Top 5 Oldest Football Club In India

Top 5 Oldest Football Club In India
Top 5 Oldest Football Club In India

Which Club Is The Oldest Football Club In India?


The commercialization of cricket left-back the legacy of the most iconic sport in Indian history – Football. The sport has a tremendous fan base and professionalism prevailing in every part of the country. The establishment of Football in India led to the foundation of many football clubs. Here is the list of the Top 5 oldest football club in India:

Top 5 Oldest Football Club In India

  1. Sarada Football Club

Sarada Football Club is the oldest football club in India. It was arguably the first professional football club in India. The Sarada Football club was established in Calcutta city in 1872. This oldest football club in India was also the first professional club in India. Calcutta was then the capital of India during the British era and now serves to be the football capital of India.


Sarada Football club enjoyed tremendous popularity after its introduction as many athletes turned their heads to practice the sport professionally. The inception of the Sarada Football Club also gave birth to other professional clubs such as Dalhousie Club or the Traders club but none of them managed to survive in front of Sarada as it prevailed to be the oldest football club in India.

  1. Mohun Bagan Football Club

Mohun Bagan Football Club is the second oldest football club in India. It is quite popular amongst the youngsters as well as the adults and entering the club is a dream come true for football aspirants. Mohun Bagan Football Club was established in the year 1889. The first remarkable achievement for the football club was the IFA Shield triumph in 1911 after which it was regarded as a highly professional football club. 

Mohun Bagan Football Club defeated Yorkshire Regiment in the final by a score of 2-1. The victory was attained on 29th July after which the day is fondly remembered as the Mohun Bagan Day for its foundation. The day is being celebrated since 2001. Mohun Bagan football club is tremendously popular in East and Northeast India. It is reputed, recognized, and retained its top spot even till the present time.

Mohun Bagan football club has given Indians some greatest football legends including Bhaichung Bhutia, Chunni Goswami, Sunil Chhetri, and Goshta Pal. Mohun Bagan football club also has its presence at the Indian Super League where a franchise is named after the club known as ATK Mohun Bagan FC.

  1. East Bengal Football Club

East Bengal Football Club is also one of the oldest football clubs in India. East Bengal Football Club stands third in our list of the oldest football club in India. East Bengal football club has a significant presence across East India and Northeast India. The establishment of the East Bengal Football club dates back to 1950.

Initially, East Bengal received stiff resistance from Mohun Bagan but it outperformed it on a couple of occasions to emerge as one of the most professional football clubs in India. The East Bengal football club’s prominence began after its victories at the Kolkata League in the 1950s. East Bengal Football Club is widely regarded as the best one for amateurs to learn and professionals to play for.

The most outstanding achievement of the East Bengal Football club is that it won a record six consecutive Kolkata Leagues titles from 1970-75. It set another record by winning two consecutive National Football League titles in 2003 and 2004. Every weekend, the popular football players come and join an exhibition match at the club’s field where thousands of people gather to watch the stars play. East Bengal Football club has its franchise at the Hero Indian Super League.

  1. Salgaocar SC Football Club

Salgaocar SC Football club is also one of the oldest football club in India. It is the fourth oldest football club in India after East Bengal. A distinct feature of the Salgaocar SC Football club is that the topmost oldest football clubs in India are based in the eastern region and mostly Calcutta whereas Salgaocar SC Football club is based in Western India.

Salgaocar SC Football Club is a Vasco de Gama-based football club and the origin-destination of the club is traced to Goa. After its establishment in the 1970-the 1980s, the club marked its debut at the National Football League in 1999. The most remarkable feat for Salgaocar SC Football Club is its victory against East Bengal Football club in 1998. 

Salgaocar SC Football club continued to establish its prominence in Indian football history. The football club bagged the Federation Cup to become the maiden Indian club to win at the Real Salt Lake Stadium. Salgaocar FC Football club became the first football club from Goa to be invited to the Durant Cup.

  1. Mohammedan Sporting Club

Mohammedan Sporting Club is also one of the oldest football club in India. Though established in 1881 at Calcutta, Mohammedan Sporting Club attained its professional club status in the late 1900s. The name of the Mohammedan football club changed many times and was renamed Jubilee Club and Crescent Club.

Mohammedan Sporting Club has a significant presence in East India. The selection criteria for the club is intense as it has achieved remarkable landmarks in the recent past. Mohammedan Sporting Club won its maiden IFA Shield title in 2013 and Durant Cup in the same year. The club started to gain attention after its victory.

Oldest Football Club In India

Mohammedan Sporting Club has a long way to go in the future. It is also one of the richest football clubs in India. Many prominent Indian players have been generated from the Mohammedan Sporting Club.


The list of the oldest football club in India is never-ending as the sport had a significant tradition in the history of the country. People loves, enjoyed, and played the sport since colonial rule. However, to become a professional footballer, you need not get into these old and established football clubs. You can join the most suitable and feasible football club according to your convenience as it is the skills that matter.

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