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ICC Full Form in Cricket
ICC Full Form in Cricket

ICC Full Form in Cricket | RP777News

Cricket is a sport which is loved by many. It has become a sport that people watch and practice with their hearts. Especially in countries like India, Australia, South Africa, and many others, the held matches are no less than any festivities, which brings on families and friends under one roof to enjoy the match with all filled with the fraternity. But, for the smooth conduction, management of all the sports, there has to be a governing body that takes full responsibility to manage all its affairs, Scheduling and organizing matcher, recruiting referees and umpires, and selection of the team. We also are well aware of ICC and BCCI, and if not, we all must hear this somewhere. Here, in the article, we will inform you about these bodies. Let’s start

Full Forms of ICC and BCCI 

ICC stands for International Cricket Council, and BCCI stands for Board of Control for Cricket in India. Both these bodies are associated with the governance of matters related to cricket, where ICC operates for the entire world, and it is BCCI for India. 

ICC Full Form in Cricket
ICC Full Form in Cricket

Let us know about ICC in detail.


International Cricket Council or ICC

ICC is known as the governing body for the sport of Cricket for the entire world. The history of its establishment dates back to 1909 and was then named and known as Imperial Cricket Conference. The representatives from Countries like England, South Africa, and Australia took participated. 

It got renamed for quite a time and then was finally named the International Cricket Council in 1987. The Headquarters for ICC has been located in Dubai, UAE, since 2005, it was there in London, the UK, from 1909-2005. 

Currently, the governing body for cricket holds membership for around 106 countries. 

Greg Barclay serves as the current chairman for the body, where Geoff Allardice is the chief executive officer for the governing body. 

ICC Full Form in Cricket
International Cricket Council – ICC Full Form in Cricket

The membership for the ICC is unique as 12 members are permanent and thus play test cricket, and the other 94 members are associate ones. The body has Zimbabwe, West Indies, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, England, India, South Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Ireland. 

The ICC is responsible for organizing major international tournaments for cricket, into which the ICC World Cup comes at the priority. It also has responsibilities regarding the conduct of sports. It has to appoint referees and umpires who will be responsible for the successful and fair conduct of the game. It also has to deal with the core of conduct for cricket, where it has to deal with implementing discipline, sportsmanship, and taking stand and actions against corruption, match-fixing, or any unfair means of conduct if it happens in the game. 

ICC, the body, manages its finances by organizing tournaments, which is also said to be its main source of income. Others might also come from sponsors and incomes generated on the various important investments. 

ICC also shares a major portion of its revenue with the other members like BCCI and others. Let us see what BCCI is as we next head to knowing everything about BCCI.

Board of Control for Cricket in India

For every sport, there should be a governing body to govern as well as to conduct its affairs. In India, the purpose is served by the Board of Control for Cricket, popularly known as BCCI. The governing body of BCCI is under the Ministry of Youth affairs and sports, Government of India jurisdiction. The organization is autonomous and does not get included with the national sports federation of India. The body was formed in 1928 and got itself registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies registration act as a society.

ICC Full Form in Cricket
Board of Control for Cricket in India – ICC Full Form in Cricket

The BCCI is not subjected to any grants or funding from the sports ministry of India, which makes it an autonomous cricket administrative body and a consortium of state cricket associations. These state associations choose their representative, and further, the choosing of BCCI head is one by these representatives from different associations. The headquarters for Cricket in India, BCCI, is located at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

BCCI has two international cricket teams which represent India on International platforms, where one is India men’s national cricket team, and another one is India Women’s National Cricket team. BCCI does all this for both teams to organize matches and any schedule. The reputation of BCCI alone is huge at the international level and is part of the big three of International cricket among England and Wales Cricket Board and Cricket Australia. 

BCCI is known to be the richest cricket board in the world and is associated with ICC, which is the International Cricket Council. BCC is the administrative body of Cricket for India, which controls all the tournaments that take place, whether inside or outside India. The head of the body is the designation for its president and is the highest designation at BCCI. 

The logo, which is used for denoting the body of BCCI, has been derived from the British India Flag during the colonial period. 

The team sponsor for the official Indian Cricket is currently BYJU’s, which is also India’s leading educational technology company and has made an excellent revenue market for them in a brief period of time. Before Byjus, it was Oppo. 

There are other sponsors also other than BYJU’s like Paytm, as the title sponsor, Kit Sponsor is Nike and Pepsi, Dream11 and LafargeHolcim are serving as the official partners where Official broadcaster for the sports is Star Sports. 

BCCI, as an autonomous body, has its own sets of regulations and rules, which have to be followed in order to maintain the smooth functioning of the body by the administrators and players as well. 

BCCI has got its regional affiliation from Asian Cricket Council in the year of 1926. 

How was BCCI formed? The History

The history of the establishment of BCCI dates back to the late 1920s were two representatives from the Calcutta Cricket club attended the meeting for International Cricket Council, which was back then known as Imperial Cricket Council. The meeting resulted in Marylebone Cricket Club sending a team to India, which Arthur Gilligan then captained. 

ICC Full Form in Cricket
BCCI- ICC Full Form in Cricket

Arthur Gilligan was that person who promised the inclusion of India in the ICC in front of the press. But, that required all the promoters to come forward for the game altogether. All the parties responded positively, and the responses led to the meeting held at Delhi in the year 1927, where delegates from Dubai, Delhi, United Provinces, Patiala, and several other regions attended the meeting. 

Eventually, with a unanimous decision reached, the formation of a provisional cricket board for Cricket in India was registered into the Tamil Nadu Registration Act. Anthony De Mello was then appointed as the Secretary for the board, and R.E. Grant was designated as the president for the body, the very first president for BCCI.

Objectives of BCCI

A governing body works on certain principles and has several goals or objectives which it intends to achieve. BCCI also has its objectives very clear. 

Some of the primary objectives of the body are mentioned below-

  • Protect and promote the sport of Cricket in the country. 
  • Adopt and adapt to necessary measures in order for the promotion of the game. 
  • Strive for sportsmanship and encourage professionalism in sports. 
  • Select and appoint managers, teams, and coaches who will represent the country at the International level. 
ICC Full Form in Cricket
ICC Full Form in Cricket

Role of BCCI 

The BCCI is well aware of its role, which is to overlook and regulate the development and growth of everything which tends to be related to the sport of Cricket. It has the responsibility to control various domestic competitions for the sport like IPL, Popularly known as the Indian Premier League, along with many others like Ranji Trophy, Challenger series, and Duleep Trophy. It also has a role in granting media rights and sponsors. 

The board is well known as a financially independent body and receives its income from various sources like IPL. The revenue share from ICC and income earned by test matches are among a few sources from which the board is managing its financial affairs. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. Who is the president of BCCI on current dates?

  2. Sourav Ganguly. 

  3. Who is currently serving as the men’s coach at BCCI?

  4. Rahul Dravid.


For any sports to be managed and organized at international levels, it is important that a governing body must be established for the same. The ICC is responsible for managing and organizing events for international cricket, from which it not only promotes and protects the value of this sport but also promotes it among the people as one good opportunity for a professional career in sports. Where ICC is the global or world’s governing body for Cricket, we have BCCI established for India. BCCI is known to be the richest cricket body which also gets its revenue from the ICC’s revenue share. It is these bodies that it is working day and night with all the members and players giving their best at the ground in order to maintain the integrity of the sport and has pledged to stand up for more such considerable efforts in the future to promote the sport and encouraging youth to participate and choose cricket not only as something they are passionate about but also something which they can carry as their professional careers as well.

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