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What are Bingo nicknames?


Bingo calls or bingo nicknames are the fun elements of playing bingo whether you are at a land-based or an online casino. Usually, they comprise a blend of rhyming slang, puns, and cheeky expressions associated with particular numbers. In the beginning, it was a laborious method of taking out the balls with the numbers on them, so the bingo calls are intended to hasten the process and also engage the players in the game – also try fluffy favourites free spins.

Bingo calls are for the purpose of ease and clarification for all the 90 numbers located on the strip. What’s the most convincing reason behind this is that, occasionally, the players may mishear some number from a distance, and they may en-up daubing a wrong number. For example, they may mistake between 42 and 52 numbers because often the caller’s accent might not be clear, or the players couldn’t be able to distinguish between them. Under such a situation, nicknames use proves to be helpful, and of course, players can know where the call is leading to.

Therefore, with the rise in the popularity of bingo games, such nicknames also spread across the places where the game reached and played widely. However, these nicknames get modified as per the local language and customs. So, let’s go through the variation of Bingo nicknames!

These are quick to track numbers when their rhymes are called out!

·         8= Garden Gate.

·         17= Dancing Queen

·         26= Pick and Mix

·         62= Turn the Screw

Based on Shapes
Yes, several numbers look like some shapes, and it’s pretty funny when you discover them for the first time!

·         11= Legs

·         22= Two Little Ducks

·         25= Duck and Dive (it even rhymes!)

·         69= Either Way Up

·         77= Double Hockey Sticks

·         88= Two Fat Ladies

Historical References
Bingo even does not miss the historical references and keeps the memories alive!

9= Doctor’s Orders

It was pill number 9 prescribed during World War II for soldiers.

21= Royal Salute

It refers to a 21-gun salute at the royal and military ceremonies.


It is based on Alfred Hitchcock’s novel The 39 Steps.

57=Heinz Varieties

A household brand for processed foods, and it is known for 57 bean varieties.

59=Brighton Line

It takes 59 minutes to travel from Brighton to London, so Brighton Line got its nickname.

Based on Classic Calls
There are other associations with the numbers, and therefore, the bingo players didn’t miss any of them, and such nicknames are still in use. These include:

7=Lucky Seven

According to variant traditions, seven is considered a lucky number.

13=Unlucky for Some

The number has been considered unlucky, and its connotation is widely spread.

14=Valentine’s Day

It is associated with 14 February, which is celebrated as valentine’s Day.


When girls reach 16 age, it is considered a special milestone in their life, and they call it ‘Sweet 16’.

18= Coming of Age

As evident, it refers to adulthood.

45= Halfway There

It is half of the total 90 numbers in the bingo game.

65= Old Age Pension

At the age of 65, people retire and collect their pensions.

Prescribing nicknames to the bingo numbers is a sweet way of association that keeps the communities together by sharing their common beliefs, knowledge, and historical events.