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What is Live Roulette: The Difference Between Live Casino and Online Casino Explained


What is Live Roulette: The Internet in the last two decades has created a significant impact in our daily lives. From banking to education to online shopping, it is everywhere. One such domain in which the Internet has created a revolution in the world of gambling. Specifically, roulette which is one of the most popular casino games worldwide, the Internet has just managed to spread it even further among the masses. 

With just a download of a mobile application, people from all over the world can play roulette and its various exciting versions. The gambling industry has seen more than 100% growth recently due to the advent of Internet gambling. 

However, if you are starting with roulette, you might wonder what is better for you – the live version or the online version. The answer is that both of them are good in their way, it just depends on what you want to take out from the games. But let’s look at the differences in more detail.

The Experience of Playing Roulette Online – What is Online Roulette?

Playing Roulette Online
Playing Roulette Online

It’s not rocket science to understand the popularity of online casinos. First of all, they offer great convenience in the comfort of your home. You can log in any time you wish and play a game of roulette. 

Not just that, online roulette also enables you to connect with friends around the world and play with them. Technically, you can play roulette with your friends in different corners of the world, which would otherwise not be possible in live roulette. 

Also, online roulette has plenty of free games where you can practice your skill and intuition in roulette without the fear of losing money. This is again not possible in a live casino, where all of them need real money to have access to. Not just that, online roulette has plenty of fun and localized versions which provide a refreshing change to the conventional roulette playing style and design. 

One major selling point of online casinos is that you can play even with a tiny budget. Many live casinos require you to have a minimum amount to be able to bet on a table. But in a live casino, even if it has a minimum amount, it will be significantly lower than that of the live casino. 

Also, there is a higher chance of securing winnings in an online casino compared to a live casino. One part of it is attributed to a wider choice of games available at an online casino and other, you will also find the RTP rates at around 97% which is far from the normal range in live casinos. 

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The Experience of Playing Roulette in Live Casinos – What is Live Roulette?

Roulette in Live Casinos
Roulette in Live Casinos

The live casino experience is the conventional experience in the presence of a real table, live dealer, and played within the house rules of the casino. The biggest difference, of course, is that you will be playing with real players, with real chips, cards, and roulette wheels. While playing these games, you can watch the body language of the other players, and although minute, they may influence what and how you bet. 

In the live casino, of course, there is an element of authenticity. Nothing beats real human interaction. You can feel the vibe of the casino, easily network with other players and get a personal feel for the roulette table you are playing on. 

Considering the rules of the roulette game and the way it is played, there is no significant difference between the one played in a live casino and an online casino. 


The best choice for you comes down to what you prefer. If you value the real human interaction, vibe, live casinos are irreplaceable. On the other hand, if you prefer comfort and innovation in terms of trying multiple versions, then online casinos are the best for you. 

Note that some countries or regions within the countries may not have live casinos due to local regulations. In such situations, playing online becomes the only option although you need to confirm with the local authorities regarding the same as well. 

To bridge the gap between these two modes of roulette playing, live casino streaming technology is slowly emerging in the scene. Through this, people can stream a live casino experience with a real dealer but play the game from their smartphone or handheld device from anywhere in the world. 

So, enjoy your game of Roulette! Play responsibly and know everything you possibly can about the game before you begin putting your money and playing. 

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