Want to know about UFC Fight Island?


Well do you want to know about UFC Fight Island?

Yes you are at the right page, the time when Dana White first announced that the UFC had “secured an island” on which to hold events during the COVID-19 pandemic the fan imaginations naturally went to images of “Enter the Dragon” and battles on a remote beach.

The actual truth was a little less exotic, the fights that took place on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi from mid-to-late July brought plenty of action and memorable moments and now, when the UFC is preparing hard for a second trip to Fight Island which is beginning with UFC 253 on September 26th for a five-week stint in Abu Dhabi.


We had learn plenty about the UFC’s operations on the first trip and can anticipate how things will look as the UFC hosts an international event during a global pandemic but still, fans have many questions about how things will continue work on the other side of the world for some of their favorite fighters and just how safe the environment when fighters are flying into from all over the world.

For the July events the UFC has recently announced Fight Island is actually Yas Island in Abu Dhabi it is a manmade island on which the UFC has previously held events. With the initial idea of fights on an island brought to mind a sort of lawless atmosphere or senario on a remote island, the reality is far different. Yas Island has features with three fully-functional theme parks and a fourth currently under construction, as well as an airport, seven hotels, a golf course and an arena.

Well the fighters will stay in a hotel which will include a ballroom team will convert in to the gym with maximum 21 people capacity and they will also have their private workout area and private sauna in a room near the hotel in which they are staying. Fighters will not have the access to any other room till the time they passed their COVID Test.

Fighters will also get meals three times per day and amount of $150 per day for addition items and expenses. Fighters with their camp will travel to Abu Dhabi and will quarantine in hotel room for twelve hours and wait for their COVID test reports.

Another test will be done after the report of previous test and the fighters will also get tested before their return flight to their native land.