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5 Types of Card Games Everyone Should Know | Card Games

Types of Card Games: Card games are an excellent source of entertainment whether you wanted to play at the night party with your pals, or wanted to engage kids with indoor activity in the summers. There are a variety of card games that you can play according to the mood and company around you. 

Did you know who discovered the first playing cards? No clue, right? It’s China. China has developed the first playing cards in the 9th century. It was during the era of the Tang Dynasty. After this, the game moved to other parts of the globe.  Playing cards may seem simple but you require a frame of mind, intellect, and also fate. 

Some people play card games for pass time and some for the hobby. But in the worst case, people are addicted to card games and do gambling. Numerous card games can be played with a deck of cards. If you have no idea then, read this article completely.

 Let’s check out the “Types of card games.”



How to Play Slapjack

SLAPJACK is the most familiar game that can fill your weekend with laughter. Two to eight people can play the SLAPJACK game. If you are wondering what skills are required to play SLAPJACK, then let me dispel the myth.

 There are no special skills required. The players should have visual attentiveness as well as able to give prompt responses. Let’s dive in to know about the game rules.

  1. Sit in a round shape and one player will start distributing the cards clockwise. No one is allowed to check the face of the card.
  2. Once the card deal is done, each player will draw a card from their deck and set it in the middle of the center. And this process will proceed until a player turns up a jack card.
  3. The main focus is to slap on the Jack card. Whosoever slap it first, all the cards belong to him/her. The game will continue this way.
  4. If you have left with no cards. You still can win the game. Just focus on the cards. Whenever someone turns up the jack card, slap on it. If you have done it, you are back in the game. If not, better luck next time.
  5. This game will proceed in this way till one player has all the cards.


How to Play Crazy Eights card game

Did you know how to play CRAZY EIGHTS? If not, then no worries. I will explain it to you. The CRAZY EIGHTS have been around since 1930.  It is played in a lot of distinct ways. It can be played between two to eight players. And the central focus of the game is to get freed of all your cards first.

  1. This game can be played with a deck of 52 cards. For people more than 2, the dealer distributes 5 cards each. The dealer puts the remaining card in the center of the table and that becomes a stockpile.
  2. Take a top card from the stockpile and place face up on the table. It becomes a starter pile.  
  3. If the drawn card from the stockpile is eight, then bury it in the middle of the stockpile. And it’s time to draw another card. Keep it aside from the stockpile. Now you are all set to play CRAZY EIGHTS.
  4. Start from the left player of the dealer side. Each player starts drawing and card face up on the starter pile. The card must match either the rank or suit of the card showing at the top of the starter pile.
  5. If the player doesn’t have any of these, then he/she can draw cards from the top of the stockpile till the game is possible. 
  6. If the stockpile is over, the player will transfer his turn to the next player in the game. To make a new stockpile, shuffle the top cards of the starter pile and put them facedown to continue the game.
  7. Eights are the wild card in the game. It can be played at any point in the game. Eight also enables you to choose the current suit.
  8. The game will continue in a circle. And if you are the first person, run out of cards. That means you won the CRAZY EIGHTS.

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How to play Play GO FISH CARD GAME

Go Fish is a well-known card game that you can play with a standard 52-card deck. Usually, It is played between two to eight players. If more than two players are playing, each player is dealt with five cards, and the remaining cards will be placed faced down to create a pile. You can call it a fish pool also.

This game is simple. Are you excited to know the rules? Let’s check out the simple steps to play.

1. Ask your antagonist for a card: Choose any card number from your pile and another player, if they have that particular card number.  If the player has one or more cards with the same number, he/she will give them to you. The process will continue till you are getting the same card number from your opponent. 

You can ask for any number from any player until you are receiving the same card numbers.

If the opposite player doesn’t have the same card number you are asking, he/she will say “go fish”. Then you can choose a card from the fish pool. If the drawn card matches the number you have asked for, then your turn will continue. If the drawn card does not match the number you have asked for, then it is your opposite player turn.

2. Creating sets of four: If you collected the set of 4 cards of the same number, one of each suit, then put cards face-up on the table quickly.


How to Play Spoons card game

Spoons is a fun game and it is easy to learn also. Players promptly pass cards around the table. and trying to grab a spoon.  Do the rules seem complicated? But they aren’t.

Let’s have a look:

  1. Four and five players play this game with a deck of 52 cards. For more than 10 players, it is better to use two decks of cards. Firstly, count the players and place one spoon less than the count of players in the middle of the table. Let’s assume, if 5 players are playing, we need only 4 spoons.
  2. After this, shuffle the card deck deeply and deal the card to the players.
  3. The player on the left side of the dealer will start the Spoons card game. He will take out a card from his pile and put it down on the table to start the discard pile.
  4. If you don’t want to exchange the card that you have received, then simply exchange it. 
  5. The main focus of the game is to collect all 4 aces or all 4 nines. the person who has all will pick the spoon. And other players also have to grab the spoon quickly. The slowest person will with no spoon and he/she will be out of the game.
  6. In this way, the game will continue. You have to be attentive and quickly as much as possible.
  7. Remove the spoon every time, when a player gets out of the game.


 The Play War card game is a couple of centuries old. There is a reason that this game is stuck around for still long.  Any age group can enjoy this game because it is so smooth to play.  This game is played between two players ordinarily. Playing a Play War card game can be a classic idea when bored at home. Let’s explore the game rules.

  1. Shuffle the deck of 52 cards. And distribute the cards. each one should have 26 cards. If three or four players are in the game, follow the same process to proceed in the game.
  2. Now, put cards face-down on the table. No one is allowed to check the cards.
  3. Count up to three and both players should place the top card from the stack on the table.
  4. Then compare your cards. And check who has a higher card.
  5. In case both the players flip the card of the same value, then it’s time for war.
  6. Now both players will draw three cards from their stack and put the card facedown on the table. And now it’s time to flip the fourth card face-up on the table. And who has the higher fourth card will take all the cards.
  7. The main aim of this game is to collect all the cards.

Are you looking for fun-loving card games? These captivating card games are the best activity to do when you are bored or want to play something that engages people. Try these out. I am sure you will love these card games. 


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