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Types of Poker Games & Apps : Best Poker Apps to Play in 2021

Best Poker Apps to Play in 2021
Best Poker Apps to Play in 2021

Types of Poker Games: Best Poker Apps to Play – Do you know the user-friendly way to play poker? It’s a poker app. You just need a mobile device, whether Android or IOS, both are suitable. Poker apps enable you to play online poker on your mobile phone or tablet.

The best poker apps are loaded with various features like intuitive rooms, multi-tabling chances, and easy-tap check, raise as well as fold buttons. All the poker variants apart from typical Hold’em and PLO can be available in-app like even-Card Stud, Hi-Lo, H.O.R.S.E, Razz, etc. Other poker formats are also designed only for the online poker apps, like S&Gs Zoom, Fast-Fold poker, etc.

Do you want to know about the best poker apps that you can explore? Let’s dive in to know about them. 

GGPoker Mobile App

GGPoker Mobile App
GGPoker Mobile App

The first name that came to my mind is GGPoker Mobile App. It is one of the most prominent names in the poker industry. It is suitable for both Android and iPhone real money poker apps for sure. To download this Ios app, one needs to visit the website. Others mean the Android app, which can be downloaded simply. This app is simply awesome because it accepts various kinds of payment methods like e-wallet or Bitcoin.

There is a stats tool available in the GGPoker app. It is called PokerCraft. It helps you to get a hand analysis. GGPoker app has a specific feature to share hand moments on social media. What other things you can do with the GGPoker app. Sometimes you can also expose flops, turns when you haven’t played the hand. Also, multi-tabling is available in this app. Multi-tabling up to four tables on the GGPoker mobile app is a desire of many poker players.

This app allowed you to play casual poker games with several players to sharpen your poker facilities. 

How can you download GGPoker Mobile App?

  1. Visit GGPoker website
  2. Directly download the app from the website.
  3. Install the app.

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Appeak Poker

Appeak Poker
Appeak Poker

One of the best free poker apps with a simplistic interface, that makes the player’s online poker experience incredible.  What is this game offering to the players? It is offering Sit & Go’s, Bingo Bango, Double-Ups, and MTTs.

Why is the Appeak poker mobile app called the best poker app? Because it offers a unique feature. It has dual functionality where you will face off against different players at different times while representing your country. This game is fun. 

Did you know that the “Play Now” button is what maximum people will consume the most time clicking?

Appeak Poker is pure poker.  This app is pretty simple to use, you won’t see a bunch of glitches in the app.

This app won’t try to trade bonus chips or various side games like BlackJack etc. It will be a nice change.   Some people might not find the graphics that good but it is much better than some of the unnecessary complex iPhone poker sites. For the players who want to challenge themselves, the site offers a highly competitive leaderboard. Do you know the best quality of the Appeak Poker mobile app? It is not too messed up and it doesn’t constantly bother you to purchase extra chips.

PokerStars Poker App


It is among the best poker real money apps. This app sets the industry standard. It proffers you precisely what you foresee from the biggest name in online poker. It is like other poker games, and its smooth interface gives a multi-tabling experience. This app is legendary for having a good range of variants of poker games. You can play 8-Game or Badugi if you like it over the best Texas Holdem apps.

Do you want to know the pros and cons of the PokerStars Poker App? Let’s start with the Pros first.

  1. It is one of the best and highest user visiting apps on the globe.
  2. It has a smooth interface with multiple features like multi-tabling, searching and tracking players, etc.
  3. Withdrawals in PokerStars Poker App is super fast( just in 24 hours).
  4. Continuous app maintenance, continual developments, added new features, and bug fixes.
  5. A lot of tournaments, as well as Sunday events, are scheduled.
  6. Benefit program customized to recreational players with the treasure chest and cashback rewards

These are the Pros of the PokerStars Poker App. Let’s scroll down to know about the cons.

  • Game levels are tricky above the micro-stakes. Due to this, cash games and tournaments are a big challenge.
  • It is explicitly optimized for Android and iPhone only. 

RP777 App


RP777 app is the new name in the online poker game. This app gives you the best experience of a live casino.

How to get registered in the RP777  app?

This app has straightforward steps to register.

  • Enter a username that you wanted to keep.
  • Enter and confirm the password. Both passwords should be the same.
  • Then enter your full name.
  • You have to enter further details for “real name for withdrawals verify”.
  • Then enter affiliate and verify code. And register yourself.

Once you are registered in the app, you can play online poker and other games like slot games, hot games, etc.

888Poker App

888Poker App
888Poker App

888Poker App is the best real money poker app. You can use it on any device of your choice like Android, IOS, Tablet. But it doesn’t have a smooth interface and so many tournament options. Regardless of this, they provide a comprehensive offering of winnable games. It would be the best poker apps real money can buy. Did you know that all cash games and tournaments are available on the app 24/7? 

This app is also certified by eCOGRA. All dealings in this app are legal, law-abiding, and obe of the highly reliable gaming platforms. If you face any issue with the app, they are also providing 24*7 support systems like calls, chat, and email. And guess what? It is all available in eleven languages.

What things is 888Poker App providing to the User?

  1. There are several choices of soft games that users can play and make huge profits.
  2. This app has a lot of payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfers, and Bitcoin.
  3. Withdrawal and deposits are a game of 1 day only.
  4. You can use multiple tabling up to four tablets.
  5. It is one of the safe and secure poker sites listed on LSE (London Stock Exchange).

What things should a user look at in a poker app? The poker app must be secure, reliable, smooth interface, easy payment methods, good traffic, and fun games. All these above-mentioned poker apps have all these qualities. So what are you waiting for? 

Download now and earn huge profits.

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