Venezia and Fiorentina – Serie A | VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction: Match Details, Dream Team & Results Prediction


VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction


Serie A is at a word as we are going to witness a menacing match between two antithetical teams. Venezia and Fiorentina’s performance shows a very limpid result of how both the teams are performing in the current season. On the one hand, we have Venezia who has been discordant right from the beginning and on the other hand, we have Fiorentina which has been extraordinarily consistent. Venezia claimed victory against Fiorentina with a 0-1 but that is now an old affair that has been passed over as Fiorentina has been triumphant this season and Venezia has almost made its place in the relegation team. Keeping the past records in mind we have already anticipated Fiorentina as the winners, Venezia has to be diligent this time to prove it wrong. 

VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction
VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction

Match Details:

  • DATE- 18th October 2021
  • TIME- 18:45 (UTC)
  • Venue – Stadio Pierluigi, Penzo Stadium, Venice City.

Head To Head:

  • Matches Played – 7
  • Venezia Won – 3
  • Fiorentina Won – 3
  • Draw – 1
VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction
VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction

The head to head statistics clearly show that both the teams have equivalent strength and have proved so in the past, however, the performance of Venezia has deteriorated drastically this season and Fiorentina has been instrumental with its consistency this time and hence we may get to see another match in favor of Fiorentina this time.

Venezia VS Fiorentina Top Picks: 



1) Luca Lazzarini  He has been one of the most influential players in the team, he has made it to the top of the leaderboard with a score of 63 and is an excellent goalkeeper, in fact, the best the team has to offer. The past scores and records are all in favor of this fact. Luca has all his eyes stuck on him as he is very capable to outshine with his performance, this is why he is our top pick for the match. 

VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction
VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction

2) Tyronne Ebhuehi: Tyronne is one of the best defenders the team could have. He is the star of the show as he showcases exceptional defender skills. He has a very good game plan, is focused, and has never disappointed and so he is definitely our top pick for the game. 


1) Bartłomiej Drągowski:

When it comes to goalkeeping, he stands out as he has the highest score of 74 and thus is totally worth placing our bets on, from this team. He is multi-talented and showcases brilliant skills when he is playing. He, therefore, is our top pick for the match.

2) Youssef Maleh- When it comes to midfield, Youssef is the first name that strikes one’s mind as he has etched a place in everyone’s head with his impeccable midfield skills. He has a huge contribution to the team as he is highly focused and extremely talented. He is thus our top pick for the match.

VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction
VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction

Venezia VS Fiorentina Prediction XI:


Luca Lezzerini, Cristian Molinaro, Nicolas Galazzi, Bjarki Steinn Bjarkason, David Okereke, Antonio Junior Vacca, David Schnegg, Tyronne Ebuehi, Domen Crnigoj, Francesco Di Mariano, Dor Peretz, Gianluca Busio.

FIORENTINA:  Bartłomiej Drągowski, Pietro Terracciano, Michele Cerofolini, Antonio Rosati, Nikola Milenkovic, Lucas Martínez Quarta, Matija Nastasic, Igor, Luca Ranieri, Cristiano Biraghi, Aleksa Terzic.

Venezia VS Fiorentina Prediction:

Looking at the statistics of the current season, the team that will live upto expectations is Fiorentina as it has been way more consistent than the rival team Venezia, and so it is highly likely that Fiorentina will claim victory in this match as well, they have always had an edge over its rival because of its skills and Venezia will be easy to take down as it has not performed half as well as Fiorentina.


VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction
VNZ VS FIO Dream11 Prediction

Venezia VS Fiorentina Dream Team:

  • Forward: Dusan ,Vlahovic Riccardo ,Saponara ,
  • Midfield: Giacomo Bonaventura, Nicolas Gonzalez Abdul, Ezajul Hosen, Sabuj Mondal,
  • Defenders: Sharif Ahmmed, Kamrul Haque, Mehedi Nitol, Shermin Gomes, Raju Miah, Imran Khan
  • Goalkeeper: Niki Maenpaa

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