemented pitches, and cemented pitch.
  • This academy provides the best coach and the best trainer.
  • This academy provides the latest technology bowling machines.
  • This academy has a physical trainer and different other facilities.
  • The academy fee includes 4000 for admission.

Sanskar cricket academy 

This cricket academy is located in Jaipur Rajasthan, and from its establishment year, this academy made records in providing unbelievable results at state and national levels.

Cricket Academy in Jaipur
Sanskar cricket academy – Cricket Academy in Jaipur

Features – 

  • This academy has different trainers and coaches from all over the world.
  • Use of latest technology and video analysis of students to understand the minute details of students.
  • The academy ground has tuff pitch, cemented pitch, and concrete pitch for making players more confident and comfortable to play on every ground.
  • They provide physical trainers and workout gyms.

Neerja Modi school 

This academy gets the privilege to host ICC practice matches between India and team Pakistan. This academy is spread over a 400-meter track with basketball, tennis, volleyball, archery, boxing, and other sports. 

Cricket Academy in Jaipur
Neerja Modi school – Cricket Academy in Jaipur

Features –

  • It provides international standard ground to play.
  • Academy is well known for hosting different matches
  • Academy is well equipped with different technologies.
  • Also, the academy has more than 5 grounds.

Ms dhoni cricket academy 

The academy’s foundation was led in the name of the famous cricketer and best captain of team India. Under his captainship, India has won numerous awards for the nation. He was among the best cricketers and made his unique Indian and international cricket position.

Cricket Academy in Jaipur
Ms dhoni cricket academy – Cricket Academy in Jaipur

The cricket academy was established in 2017, and in the past few years, this has spread to huge branches all over the world. There are almost 49 ms dhoni cricket academics.

Facilities – 

  • The mentorship is done by former Indian captain ms dhoni.
  • Specialized trainers train players from NCA, BCCI qualified-level a and level b coaches.
  • The academy is equipped with specialized all-weather indoor astroturf practice wickets and bowling machines.
  • This academy has the best technology, including app-based program tracking and video analysis for the players. 
  • The players are provided the best opportunity by playing in different national and international tours.
  • They have the best facilities for one or more sessions.
  • The fee of this academy is almost 3000 to 5000 per hour 
  • The candidate should be above 12 years to join the academy.


Cricket is not just a game. It’s an emotion present in every Indian and increases patriotism in every citizen. Many youngsters have a passion for making their career in this field. Some different academies and institutes identify the passion and sharpen their talent in this field to make it possible. Various academies have other sessions and Different fee structures for all players from 8 to 25.

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