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Who in Today’s Game is the Best All-Around Cricketer?


The Greatest All-Around Cricketer in The World Today

In the sporting world, one of the hottest topics that are open for discussion is who is the best player today? This debate has been going on for every generation of fans and experts alike.

All these ongoing debates vary from individual to individual based on how they judge a player’s accomplishments, career statistics and most notably, fan/personal bias. So, all these factors make it close to impossible to settle the argument right away.

Cricket: Who is the Best in the World?

In Cricket, only a selected few can claim that they do belong in the exclusive “Best in the World” criteria. Albeit a lot fewer can say that they even deserve a spot in Cricket’s all-time list.

The world of Cricket has been fortunate with players who are currently shaping their legacies that will surely have a place in the sport’s history. In turn, determining the best current Cricketer makes it highly difficult. The complex mechanics of the bat-and-ball game and varying roles and formats affect the thought process of establishing the best of the best. A player’s on-field contributions must always be considered when trying to assess this distinction.

So, who is the best cricketer today? Who should you look out for when you’re feeling lucky and about to make your Cricket wagers? Let’s discuss.

Bowler: Pat Cummins

As per the ICC, Cummins is by far the greatest Test bowler in the world today. At his prime, Cricket experts say that Cummins reached a career-high total of 914. This total significantly ties the best score ever achieved by an Australian cricketer. Cummins, in 33 Test matches, acquired 158 wickets. In those specific matches, his average was 21.47, while the Cricketer’s economy was 274. With that total, it makes Cummins the most efficient Test bowler in the world of Cricket and the 25th player in the all-time list.

All-Around Cricketer
All-Around Cricketer – Pat Cummins

Cummins’ statistics and accomplishments certainly support the claim of him being one of the best cricketers today.

All-Rounder: Ben Stokes

Recognized globally as one of the most talented Cricketers, England’s own Ben Stokes established himself as a frontrunner for the best cricketer in the world way back in the summer of 2019. Not only for his heroics in the Cricket World Cup, but the Cricket star also led his team at Headingley, England in what was deemed as the greatest Test match of all time.

All-Around Cricketer
All-Around Cricketer – Ben Stokes

Since then, Stokes has preserved his place as one of the best, if not the best current all-rounder in Cricket. As per the latest ICC rankings, Stokes leads the all-around Test chart with a rating of 446. Moreover, experts also say that Stokes is the fourth-best ODI all-rounder today.

Considering his consistency and superstar level of play, Stokes may hold his place at the top for many years to come.

Batsman: Virat Kohli

It’s a widely known fact that Kohli is on a world-class level. Not only is he in the conversation for being Cricket’s best current player, but he is also a shoo-in for being the greatest Cricketer of the modern age. India’s team captain finished the 2010s with a whopping 20,960 international runs. More remarkably, this tally was 5,775 more than any other Cricketer in the world today. Kohli also hit 69 centuries, which was 22 times more than the prior record.

All-Around Cricketer
All-Around Cricketer – Virat Kohli

The ICC also claims that Kohli has an ODI score of 870, which is 28 times more than the 2nd player in the rankings. For 12 years, Kohli also recorded a batting average of 59.31 within limited-overs formats.

In his generation, Kohli has also been the face of Cricket in India and he has been at the helm of helping Cricket become a mainstream phenomenon in his country, all evident in India’s online Cricket betting platforms.

Verdict: Cricket’s King of Kings

Based on some fan and expert debates and career statistics, the number of championships won and the overall impact on the game are three factors that are the most common denominators that people look upon when they are trying to decide on who is the best cricketer today.

When you combine these factors, the result should be the most logical reason to identify if a certain player deserves to be called the best among the rest. A cricketer should be assessed by the totality of their parts, not just by a few aspects. Knowing and ranking a cricketer’s greatness should be based on all criteria available.

At the end of the day, each of the players mentioned above deserves to be at the top of their respective rankings and categories. However, fans and Cricket experts alike have mostly agreed that the best cricketer on the planet today is Virat Kohli. The legendary cricketer’s batting figures are significantly better than those trying to chase him in the record books.

Ultimately and more notably, several Cricket legends say that Kohli is the best white-ball cricketer that they have ever seen.

Now you know the top players that Cricket has to offer. Feeling lucky? Log on to this website and start your online Cricket betting journey today.

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